Commission: Last Chance

9th part of the Commission with Stormie and Bianca:<br />
<br />
&quot;And now listen to me, little...
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9th part of the Commission with Stormie and Bianca:

"And now listen to me, little slut: I have had enough of your lies and disobedience! Your only purpose is to give me, your Mistress, pleasure. That’s it!
I even tried to help you, no idea why? I gave you a few nice piercings to help remind you of your place, so you don’t get distracted from fulfilling your purpose. But still you disappointed me and failed to please me. And what use does a thing have, that can’t fulfill its purpose?
But you didn’t even stop there. Your behavior corrupted my other, much more loyal slaves. Look at my best nurse here, will you? She was starting to neglect her duties, because she got to distracting by going down on your limp member and playing with you instead of overseeing your proper training like I commanded her to. So much for giving them a bit of freedom…
As a consequence I had her dipped in a vat of special liquid latex. It sticks to the skin and is very hard to remove again. Basically I sealed her in, closed off and locked all her holes. So now she performs properly again and didn’t get distracted even once since. I guess I will have to do the same to you, maybe then you will learn as well.
But I’m probably too soft, so I will give you one last chance to proof to me you can actually obey commands. You are forbidden to cum! That is my command. If you do anyway, I guess there is only one way to go. But I’m not unreasonable. I will allow you to beg for release. Yes that’s right. I know, I’m too forgiving. If you can’t hold out, and you beg properly, loud, and clear for permission, I might even give it."