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    Cshoes [​IMG]

    My friend C and me discovered a great shop in Amsterdam, Netherland.
    In this beautiful city, with the hot tradition of its « red zone ».
    There, swarms of sailors, soldiers, tourists roam along the narrow streets between the shop windows where prostitutes exhibit themselves, waiting in full disclosure for a customer to step through the curtains.
    Hundreds of prostitutes? That means tons of paraphernalia, hot outfits, jewelry, kinky accessories and extravagant wigs.
    What we discovered is a shoemaker for whores!
    In a hidden, beautiful and messy little shop, this skillful man makes hot custom shoes for hookers in his workshop.
    Shoes for hookers? What are they, do you ask.
    They are very fetishy little things with the highest heels, but not only.
    No. They're made with a wicked gimmick in them.

    A little piece of metal either at the basis of the heel or somewhere on the sole is adjusted, so that when the girl walks down the streets or paces fro and back on her corner, the metallic sound on the pavement tell the men some paypussy is close by.
    Tic tic tic..

    So of course C and me had to buy some! Now we regularly order the shoemaker what we want, even draw our models for him. C usually wants vintage looking stilettos, like in the pic.
    Wearing these makes walking down the streets a whole new experience, believe me!
    So hard to describe how troubling and exciting it is...sigh..
    Wish I was a better writer.

    The only comparison C found was « a little like when we have to socialize fully dressed with a butt plug hidden inside »
    That’s typical of C!… Of course I wouldn’t know, I’m too innocent myself.

    To keep our balance - remember we’re quite practiced at parading- we have to adapt our pace.
    Because of how the shoes are made we’re forced into long steps that make the hips swing and the legs move like in a slow motion movie.
    We don’t look like hookers, we look and move like… the models we are but with.. a haughty, yet slutty attitude, hinting at a mysterious temptation ..
    tic tic tic

    Walking along the streets, catching every male’s attention.. Men look at us like we’re luxury animals in the savannah
    We’re bait.. (hard not to giggle like teen-agers, because we hold the harpoon on them!)
    tic tic tic

    We’re acutely conscious of the intrigued looks we get. We’re used to have men ogle us but this is different! These shoes make men behave as if they’re allowed the most indecent staring… Eyes running slowly all along our bodies.. so good..
    The message we send is ambiguous, it’s a lot of teasing. I say real men love to be teased. Provocation is their best tonic, challenge is an aphrodisiac.
    Here you go!
    Tic tic tic

    As we tread along side by side we never react when a man whistles, compliments, even pinches or runs a hand on our ass. We keep our chins up, yes sir.
    It’s not about being the most beautiful pampered girl. Neither a slut, a tramp or a bitch. We feel like being an erotic statement.
    A sexual story, wandering freely.

    Holding each other’s hand we pretend to disdain the men who propose all sorts of rewards. We bathe in the sensation of being seen like pleasure commodities.
    We walk in constant but invisible arousal.

    Money offers keep coming. Once, we were proposed $3000 for the two of us by a fat man who walked at our side. C. asked what he expected to get for this price. To my embarrassment she started telling him the sort of extra services we could offer like whipping was $600 more, licking this was so much, licking that so much more, tying me up would be another $500, on and on.. I was blushing red, I wanted her to stop but she was having so much fun.. I didn’t know where to hide (he was so ugly)!

    Sometimes I wear a pair of them in fancy cocktails or dinners. All the other women wear the same Louboutin shoes and other $2000 pair of heels.

    They wear fuck-me shoes, I wear fuck-me-for-a-price shoes.

    It makes them madly envious and hate to see their men in tuxedos surround me, salivating and trying to behave like gentlemen, drooling over the contrast of my angel face and my hooker feet.
    Take that ladies!
    Tic tic tic

    I finally met my patron in a bar.
    My eyes met those of a man who clearly grasped we were not hookers. I read his surprise and his doubts.
    He gauged me, weighed me. Put a value on me.
    His smiling eyes bared me naked, like I had never felt naked: he saw I was a very unlikely sex worker and so decided to play me at my own game.
    He walked slowly to us, looking only at me with the conquering power some males have in their eyes, and my legs started to tremble.
    I initially wanted to tell him my price, lead him to a hotel and play the part: what girl never fantasized to be a hooker just once?

    But his gaze.. There was nothing I could do to barr him from extolling from me whatever..whatever he would want …
    Take me along Mister and I’ll do anything you desire.

