What's better?

Discussion in 'The Naughty Corner' started by ShapeFlesh, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. ShapeFlesh Active Member Writer [NSFW]

    What kind of dick is that? And what is he suppose to be?

    I think it is okay since he warned us that it was NSFW.
  2. WanderingSketchPad Super Awesome SuperModerator [__________] Collections Manager Rambling Writer

    no I mean having it for his avi XD
  3. ShapeFlesh Active Member Writer [NSFW]

    Oh, that. Well I guess that is fully up to Punkae. xD
  4. LjZynishter Member

    the naughty, naughty girl...
  5. iLuvDeb New Member

    Ooooh, that's a tuffy! I'll have to say...the girl! I dated a college girl a couple of years ago. She could be a real little bitch, but it was SO much fun to do what her Momma should have done!;)
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  6. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Professional Tea Addict ♥ [__________________________] Author [Varied-Genre]

    Good response. I like you and your sense of humor. x3

    Also, welcome! c:
  7. iLuvDeb New Member

    You're sweet!:)
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