The Adventures of Barb Wire Episode - 1 The Bounty Hunter - Chapter 5 Ravished

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    The Adventures of Barb Wire

    Episode 1 The Bounty Hunter

    Story by L’Espion [email protected]

    Chapter 5 Ravished

    “Such magnificent breasts,” Mohomi exclaimed. “I would have thought them to be artificially enhanced had I not experienced them personally.” He continued to circle Barb, studying her from every angle. “And your cunt. The tightest I have ever experienced. Even tighter than Uzoma, and she is quite remarkable.”

    Barb made no reply, not that she had any choice in the matter. All of Mohomi’s questions were purely rhetorical; intended for his own amusement, and for some reason to torment his five personal bodyguards. She was tight gagged with a cleave gag that forced her jaw apart and unable to utter more than angry grunts.

    However, that was the least of her indignities. Mohomi’s bodyguards had strapped her into a modern version of a medieval bondage apparatus. It consisted of four heavy-duty uprights set into a heavy base. She was pressed against a waist-high crossbeam that connected to the first two posts with her head and wrists locked into a second crossbeam so that she was angled forward over the first crossbeam, exposed to whatever Mohomi had in mind for her. Her legs were also spread, her ankles tethered to either side of the base of the stocks. Needless to say, she was completely naked, enabling Mohomi to fondle her as he walked slowly around her.

    Mohomi patted Barb’s left buttock and then ran his hand down her flank. She gave an involuntary jerk, growling into her gag. “And she is still unbroken,” Mohomi said. “I have plundered her on more than a dozen occasions and still she resists. What should we do with her do you think?”

    The “we” included Mohomi’s four beautiful bodyguards. Uzoma, Dayo, Amaka, and Olabisi, who were positioned around the room. Mohomi never went anywhere without them, even when he was having sex.

    “I think she should be properly punished, Excellency,” Uzoma volunteered. She had been standing near the wall, her exquisite features twisted in anger as Mohomi had praised Barb. She picked up a whip and cracked it sharply.

    “A bit too severe,” Mohomi ventured. “But perhaps this.” He chose a heavy wooden paddle from the selection of ‘toys’ that were arrayed on one of the walls of the bondage room.

    “Hmm,” he mused, running his finger over the sharp studs on one side of the paddle. “One side seems a bit too tame and the other might cause some injury.”

    “Perhaps this then, Excellency,” Uzoma said, brandishing still another implement; in this case a bamboo cane the thickness of her thumb.

    “Very good, Uzoma,” Mohomi beamed, “use it, but be warned I do not want her skin broken. See if you can make her howl.”

    Uzoma’s lips parted in what could only be described as a feral snarl. “May I remove her gag, Excellency?”

    “Go ahead,” Mohomi agreed. “Perhaps she will finally learn respect at last.”

    Uzoma unbuckled the strap holding the gag in place. It had been there so long that it took Barb a few seconds to find her voice, but when she did it was to the point. “You bastards. Each and every one of you is going to wish they’d never laid eyes on me. I’m going to… Aahh!”

    “This will teach her some manners,” Uzoma said as she whipped the cane across her Barb’s backside a second time. This time, however, she was ready for it and gritted her teeth against the pain.

    “Ha!” Mohomi said, “the force is strong with this one.”

    “You bastard,” Barb shouted. “That’s the best you could come up with?”

    “One of my favourite quotes from the film,” Mohomi chuckled. “But we will see how long your resistance lasts.”

    “Ahh!” Barb cried again, as Uzoma delivered another blow, wielding the cane with two hands this time. The action was repeated again and again, each strike landing with seemingly increasing force.

    Barb fought to hide her pain, but each blow was excruciating. It felt as if her flesh was being ripped open and it took all of her strength and willpower to ignore it as Uzoma laid into her in a frenzy of blows.

    “Wait,” Mohomi shouted suddenly. He moved rapidly across the room and snatched the cane from Uzoma’s hands. “I warned you not to draw blood,” he screamed, towering over the suddenly cowering Uzoma. “You expect me to put my spear into that?”

    “I am sorry, Excellency,” Uzoma whimpered. “Forgive me. I tried to be careful.”

    “Well, you failed miserably,” Mohomi raged. “Dayo, Amaka, Olabisi. Take this stupid whore and place her in the bitch-tamer.”

    No,” Uzoma pleaded. “Please, Excellency. Not that. Punish me some other way.”

