Purchase of Pet - Page 4 adult

Pet learns she&#039;s in for more than expected.<br />
<br />
~~~~~~~<br />
this is the more adult...
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Pet learns she's in for more than expected.

this is the more adult version than the one posted at another site...and what I really wanted to post.
  1. berseh
    I feel more relaxed too, because I hate killings.. And I understand her point of view: Being constantly given a name (like pet) is very diminishng and disempowering.
    (I'm supposed to be following you but I haven't be notified of your latest posts)
  2. MsThemis
    I may not be clicking the right tags/flags to notify people. And I'm very much against pain, torture, and a host of other things. Psychological manipulation...well that's going to be Ms. White's game. What her plan is...well that's to be seen. :)
  3. berseh
    I'm pretty sure you did the right things.. It's me! I'm hopeless with all these functionalities :)
  4. MsThemis
    Well it is a new site for us, it will take time to learn, and once my brother Shadowhawk get over here and starts posting, it will be one big happy family.
  5. berseh
    There is something weird with your post of the man strap-fed.: I tried to "like" it and leave a comment but it says the "requested photo does not exist" :(
  6. MsThemis
    Try again. I just looked and the image is there and stable.
  7. berseh
    Right. Well, 17 minutes ago from now it wasn't . It is now. Is Shadowhawkone really your brother?
  8. MsThemis
    We're so damn close we might as well be. his family lives less than a mile from me, and I'm the one who got him converted over to Studio and now I hop e moving up to use g3f. I go by PDSmith and MsThemis over at DA By the way.
  9. berseh
    He's a lot of fun but I can't help worrying for him given where he's posted.
  10. MsThemis
    Yeah...that's not safe. I'm doing my best to convince him to be back here. but the money talks.