Santa and Samantha 2

Sometimes Santa likes to play with his toy... and he isn&#039;t that gentle.<br />
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Shelly Spencer
Sometimes Santa likes to play with his toy... and he isn't that gentle.

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  1. JoB
    With what a cool swimming pool can do to us normal guys, I'd think all that time ol' Santa spends freezing his chestnuts off riding in a sleigh would make for some lasting shrinkage... :)
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  2. Shelly Spencer
    Shelly Spencer
    @JoB That's why he keeps his chestnuts roasting by an open fire.
  3. JoB
    JoB I should be thinking about putting in a fireplace next to the pool... :)
  4. Shelly Spencer
    Shelly Spencer
    @JoB Maybe.... another approach may be a sauna or a hot tub.