Olivia is so happy.  She's got Brutus to give her a massage!  And yes he did start on her...
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Olivia is so happy. She's got Brutus to give her a massage! And yes he did start on her bottom and move up her back. His weight, first pinning down her legs then her bum felt wonderful. She could feel that he was in charge and doing things to her that HE wanted to do and not her. When he started on her bum he could grasp each cheek entirely in one hand and kneaded her like dough. By the time he was squashing her into the bed and working on one shoulder and then the other she knew he was as good as Dana but with the smell of a man doing this to her. Brutus is using the heel of his hand as Dana taught him but his fingers like the feel of Olivia's skin and he can't resist squeezing her occasionally which Olivia really seems to like. So far Olivia hasn't said a word, just given little grunts and squeaks with the occasional sigh. Brutus hasn't said anything either, he's letting his hands do the talking.
Olivia: Brutus, you definitely have something to make this a good massage.
Brutus: What's that miss Olivia?
Olivia: Your cock keeps getting harder as you move up my back and it keeps tickling me.
Brutus: Oh I'm sorry miss Olivia!
Olivia: Don't be sorry! Did Daana tell you how to finish my massage?
Brutus: Um, she said to see how many fingers I can get in you.
Olivia: Hah! Dana and Isis don't have your advantages. Although if anyone could grow a cock it's Dana. No please just finish me off your usual way.
Brutus: But I haven't done your front yet miss Olivia.
Olivia: You can do that afterwards and then reward me again.
Brutus: Yes miss Olivia!
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