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  1. Punkae
    After looking through so many of your pieces, I think I'm going to feature this one! It was between this and the other one I commented on. They're both so lovely! ^^
  2. LLXBD
    Thank you ! I'm glad you like it.
    I hope you'll like the rest of the story. ^^
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  3. Punkae
    I look forward to reading the rest of it! c:
  4. LLXBD
    This an ongoing series. I'll add that info to the album title. So this will get an update of one picture per day... if I can keep that pace. ^^
  5. Kevlar31
    And don't forget the video feed! ;)
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  6. LLXBD
    Too bad my computer cannot handle such work : it would have been awesome ! ^^
  7. Kevlar31
    Damn! Oh well! ;)
  8. The Bodyguard
    The Bodyguard
    A hanging vibrator? really, you have her so well arranged that now she has to push up to get some relief from the vibrator? oh, you are truly cruel.
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  9. LLXBD
    awww... Thank you ! I'll take this as a compliment. ^^