The Fake Agency

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    The Fake Agency 1
    The so-called models agency was in fact not really recruiting... They were selling dream, but not for everybody...
    One of the maids was on the phone:

    Elf1: Yes: the young has arrived but..

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Yes she is young and irresistible... You know that we're used to see all sorts of cuties but this one is...

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: In fact, at first sight she was looking too young and she didn't had her ID card with her... We had to send her back home

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Later she came back with her Mom, who was frankly angry, almost out of control but we calm her down with our "product". But now we are at ease: the daughter is effectively an adult

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: The Mom? We let her take a rest on the sofa while we were preparing her daughter, who is sleeping now
    The difficulty? Her Mom woke up too soon and got very angry when she saw her daughter naked, moaning like a devil with the Hitachi... And we still don't know if she was defending her daughter or if she was jealous!

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Honestly! She is not really crystal-clear in her mind..

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Not the daughter but her Mom

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Yes! You should take a look at her body: she is 34 years old, has the same body as her daughter with just bigger breasts. She is frankly sensual... almost sexual! My twin can't help but caress her

    Elf2: Shhhh!

    Foreign voice: ...

    Chuckling, the maid on the phone tried to stay serious while talking to her correspondent..

    Elf1: Yes her daughter is 18, her Mom got pregnant at 16, that explains why she is so young.
    But what are we going to do with her, now?

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Ok. I'm pretty sure some customers will be kind of crazy about her, too. I'll send you a video clip.

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Not now because we have to check other mix of products: this woman seems to resist... For her daughter, a dose in her Coke was enough and two hours later, we inject her the "Addictor".
    But for the Mom, that's weird: she had received a triple dose, using the syringe and each time she almost faints and 15 seconds later she comes back to life and wants to fuck
    Now, we have sedated her but we can't do this all the time, it's not good...

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Ok, we'll prepare her, too

    The other maid almost shouted...

    Elf2: Yes! I'm going to unclothe this bitch now. Can't wait any longer

    Elf1: Shh!

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Your personal reserve?

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Oh, ok. I understand

    Foreign voice: ...

    Elf1: Four days? Ok. See you soon!
    ... And she hung up the phone

    Elf1: Four days of fun and holidays with these two bitches

    Elf2: She will be back in four days only. That's fantastic. But we have to find a solution for this one: she is by far too resistant!

    Elf1: Precisely Meldacaniel told me that she has a special reserve of products, more powerful. We'll have to trial-and-check a few with the Mom. The problem is that some may also increase her libido

    Elf2: Increase the libido? What are we waiting for? double-dose for the Mom, quadruple dose for the daughter
    Hurry up! we have so much things to catch up

    The other maid chuckled

    Elf1: Oh and Meldacaniel has chosen her names: it will be Meldamiriel for the daughter, which means "dear jewel" and Adonnenniel for the Mom, which means something like "re-birth" as she is insatiable...

    With much love in her voice,, both maids conclude:
    "Meldacaniel is incredible..."
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