Kryptonite Coated

Follow up to "Balancing Akt". After posting the last one a user said something about...
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Follow up to "Balancing Akt". After posting the last one a user said something about "when she falls in, she will be coated in quickly hardening Kryptonite" and I just kept spinning that idea out in my head. I guess that situation was not what he had pictured, but this is where I ended up:
I thought, what if this whole thing is just some big game for those two they like to play. SuperGirl was not supposed to actually fall in the (probably somewhat fake magic) Kryptonite, but she slipped and fell in anyway. Vladi took her out immediately of course and is now sorry, that she is stuck like this. She sets to work, to get her out, but since it is magic Kryptonite he can't just magic it away (probably makes no sense, but anyway...) and has to do it manually know, which will take quite a few hours.
The only problem is (because it is one of my fantasies ;-) (Wink)), that the Kryptonite feeds the vibrator still stuck between her legs with a lot of power, making it run a lot stronger than usual. Since the whole setup was supposed to me some kind of "experiment", Vladi tries to lighten the mood by making a joke about them getting at least one new finding (Kryptonites effect on vibrators) out of that.
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