Crazy 42

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  2. TazLooking
    I want to make sure Tawny is OK but, I do not have a way to communicate with her.
    I do not want to spook Jackson either. If I go and touch her to get her attention she may jump and that could upset Jackson! :(
    I need to ask Sheila exactly what instructions Tawny gave her about ending her ride!!!! :)
    The party can wait until I am comfortable about Tawny's safety! :)
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  3. TawnyT
    You could use Paws Notebook. He is online and everything what is written in the T&T-vision-chat will be read to Tawny by text2speech. So you could ask for a special reaction.
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  4. TazLooking
    @paws4Thot , Would you send a message to Tawny on the T & T-vision-chat, ask her if she is ready to stop? Nod her head back and forth if "yes" or twist her torso for "no"!
    We will have Sheila take Jackson back to the stable and we will assist with her dismounting if she is ready to stop!
    Thank you Paws! :)
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  5. TawnyT
    Paws enters the request into the chat and immediately Tawny twists her Torso
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  6. TazLooking
    EVERYONE!!!!!! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!!!!! Paws sent Tawny a note via her T & T Vision Chat to see if she is OK and if she wants to continue. She has signaled that she is not finished yet and therefore wants to continue! Sheila would you lead Jackson away from the fence and out into the Paddock so all the people do not confuse him? Thank you!
    Tawny will let us know when she is finished with her experiment, now that we have signals defined!
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