Identity Crisis--2

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Prisoner-bGoodGirlNow Ready4theLongRide MCL--Nicole Fondled-2 MCL4--basement Tied MCL--Nicole Fondled-1 MCL--Towed MCL--At the door Identity Crisis--2 CG--LetsJustTurnThisOn CG--LetsJustTurnThisOn-R2 CG--that's it find UR balance2 CG--Whoah Get UR Balance Girl CG--Shall We Begin3 CG--Shall We Begin Lashina--pimped out CG--This Might Help
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  2. Trystl
    Glad you liked it. :)
    It's a remake of a picture by a DA artist--which I originally used to illustrate a story by the same name. But since I've become slightly more than incompetent with 3D I've been trying to do a little more of my own illustrations.
  3. Trystl