Crazy 43

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  2. TazLooking
    Has Tawny devised a self torture that continuously keeps her stimulated, thus horny and she loses track of feelings and just wants to keep going??? Should she be stopped for sake of her safety and risk the wrath of Tawny even though we have have her safety in mind???? Maybe I need to see Paws and send her another message?
    Seems as though Jackson had it right, one time around and stop! :) I have to get over to Paws!!!!
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  3. TazLooking
    Paws enters another note to Tawny...
    Tawny plese let us stop the Demo before you are injured! I know you are enjoying the sensations but, too much of a good thing can hurt you! Please nod your head and Sheila will come a lead Jackson to the stable and we can get you dismounted!!!
    I am concerned for your welfare!!!! Taz :)
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  4. TawnyT
    *I'm really touched that Taz and the others cares so much about me. I think it's really sweet, but I don't have the impression that I'm in danger of getting hurt. I shake my head several times and hope it's recognized that way.*
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  5. TazLooking
    I see Tawny wants to continue, she is shaking her head side to side, I take that to mean she says she is OK! Continue milady!!!! ;)
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  6. TawnyT