Biker Santa

Santa got a Christmas present of his own.
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Shelly Spencer
Santa got a Christmas present of his own.
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  2. Punkae
    Not gonna lie, this dude is cool af. :cool:
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  3. Shelly Spencer
    Shelly Spencer
    I was quite proud of this one, especially as it was in my first year of doing digital renders. (although in fairness to the end of it)

    If you look at his do rag carefully there are skulls in it.
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  4. Bard66
    My kind of Santa.
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  5. Punkae
    This is awesome, and you should be proud, @Shelly Spencer ! Also, that's the kind of extra attention to detail that makes this great! :meow:
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  6. JoB
    Shelly, I've gotta agree that this is pretty impressive for such an early work! He looks like he belongs on that bike, handling the weight of the machine and the motion. Not the sort of thing I can get right, although I certainly appreciate it.

    Oh, and Punkae, didn't you know that the Jolly Ol' Elf has "Harley Effin' Davidson" on his right bicep and "Born To Kick Ash" (because of his chimney time) on the left bicep? Yes, he's bad to the reindeer bone... :)
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  7. Shelly Spencer
    Shelly Spencer
    Thanks so much guys!