A Sunny Morning in Monaco

My 3d avatar for Berseh, lounging in the morning as only she can do. <img...
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My 3d avatar for Berseh, lounging in the morning as only she can do. :) Victoria 4 wireframe with DAZ, third-party and custom morphs; significantly modified skin setup; custom eye textures; combination of two hair figures [Biscuits Amie Hair; Kimberly Hair for Genesis 2 Female] with custom textures for blending. Poser 11 Pro render [SuperFly].
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  2. berseh
    Yes, I'm everywhere .. In fact I was running away from you but you keep chasing me!
    Thank you for the great image dear minus!
    (Do the people here @Punkae, @LLXBD, @TawnyT and others know that you are a dangerous mad scientist?)
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  3. TawnyT
    I was not aware of it ;-)
  4. LLXBD
    I only know it because you mentioned it earlier. I'm sure we'll have lots of mad scientists tricks to exchange... ^^
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  5. minus269
    I'm not just a mad scientist; I'm the union steward for the Frostbite Falls local of the Union of Questionable Scientists! :)
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  6. Bard66
    Frostbite Falls? Say hi to the moose and squirrel for me.
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