Just Chill Out For A Second

Commission and OC of Birdman9999<br />
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This pose and the hog-lock is based directly on this...
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Commission and OC of Birdman9999

This pose and the hog-lock is based directly on this illustration, by Grigbertz:

Kate has been kidnapped and is waiting painfully to find out what they want from her. Sadists that they are, they didn't simply leave her in a dark room, but left her locked in a metal hogtie device, trapped lying down on a huge block of ice, freezing as she waits: both desperate for, and terrified of the return of her kidnappers.

She won't have to suffer through the ice for very long though, she'll only need to chill out for a while. The intense heating at the bottom of the room, below the blocks she's placed on, will surely melt the ice before too long, while giving her a nice warm burn on the rest of her body.

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