Commission: Dipped

10th part of the commission with Stormie<br />
<br />
Mistress is so generous, giving you a last...
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10th part of the commission with Stormie

Mistress is so generous, giving you a last chance and you still blow it. Now she ordered you dipped into the living latex. But you won’t get a nice shiny skin like the one Mistress gifted me with, yours will harden into a thick shell, immobilizing you.
T device Mistress had put down your throat and the one I will now add to your rear in a second will sustain you. You will not be able to hear much and with the contact lenses over your eyes you will see even less. You will still be able to feel through the shell though, just not move even a millimeter.
The drugs Mistress injected into your dick are giving you a permanent erecting. Just in case Mistress feels like honoring you by allowing you to give her some satisfaction by riding. Or maybe she will remove that plug down your throat if she feels like testing a new strap-on or maybe for a special treat of one of her slaves.
You will feel all of this, but the side effects of the drugs will make it impossible for you to ejaculate. So all you will be able to full enjoy your real purpose: Serving your Mistress.
You know, I could tell you, I can’t use lube on the plug I’m going to shove up your ass now, because then it wouldn’t work properly. But that would be a lie. I’m going to push it in dry as an extra reminder for you, that you nearly corrupted me and made me lose my focus and purpose. But fortunately Mistress is so generous and helped me undeserving slave back on the right path with this latex skin. I’m loving my latex covering, Mistress has granted me, I wonder if you will love yours? Feeling, but not moving, and never cuming, forever?
  1. Dark Anubis
    Dark Anubis
    And a free plug too!
  2. heveti
    She is getting spoiled, isn't she ;)