The Adventures of Barb Wire Episode - 1 The Bounty Hunter - Chapter 3 Screwed

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    The Adventures of Barb Wire

    Episode 1 The Bounty Hunter

    Story by L’Espion

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    Chapter 3 Screwed

    “Where do you want her?” one of the thugs holding her arms asked.

    “Upstairs,” Salmon replied. “Put her in the master bedroom. I’ll follow you up.”

    “What are you going to do?” Barbara demanded. “Rape me? You’ll get damned little satisfaction out of me that way, and you’ll have to kill me. You want a murder charge on top of everything else? People know where I am.”

    I’m thinking you’re wrong about the satisfaction, babe. I’m going to enjoy spreading those long legs and enjoy the look on your face as I fuck your tight cunt. As for murder. That’s the farthest thing from my mind. I’ve got something much better planned for you once my men have all had a go at you. How does a life sentence in a Shanghai brothel sound? There are quite a few men who will pay me very good money to deliver someone who looks like you.”

    “You’re crazy,” Barbara protested. “I’m not going to just lie on my back so some Chinese thugs can fuck me. They’d have to kill me first.”

    “I think you will,” Salmon argued. “Once you’ve been properly broken in. It might take a few hundred cocks up that tight pussy and just as many up your ass, but eventually you’ll learn obedience.”

    “The hell I will,” Barbara shouted. She attempted to break free from the two men escorting her, but they seemed to have been waiting for that reaction and held onto her, using the heavy dowel to control her while they dragged her through the bedroom door.

    “On the bed,” Salmon directed, “and then leave. I think I can take it from here.”

    “Right boss,” one of the men chuckled. They both left grinning and closed the door behind them.

    Face down on the bed, Barbara could not have felt more helpless. She had not yet been stripped of her tight leather pants, but knew that was probably not too far off in the future, a hypothesis that was almost instantly proven as Salmon moved over to her and rolled her onto her back. With her ankles still chained there was little that she could do except stare up at her captor and wait for his next move.

    “I like that look,” Salmon taunted. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman more angry. But there’s a bit of fear there too isn’t there, babe? You know what I’m going to do to you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

    “You’ll never get away with this,” Barbara raged. “People will come looking for me. They know I was going after you.” She twisted her body in an unsuccessful attempt to free her arms, and effort that simply drew Salmon’s attention to her quivering breasts.

    “It’s hard to believe those are real,” Salmon said. He was already quite aroused, the bulge of his erection showing clearly through his trousers. “Let’s have a better look.”

    He moved toward her, caught her ankles as she tried to kick him and then straddled her on the bed. Pinning her with his weight, he placed his hands on her breasts and gave them a squeeze. “I was thinking that these couldn’t be real, but I was wrong,” he commented as he massaged the firm flesh. “I’ve never felt tits like these.” He flicked his thumbs over her nipples and felt them stiffen under his touch. “I see you like that. Perhaps you really are a nympho.”

    “You bastard, get off me,” Barbara replied, heaving her body. She was acutely embarrassed by her response, but she couldn’t stop her nipples from becoming erect, like twin towers of desire. She had to bite back a moan as Salmon bent his head to suckle them. Then she had to stifle a gasp of pain as he gave her breasts a bruising squeeze, forcing the pliant flesh through his fingers. It didn’t take him very long to go to the next step in her humiliation.

    Salmon raised his body, unbuckled his belt and released his swollen phallus. Returning to her breasts he compressed them and proceeded to tit-fuck her while she showered him with abuse. “I’ll find a way to put that mouth to better use, but you will require a bit of taming first,” he laughed as he continued to pleasure himself, eventually erupting over her breasts and face.

    “Ah,” he groaned that was fantastic, “but it’s time to go after the real thing.”

    He proceeded to completely strip off his clothing, taking the time to swallow a couple of small blue pills; then he went after what remained of Barbara’s clothing.

    Barbara strained to free herself from the leather laces that bound her wrists. At the cost of some skin she managed to stretch them a couple of millimeters, but not enough to make a difference before Salmon once again turned his attention to her. He was now completely nude and thanks to the pills he had gulped down was already experiencing a return of his not inconsiderable erection. He was not the biggest man Barbara had ever seen, but he was big enough to really make her feel what he was going to do to her. She bent her knees in an attempt to stop him from removing what was left of her clothing, but he simply grabbed her ankles and turned her on her belly and then used his weight to pin her once again. As her bodysuit was already peeled down to her waist he focused on getting it down over her legs and that necessitated cutting through the fine leather. He did so, starting at the waist and then slowly moving the knife down, splitting the leather away from her buttocks and then continuing down her right leg. The knife was sharp and parted the expensive leather easily. It was but the matter of a few moments to repeat the operation on her leg and pull the ruined garment from her body.

