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  1. Trystl Bondage Heroine [__________] The Bondage Heroine

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    Colored by Trystl; original art by MC
    Available for viewing at:

    Two things are going to happen before I send you out for your training. You're going to be branded and you're going to be wearing a pony tail. I'll let you choose which you want to happen first. Give me a little whinny if you want to be branded first.

    ...Good girl, such a precious little whinny you have. Although I have to say that I don't think you've made a very wise choice. After a branding, a pony's sphincter tends to tighten up a bit, and it can be very difficult to get her tail in, given the size of the thing. Not to worry, I'll find a way, but forcing it in can be a little hard on the burnt flesh. There, there, Pretty Pony. No use making a fuss now; the choice has been made. Nothing you can do about it now, so settle down. If you're a good girl, I'll give you a sound ass fucking after the branding. Would you like that? Sure you would. It will loosen you up a bit and make it easier to get the tail in.

    Stay still now. If I botch the branding I'll just have to give you another--even deeper--one.
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  2. Trystl Bondage Heroine [__________] The Bondage Heroine

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    The original B/w image is from the Sir Jeff ponygirl website http://sirjeff.mechanicalmischief.com/
    The original artist is MC... who contributed to Sir Jeff's ponygirl website many years ago, but then all contact with the artist was lost. When I contacted Sir Jeff for permission to color MC's images, he indicated that he did not think MC would mind... and that if he did make contact, maybe he could be coaxed into creating a few more of his wonderful drawings.