(Ways to Ruin) a Beautiful Friendship

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    (So Many Ways to Ruin)

    A Beautiful Friendship

    “Damn,” I muttered angrily.

    It wasn’t often that I stayed pissed off when I had a beautiful girl’s head in my lap, but somehow this situation had quickly gone from bad to worse. Now I was sitting by the phone in my secret pad, waiting for my best friend, Tom, to call; while his twenty year-old Daughter, Daphne, was busy moaning and slurping as she chewed on my knob

    “Don’t complain so much,” I muttered as I pushed her head down further, “you’re the one who came looking for this.”

    Dapne began to squirm and make choking sounds, but she was helpless to resist. Her arms were bound behind her back and her legs were pulled back in a tight little hogtie. A chest harness pinched her nice breasts into plump little mounds, although she was lying on them at the moment, so it had been a few moments since I’d been able to pinch one of her pert little nipples…

    …Two days ago Daphne, knocked on my door. It was cold enough that I didn’t think twice about the floor-length overcoat she was wearing. But once she was inside she let it drop to the floor, revealing the sexy nightie she was wearing underneath. Damn, but she’s a fine looking girl, with long coltish legs that just don’t seem to know when to stop.

    “Like what you see,” she asked, this big grin making it perfectly clear that she knew he did.

    “Sure,” I admitted, “What’s not to like. But that doesn’t mean I’m interested.”

    “Why not?” she asked, giving me that cute little pout of hers.

    “Let’s just say it might not be a wise move if I want to stay friends with your father.”

    “How’s he supposed to find out,” she said, as she slipped her fingers under her panties and began to push them down. I should have stopped her but I was too entranced by what I saw. “He’s away at work all day, and you work at home all day. My dad says you don’t even really work; you’re independently wealthy. Sounds like the perfect situation to me.”

    I frowned. “The only reason you’re doing this,” I said, “is because you’re angry at you dad. But tomorrow you might not be. Tomorrow you might be angry at me and you might think the best way to get back at me is to tell your father about us.”

    “I wouldn’t do that.”

    “I wouldn’t have thought you’d try to seduce me, either,” I said. Finally I managed to look away, by turning my whole body. “I’m going to go upstairs and call a cab,” I said over my shoulder. “Feel free to wait in the living room, but I won’t come back down the stairs until you’re gone.”

    I was proud of myself as I walked up the stairs. A temptation like that is pretty hard to pass up, so I was feeling good as I cracked open a book and sat down.

    A while later I heard the taxi pull up and honk its horn. I went to the window, watching her walking out to the taxi, but the way she was moving, even in that concealing overcoat, and knowing what she wasn’t wearing underneath, made me wish I hadn’t turned her down. I turned away before she opened the door and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower, trying to wash my old man stink away.

    When I was done I felt better. I went down the stairs to cook my dinner, but before I reached the bottom of the steps the front door rang.

    It was Melanie, Tom’s wife—and it was easy to see where Daphne got her good looks.

    “Melanie!” I said, surprised to see her. “What’s up?”

    “Is Daphne here?”

    I thought about lying but decided that might not be wise. “She was here earlier,” I finally said, “but I sent her home in a taxi.”

    “Oh… She left a note saying she’d be here, but I’ve been calling her and she doesn’t seem to be answering.”

    “I don’t know what to tell you. She left here about fifteen minutes ago. You probably passed her on your way here.”

    “That’s a relief,” Melanie said, “Mind if I use your phone to give her a call? I seem to have worn out my cell batteries calling her every two seconds for the last hour.”

    “Sure, come on in,” I said, swinging the door open and following her into the living room.

    It wasn’t until that moment that I saw Daphne lying on the couch—all tied up, with a gag in her mouth. Her eyes were wide, and I knew her mother’s would be too. In a moment, she was sure to scream. My training instincts kicked in and I clapped my hand over Melanie’s mouth as I stood staring at her daughter, trying to figure out why she wasn’t gone.

    It took me about thirty seconds to realize that she must have spent her time alone in the down stairs by snooping—and she’d obviously found my closet full of bondage toys. When the taxi came, she must have gone out to send it away; then she’d decided to gift wrap herself so I’d find her when I came back down the stairs.

    And now I had two captives instead of one…

    Colored by Trystl; original b/w by JomsViking

    …I was actually fairly impressed. For someone who couldn’t use her hands, Daphne was actually a pretty good little cock sucker. She certainly didn’t seem to be a novice. If it weren’t for the fact that Daphne was my best friend’s daughter and her mother was bound to a pole, watching me, I might actually be enjoying myself.

    When the phone rang I answered it on the first ring. “Yes,” I said.

    As expected, it was my best friend.

    “Oh hi, Tom! How ar…. What?”

    Tom was telling me how his wife and daughter were missing.

    “Oh my God! … That’s terrible!”

    Tom sounded like he was about to go off the deep end and start crying. He had a tendency to do that when things weren’t going right.

    “Okay… just take it easy, Tom. Did they leave a note?” I knew he had, but I still had to play out this charade. “Twenty thousand? … Yea, you’re right. That’s a lot of money,” I said, “but you do have it, don’t you?” I already knew he did. “You can’t put a price on your wife and daughter, Tom?”

    Now he was saying something about calling the cops, and I knew I had to squash that idea. “I don’t know, Tom. They say that most ransoms that go bad go bad because the husband brings in the cops. And you said the ransom note was a computer email that was sitting open when you came home… that means this guy was inside your house, right. But it doesn’t sound like he set off the alarms. That means he knows what he’s doing. He’s probably spying on your house right now. He’s probably even tapped your phone. I’ll bet he’s listening in on this phone call right now.”

    Good guess, I though, almost laughing. Tom, however, still wasn’t mollified.

    “Listen, Tom. You go to the bank and put together the money. I’ll swing by your house in a few hours and we’ll see this thing through together, okay? No problem, buddy. That’s what friends are for.”

    In my lap, Daphne was trying to get her father’s attention.

    “Helth Dathe!” she croaked out for a moment, before I shoved her head down even further to shut her up.

    “What? Oh… That’s just the TV. Yeah, you too, buddy. Hang in there.”

    Daphne was getting pretty desperate for air, but I held her head where it was for a few moments after she began to buck before I finally let her up.

    “Hope you’re getting everything you wanted,” I mumbled, as I wiped my cock clean.

    Daphne didn’t have time to answer before I stuffed the same rag into her mouth and secured it with a cleave gag.

    My van was already packed. I’d never become a pack rat because I’d always feared this day would come—well, not this day, exactly, but one like it. A day when I’d have to pick up my things and run. You didn’t do the things I did for a living and not have to worry about that possibility.

    I thought about taking Daphne with me, but I didn’t have the heart to sell her. I’d known her since before she was a teenager. She’d actually become quite a looker, so I was pretty sure I could get at least a hundred thousand for her—the people I sold her to would probably get closer to a million. In the end, I knew that selling the wife and daughter might be the best way out of all this. That way, I wouldn’t have to leave town, and the cops still wouldn’t be looking for me.

    It was just a shame I didn’t have the heart to sell them.

    Of course, if I did stay, I’d have to spend the next six months or so listening to Tom belly moan about his missing wife and daughter. Sometimes I wasn’t sure why I liked that man—but since I did, so I’d return his wife and daughter.

    But not before I had a little fun with them.