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    Our only illustrations that currently work are embedded image files or image links. I can look into this but can't promise anything just yet. It's a good idea but might be difficult to pull off for me right now. ^^;
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    Take your time. It isn't as if you don't already have an overflowing platter. It would probably be easier to expand the Descriptions box on an image from 2,000 characters to 1,000 words and call it a day. That would really help us gabby artists who like to include flash fiction with an image.

    Adding an illustration to an actual story is troublesome (I've tried to do it myself on a basic HTML site and let's just say it didn't work). No need to pull your hair out over something like that.
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    I don't want to throw too much at you (how you manage and design a multiuser interactive website is amazing), but one more suggestion:

    Is it possible for the NSFW and SFW tags to be automatic options at the upload stage? As in radio boxes, and we check one, and it's applied. That way, we do it. It's in our faces, and we don't forget. It is sometimes easy to forget to add those important tags.
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