Trolly Walk

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    "Come along slave Joy. There's no point in fighting it," Greko said as he thumbed the destination coordinates into the public walker.

    "Mmmrrph!" Joy growled.

    She'd already made several valiant attempt to explain that she was the daughter of an important foreign dignitary, but those protests had been falling on deaf ears ever since the Mobean hotel concierge informed her that she had run up a rather sizeable bill during her stay, and her credits were not being accepted as payment. This wasn't the first time she'd over spent her fathers patience. But damn, the consequences had never been this humiliating. Humiliating--and painful, with the rope pulled snuggly between her legs.

    Joy still hadn't been able to get an answer to her questions about why her credits hadn't gone through. Or how long it would take to contact her father and get everything straightened out. But she knew he would straighten everything out--eventually. She just wondered how long that would take; and what would happen to her in the meantime. She'd already been stripped, gagged and bound in a rope chest harness. And now this lead rope had been run from the rope between her elbows to some sort of mechanism near the ceiling of this long tunnel.

    She heard the sound of chains being pulled by gears and the rope began to drag her forward.

    "Mmmrrph!" she growled again, trying to hold back--but Greko was right. There was no point fighting the rope or the machine.

    "Because this is your first time on the walker," Greko said, "I'm going to do you a huge favor." He thumbed a button on his personal controller unit and the chains stopped pulling and the rope quickly became slack. "Here you go," he said as he slipped a large egg shaped object between her legs, stuffing it up inside her. She would have growled again but the thing was already humming, and the rapid buzzing forced a moan of pleasure from her as the thing made her feel like melting butter.

    I'll bet that feels pretty good at the moment," Greko said, as he thumbed his controller again and the ropes began to rise once more. "But give it a couple of hours on the trail and that pretty pussy of yours will feels like raw meat."

    Instead of stopping where he had before, he continued to make the rope pull her upward, until only the balls of her feet were resting on the slick tile. The weight of her body forced the egg even deeper inside her; and apparently it was pressure sensitive, with the greater weight of her body making it thump even harder.


    "You might be asking yourself how this is doing you a favor," Greko said as he pushed the destination button and the rope began to pull her forward again. "But the way I figure it, after today, you're never going to fight the lead again; so you're well on your way to being a much better slave already. By the time you reach my manse, in a little less than two hours, I'm sure you'll be a much better slave still. And to celebrate, I may just let you share a fine bottle of wine, while your father and I conclude our business deal."

    "Mmmrrph!" Joy squealed, her eyes going wide in pain and fear--as the overhead pulley shook a little as one of the gears slipped a notch. This pulled her all the way up onto her toes as the rope rasped her delicate flesh with a burning sensation.

    "Oh, that," Greko said with an amused laugh. "That little bump was nothing. Wait until the lead takes you through the grotto. The missing gears down there haven't been changed for decades."