As Titus is getting through his fifth, still very boring, scroll, Antonius arrives.  Titus thinks...
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As Titus is getting through his fifth, still very boring, scroll, Antonius arrives. Titus thinks that this is a bit odd, none of the scribes or other workers have arrived yet, but gets up courteously.
Titus: Greetings Antonius Sextus!
Antonius: Yes, yes, greetings. What are you doing here?
Titus: It's a little trick our Aedile taught us back in Rome. He called it "Reading yourself in". His idea was that you should just read through a days business so that you could get a feel for what the office deals with and how.
Antonius: Good heavens! What time did you get here?
Titus: Sometime in the first hour sir.
Antonius: Well, at least it shows you're keen. How are you getting on?
Titus: I had no idea that you got through so many scrolls in a day sir. I've only just got started really.
Antonius: Don't worry, what you see here is nearly a weeks worth. We like to keep current scrolls handy before we archive them so that if anything else comes in on the same subject we can refer back to them easily. It looks like you've started about two days ago. Get my scribe Scipio to take you through the method we use so you'll know where to look for things.
Titus: Thank you sir, I will.
Well that all seemed to go off alright. Trouble is I wonder if Titus will be able to concentrate enough without falling asleep!
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  2. Torre
    He needs Isis to help him. I'm sure she would rattle through those scrolls in no time.
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  3. stugIIIF
    Be fair. Titus wouldn't look at anything, except Isis, and Isis would flirt with everybody, probably the Quaestor as well! :)
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    Very true!
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