Witch Trial

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    "Are you ready to confess, Princess Nabu?" The robed priestess asked. "We can’t put you to death without a confession, but all this can end, if you'll just admit to being a witch."

    Looking over at the nine witnesses, the princess saw the unvoiced anticipation in several of their eyes. Secretly they hoped she would refuse the offer of clemency so the jailor could continue to torture her. The iron he held was still hot and it smoked with the stink of her burning flesh. She couldn’t see the burn marks that crisscrossed her back but she could feel them. They were fresh enough that the cool air still stung; but even though she was completely naked, her body was sweating from the wounds she’d already received.

    Her arms were bound to a bar above her head. It didn’t support her weight, but it kept her from lowering her arms for warmth or protection. Her legs were spread by another bar at her ankles, while her crotch was resting on the peak of a wooden punishment horse. When she leaned to one side and stretched out her foot, the tip of her big toe just barely touched the floor. Using her arms, she’d been able to relieve the pain between her legs a little by pulling herself up—but her arms weren’t strong enough to support her weight for long. After only a few seconds she’d been forced to lower herself back on the wedge.

    Now that she’d been weakened even further by the burn wounds, she had no strength left in her arms at all.

    “Just admit that you’re a witch,” the robed priestess said, “and we’ll take you back to your cell where you can lay down and rest. We’ll even bring you some food. How long has it been since you’ve eaten?”

    The woman’s soft cooing voice was tempting. She sounded friendly, almost as if she regretted Princess Nabu’s torture and wished to see it ended. If she confessed to being a witch, as the woman asked, even her father wouldn’t be able to save her when he returned—but at least the torture would stop. Being able to lie down on her cot sounded like heaven.

    Her father would be away for another three days after this one. She didn’t think she could endure this kind of pain for another three and a half days. That, of course, was what her enemies were counting on… that, and the robes that obscured their faces—the cowards. If she somehow managed to hold out the whole time, she still wouldn’t be able to positively identify them. This striped her of even the pale motivation of revenge.

    If she survived, her body would be ravaged. She’d have to undergo many painful procedures to heal the damage: procedures that, ironically, used the magic inherent in the earth to force a painful healing on her body. It was only when magic was channeled through the body without a focus that it was condemned. And yet Princess Nabu was certain that both kinds of magic came from the same source.

    “Very well,” the priestess said. As she turned to the Jailor and gave a nod, he pulled his iron from the coals and moved to make another score on her back—but he paused when the robed priestess cleared her throat. “Work on the front of her body,” she said. “Perhaps a witch’s vanity can accomplish what pain alone cannot.”

    Princess Nabu could feel the heat of the iron on her sensitive nipple as the jailor slowly moved the iron towards her breast. She could tell from the pain she already felt that the pain on this part of her body would be even worse than it had been on her back.

    Why continue to suffer when it was impossible to endure another three and a half days without giving in. Better to end the pain and suffering now, even if it did mean her life.

    She screamed with the pain as the glowing iron seared her sensitive flesh, sending up a large puff of white smoke. It smelled of burned flesh.

    And it hurt just as much as she’d feared it would.

    “Mercy,” Princess Nabu begged.

    “Do you confess?”

    “Yes, yes! I confess.”

    “Say the words.”

    “I am a witch. I have channeled the power of magic though my body.”

    The priestess turned towards the nine witnesses. “You have witnessed the confession of the princess. Will you report her crimes to the king when he returns?”

    “I will,” said the first witness.

    “I will,” said the second witness.

    “I will,” each of the remaining witnesses said in turn.

    “Very well,” the priestess said. “You are dismissed until the king returns.”

    Some looked a little disappointed that they wouldn’t get to see the princess being tortured any more, but they all nodded solemnly as they turned to leave.

    When they were all gone, the robed priestess began to pull back her hood. At first, Princess Nabu didn’t understand. Why would the priestess expose her identity? She’d accomplished what she wanted. Princess Nabu would soon be dead, and when her father returned there would be ten witnesses to verify that she’d admitted to being a witch. Then she recognized the woman beneath the hood. It was her new step-mother, Shefera.

    “You!” Princess Nabu breathed in disbelief. “But why? I thought…”

    “You thought that because I enticed you into my bed that I was your friend?” Shefera chuckled. “Oh, you are deliciously naive. It would be such a shame to let you die and never be able to play with you again. Which is why, instead of killing you, I’ve arranged to let my second cousin take you. He’ll arrive shortly, dressed as the forest executioner.”

    “You’ll never get away with this,” Princess Nabu cried.

    “Won’t I? Oh, how precious of you to be concerned about my welfare. But you see, I was dressed as the high priestess—who just happens to be having an affair with your father. She’ll deny it, of course, but he knows that she’s never been fond of you so I tend to think that he won’t believe her.”

    “So you’ll get rid of two birds with one stone,” Princess Nabu said with grudging respect.

    “Three, actually,” Shefera said, as she held a gag up.

    Princess Nabu scowled at her, but she knew resistance would be futile—and painful, so she opened her mouth and let her step-mother push in the large round ball.

    “My cousin has been pestering me to introduce the two of you ever since you meet last fall. You remember him, don’t you? He’s the one you said was a disgusting pig. He wanted to make you his wife—which would have strengthened the ties between our people even more. But since you’ve continued to refuse so adamantly, I’ll be giving you to him as a slave.” Shefera looked at princess Nabu and made a face of disgust. “Someone who’s been marked, as you have, could obviously never be his queen. But I’m sure he’ll be satisfied to use you as one of his slaves. He was not pleased to learn about your opinion of him. And, of course, since my cousin and I are so close, I’ll have every reason to come visit you. It will be interesting to see how well your scars heal. And, of course, they say my cousin is very adept at training his slaves. It will be interesting to see if your techniques improve any under his tutelage.”