    “Expensive material,” Salmon commented. “I bet that cost a pretty penny. But you’re not going to be needing clothes for the next little while.”

    He rolled her over again and admired her perfect body. Her shoulders were wider than normal for a woman but seemed in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. Her breasts were large and firm, with silver dollar sized copper-pink areolas and taut rosebud nipples. Arched back by the way her arms were bent around the dowel, she presented a magnificent display. This was further emphasized by her flat, hard belly, flaring hips, and long powerful legs.

    “You really are incredible,” Salmon said admiringly. “This is going to be a lot of fun. And this is going to make it even more fun.” He produced a clear plastic tube about eight inches long and a good two inches in diameter. It was studded with protrusions and was enlarged at the base where it would fit against his body. “I had this especially designed with you in mind. It will cut down on my pleasure a little bit, but it is worth it for what it will do to you. I believe in the vernacular that this is called a bitch-tamer, and you certainly fit that appellation.”

    “You piece of shit,” Barbara raged. “Go to hell.” But she could only watch helplessly as Salmon slid the penis-sleeve over his engorged member and then moved toward her. “Fits like a glove,” he exulted.

    “No you don’t,” she gasped. Her chest heaved as he straddled her once again and then tried to pry her legs apart. She resisted with all of her considerable strength, heaving her body and clamping her thighs together, an act of resistance that only made his eventual conquest more pleasurable. “No,” she gasped as he finally parted her knees and moved his body between them.

    “Oh yes, babe,” Salmon exulted. “This is payback time.” He thrust into her, taking his time, partly because he wanted to draw out the pleasure of subjecting Barbara to the ultimate humiliation; and party because his enhanced phallus was too large to force into her quickly.

    “Unngh!” Barbara grunted as the huge object slid into her. “You piece of shit,” she said through clenched teeth. The protrusions on the sleeve both stimulated and chaffed her vaginal walls as Salmon forced himself deeper and deeper inside her. It was like nothing she had ever experienced, delivering both pain and pleasure in measures of incredible intensity.

    She arched her back, fighting not to scream. But Salmon fucked her mercilessly, driving deep inside her until he had penetrated her almost fully. And then she discovered another aspect of the sleeve; it vibrated. The last four inches of the sleeve were raised in a ridge that contacted her clitoris with every thrust sending a surge of desire through her. Very much against her will the pleasure built until finally she was moving her body in rhythm to every thrust. Her grunts of pain were replaced by moans of desire as the pleasure centres of her core were pushed beyond her will to resist. As Salmon slid his last three inches into her she moaned aloud and then cried out in unbridled ecstasy.

    “Got you,” Salmon cried. “Got you bitch. You’re nothing but a common whore. Stick a prick into you and you scream like all the others.” He continued to drive into her, forcing her to moan and groan in both pain and pleasure until finally he peaked and jerked into her.

    “I hope you enjoyed that, slut. Because it’s about the last pleasurable thing that going to happened you.”

    Her chest heaving, Barbara could not force a reply. She had been utterly humiliated; taken against her will, and brought to a sexual peak by a man she detested. At the same time she had given him complete satisfaction. She could only lie where she was and wait to see what further ordeal he had planned for her.

    “Nothing to say?” Salmon asked. “I expect I’ll get quite a bit out of you in a few minutes. He removed the dripping penis sleeve and gulped another blue pill. “I won’t need this to make you scream the next time.” Crossing the room he picked up a towel and wiped himself off. However, he next picked up a tube of lubricant and began to apply it to his once again swelling manhood. “If your cunt is any indication, your ass should be tighter than a rusted nut. But let’s find out.”

    He returned to where she lay and grabbing her by the arm pulled her to a standing position. Then using the dowel as leverage he manhandled her to the foot of the bed and bent her forward over the footboard. Once again Barbara struggled to save herself, but the advantage was all Salmon’s. He pinned her against the footboard, spread the cheeks of her buttocks and then forced his way into her.

    Even properly lubricated it was a tight fit. Barbara had never experienced anal intercourse before and Salmon made little effort to ease himself into her. Instead he took her by brute force inflicting maximum pain and minimal pleasure. “Aggh! You fucking bastard,” Barbara cried. “I’ll have your balls for this.”

    “Says the cunt who is bent over the back of the bed with six inches of dick up her ass,” Salmon sneered. “This is the easy part. When I’m finished with you I’m giving my boys a turn.” He thrust hard as he finished speaking releasing a cry of pain that Barbara could not hold back. It was the last cry he got out of her, but he punished her mercilessly for the next quarter hour before peaking again.

    Panting from the effort, he heaved himself off her. He picked up a robe put it on. “Time for a shower,” he said. “And time to share you with my boys. He picked up his cell and spoke into it. “Come and get her. She’s more than ready.”
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