Lusty Siren Primarina

Primarina is official my favorite pokemon! (Sorry Swirlx bby ;w<img...
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Primarina is official my favorite pokemon! (Sorry Swirlx bby ;w;) She’s got everything a lady could want~ Flowy hair, fair skin, and starfish bling on her head!

I decided to humanize her a little more, make her a smug babe, and give her big squishy breast, cuz, why not? <3 So here she is sizing up her next potential mate of the evening~

On a different note, I used this piece to help refine my work and try out a few new tricks. Seeing as how I love how this turned out, I think I’ll keep on in this direction!


  1. Punkae
    I absolutely adore your work on this! And the details you put into it above and beyond the normal painting! I can see light filtering, texturing in the hair and starfish, and I think it's absolutely gorgeous and really paid off!

    So with that, I'm sure it should come as no surprise that it's...

    Great job, girly! Keep up the stellar work! :starpink:
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  2. Bee
    I don't usually like furry stuff myself, but she is cute as a button =3
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  3. Jaxxette
    Thanks so much both of you for the love and support!! ;w; It means the world to me~! Super honored for the feature too <3 <3 I'll keep on working hard~
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