    All I have to do is walk down the alleys, my heels clicking on the sidewalk.
    Tic tic tic
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    I love this! Your style is so interesting, so personal. I love the first person narrative for things exactly like this. What a wonderful, erotic little story! Thank you so much for sharing it. ♥
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    Oh Dear,
    You've made it possible! You arranged my mess and here it is. Thank you. I still have to understand how to do it but at least I see it's possible to have a photo and a story to go with :meowbounce:
    Thank you also for your kind words. I'm really glad that you liked this one:meowlove:
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  4. TawnyT Tawny Tomsen [______________________] [__________]

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    My beloved Berseh, this story is just awesome emotionally ... Tic tic tic ... I love it, and it's great, that you've managed together with Punkae to upload stories here too. *kiss* :heart:
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    My darling.. It's mainly Punkae who made it: I couldn't find my way in:confused: I'll try to post one more later tomorrow or the day after. I still do not seem to find my way around :heart::heart: :kiss:
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    oooops ... sorry, I posted my solution for longer description text on the wrong place ... moved it to our discussion-place
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  7. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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    This is what I tried to help @berseh do, but I understand that she does not like that it's not a streamlined system. Personally, I like using the stories forum because I personally feel like past a certain point, a story pasted in the description looks too long and unwieldy and is better situated in a thread, but I do think that it should be left up to the person posting to determine what they like best in regard to that, as people's thoughts on this may differ from mine. I do think that posting part of it to get the viewer curious (which I hadn't thought of at the time of suggesting) is a really great compromise for the time being and hope that helps bridge the gap.
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  8. TawnyT Tawny Tomsen [______________________] [__________]

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    In the meantime, I tried the solution, which I mentioned before. It is a workaround and needs a bit more effort, but the result looks very good. Maybe you want to copy this HowTo somewhere else, that more Artists could see it ... or tell me, where I should post it.
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    I kind of think the exact opposite, but I also admit I may be wrong and it is a compromise between the actual impossibility and a friendlier way.
    From a seamless navigating perspective, it means that once we "read more" we don't see the picture anymore and then we have to navigate backwards, meaning possibly hitting again the burdensome display that is not the "regular view", hence requiring one further move.
    So far from web 2.0!
    So far from a fun experience for a non IT viewer and writer like myself.
  10. TawnyT Tawny Tomsen [______________________] [__________]

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    I absolutely agree with you that this is not an optimal procedure. What I have sketched is just a workaround with which one can reasonably avoid the fact that XenForo does not want to change the description in a timely manner. And, of course, for Writer this means more work than it is necessary, but for my taste the result is quite good.

    If I see a [Read more ...] button somewhere, I always click on it with the middle mouse button to open a new tab. I do not know if there's something like that on a Mac too. If I read that then I'll close the tab and be back where I was.

    I have now tried to create each individual page as a reply. This has the advantage that I can directly jump to the corresponding reply from my gallery related to the picture. And other advantages that I see compared with the higher effort are: The entire story is coherent and continuously presented. If I jump to the partial story, I can also go back and forth from there. And additionally I can use BB-Codes to beautify the text.

    As I said, a workaround ;-)

    Do you want to try these links:

    The whole story

    Jump to Chapter 12

    An Idea: I could add a Back-jump button at the end of each chapter that the reader can jump back to the corresponding gallery-image.

    *I wriggle the arms around my darling and whisper in your ears: "I know, it is heavy, but maybe this are only beginner-problems and I hope the problem will be solved soon in an easy way. And important is: I love you :heart:"*
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    Darling @TawnyT ,

    the "whole story" link gives way to a great display of the whole album, and only in "regular" view. This is how it should appear ideally. Beautiful. Too bad it's still out of my range. Have you shown this to @Punkae ?
    what's BBcodes?
    Remember I'm hopeless with internet codes (opening tab is the same in Mac than in PC), I still don't understand what should be written to get your result.
    I wish we could simply use the text editor, then click on the "image" icon and post.
  12. The Bodyguard Pretty Spiffy [________] Humorist

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    I think this definitely works better on the story board rather than as a wrap around for a rendering. Especially when you are doing prose with short lines rather than full paragraphs. And the story is very interesting.
    So what do you have against fat men with ugly faces, hunh?
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    An ugly face on a man can be very sexy, and I'm not the only one to feel that way. One of my colleagues, a real star model got hooked up on a man whose first erotic quality she found was his ugly face!
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    I really enjoyed this story! It just took me a little time to find it! ;)
  15. berseh Well-Known Member

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    Thank you Kevlar :) I'm really glad you liked it.
    It was posted in DA first. I'm not surprised you had a tough time finding it because stories are very much second grade items here. The best for me would be to be able to post images+narratives together in front pages, like images but it is impossible as soon as your text goes longer than 2000 characters.
    At first I was told a solution might come up but nothing happened.
    This is why I gave up posting my own stuff, apart from the series "the journey" with @TawnyT that are considered as images by the system.
  16. Kevlar31 Disaster of biblical proportions! [__________] ✩ Gallery Moderator ✩

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  17. berseh Well-Known Member

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    Thank you very much this is really kind of yours to alert me. I'm not sure about downloading and saving the attached file though. Have you tried it?
    I write from a Mac, and I'm very bad with computers :).
  18. Kevlar31 Disaster of biblical proportions! [__________] ✩ Gallery Moderator ✩

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    I have downloaded it but I don't use Photoshop, so I'll try it this weekend with Gimp.