    “I should have you shot,” Mohomi growled. “Perhaps I will have you placed in the barracks to serve as a whore after I am finished with you.”

    “No, Excellency,” Uzoma whimpered. “Please no.”

    “Gag the stupid, cunt,” Mohomi ordered. “And then get the medics in here. The American slut is bleeding over my stocks.”

    Surprisingly, Uzoma did not resist as she was led across the room by the other three women. As chance would have it Barb had a first-hand view of the former chief bodyguard as she was led to a large rectangular metal frame. Once there she was relieved of her weapons and then stripped. To Barb’s surprise the once-abrasive former bodyguard actually trembled as the other women strapped her to the frame, stretching her body in the shape of an X.

    Barb noticed a difference between the restraints on her ankles and those on her wrists. Her wrists were attached to chains and her ankles to springs. As she continued to watch a brutal looking set of dildos was locked in place beneath her legs. Uzoma squired as they were raised in unison to penetrate her vulva and anus. By now her exquisite body was bathed in sweat and she was clearly terrified.

    She’s had this done to her before Barb thought. Or seen it done. Despite what Uzoma had done to her she opened her mouth in protest. “Let her go. Is this how you treat your followers? You are nothing but cowardly scum.”

    “I should treat the same way,” Mohomi rasped. “But I want you to suffer in a different manner. I’ll break that proud spirit, but I’m going to do it through your cunt and your ass.”

    As he finished speaking several more young women entered the room. They were pushing a cart loaded with medical equipment. “State of the art,” Mohomi sneered. “Nothing but the best for my whores.”

    The women immediately surrounded Barb. She winced as the blood was cleaned from the wound on her buttocks. “Just a scratch, Excellency,” one of the women said. “The bleeding has stopped and I’ve cleaned the wound. I’ve sealed it with a wound sealing spray. As long as you are careful with her it should hold.”

    “Oh, I’ll be careful,” Mohomi replied. “Very careful.”

    He was wearing only a gold embroidered white robe, which he cast aside as the medical team left the room. It revealed his spear to be fully erect something that he made sure Barb observed as he strutted in front of her. He paused to taunt the struggling Uzoma who was straining to lift her body from the brutal phalluses that were invading her. “This might once again have been yours,” he said as he stroked his erection, “had you shown proper obedience, but now it will be used to break the white lioness.”

    Uzoma’s only reply was a pained grunt as her body weight forced the large dildos more fully into her. She did not scream, but her agony was more than obvious. However, Mohomi had now turned his full attention to Barb. He moved behind her and his lubricated finger probed her tight anus. “I’ve speared your cunt,” he commented, “now I will try your tight little starfish.”

    Barb gasped. Even the insertion of Mohomi’s finger was painful. She could only imagine how brutal it would be when he tried to insert his phallus. “You’ll not take me,” she vowed, tightening her buttocks as he moved into her.

    “Once again you are the lioness,” Mohomi commented. “You will fight me to the end, but this is a battle only I can win.”

    It was not an easy win. Barb fought him every step of the way, clenching her anus in an attempt to make it an impenetrable portal, but Mohomi patiently wore her down, probing continually until hr focus weakened and then suddenly he was in, forcing his way past her tight sphincter. Despite Mohomi’s unusual attempt to be gentle it was incredibly painful as he began to move in and out of her, with every movement taking him deeper until he finally slammed up against her buttocks. Barb howled in pain, her body twisting in the rack as she tried to find some way to avoid the savage violation. “You…, filthy…, bastard,” she managed through clenched teeth.

    Mohomi’s answer was a low chuckle and a final thrust that penetrated her fully. Barb opened her mouth in a silent cry of agony as he plumbed her anal depths, inflicting pain so intense that for a few seconds everything around her greyed out and he body went limp. That did not stop Mohomi from further enjoying her. He continued thrusting into her semiconscious body until he was fully satisfied, and then gasping in pleasure he pulled out of her.

    “Remove her,” Mohomi ordered, “and see that she is bathed fed and watered. I will enjoy her once more tomorrow.”

    Barb was removed from the bondage stocks and once again placed in restraints. Then she was led back to her cell. As the door slammed shut behind her she collapsed onto the bed. Her shackles had been removed, but she was in no condition to escape anything even if she had not been locked behind an iron door. I’m not sure of how much more of this I can take. I’d rather kill myself than go back to another session with that bastard. Suddenly, despite her exhaustion she sat straight up. “Kill myself,” she muttered. “Well why not?”
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