Something small I poked at today for giggles. <img src=""...
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Something small I poked at today for giggles. :starpink:
It's a work in progress, but I did throw some filters and stuff on afterward to pretty it up a bit. :meowteal:

Character: Ava
Source: Original
  1. Bee
    WIP or not, I fucking love it.
    Punkae likes this.
  2. Punkae
    Awh, thank you! I was not expecting a feature on sketch work, but thank you so very much! I really appreciate it, love! :meowlove:
    Bee likes this.
  3. Bard66
    Love her shape, she looks well built without looking unnatural.
  4. Punkae
    Thank you @Bard66 ! I feel the need to redo some of the older pieces like this sometimes because I look back and see all my mistakes... but I really do appreciate that. Very kind of you! :meow:
  5. Bard66
    The things you got right are so well done that I didn't even notice anything wrong., but I know what you mean, when I go back and look at my earlier videos and screenshots, I always see things I could do better now.