Diane vs the TeeGee's - 2

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Follow-up of this picture

Diane didn't had the time to realize: two darts and... black-out, "wiped" :D
But TeeGee's she caught wanted to take revenge when The Chef, giggling, stopped her just in time and convinced the TeeGee's to use this human as a sex slave...

the TeeGee's responded
"Nah... You know me: I prefer largely a big 'one'... I love deep impacts..."

The Chef laughed out loud and responded
"I know what you mean but... You now me: I can add her what you need, and the size you want..."

At these words, the three sisters burst out laughing and replied with one voice
"Oh Yeaaaaah"
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    The Tee Gees always get their target!!!! :D
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