Day 201/365<br />
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Domino aka Zazie Beetz  <br />
Really enjoyed working on this, dispite me...
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Day 201/365

Domino aka Zazie Beetz
Really enjoyed working on this, dispite me walking away from it several times last night and then giving up, cropping her neck and shoulders because I didnt like her outfit at the time and then finally stepping back and redoing her fabric to something I was pleased with.
Short progress video along with rough and final.

For longer look check out my [youtube.]( ( Im going to be throwing my longer speed videos there )

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  2. Punkae
    I absolutely love it! :3
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  3. Cammyjay
    Thank you Punkae, Im pretty pleased that I decided to stick with it. I hated everything about this at one point.

    My sister in law randomly said to me after seeing this 'you've got a good balance of free flow and detail that is now becoming your signature.' 1/2
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  4. Cammyjay
    It struck me as until that moment I didn't necessarily think that I had a signature. I felt that I was drowning in the art world and just grabbing at any style that would keep me afloat. Ever since shes said that, I have felt at ease. Looking at my previous works.. I am beginning to see what she was talking about.
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  5. Punkae
    Congrats on being featured in Community choice! ‚ô•
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  6. Cammyjay
    Oh shit! Thanks a ton Punkae, Im pretty glad that I stuck with this one.