Taking out the Guard

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    Laurie's new job was to be the lobby Security Guard. A sentry of sorts, standing at the lobby employee entrance checking to see everyone had their ID showing before entering the Lab. A cushy job, nice uniform, great hours, be there from 6am to 10 am, off from 10 am to 2 pm, and be there from 2 pm to 6 pm. The office closes at 4pm, everybody is usually gone by 5pm...

    Tonight the new temp stayed late, and had already disposed of the lab assistant, by strangulating her with a rubber tube. She dragged the body to a storage cabinet and stuffed it in. All she needed to do now was to take out the lobby guard, and her “friends” could come in and steal the project information contained in the lab.

    Laurie had just finished locking the outside door, and was calling it quits for the night, when suddenly, a thin leather belt was slipped over her head and pulled tight. She struggled against the strap pressing against her windpipe, finally getting the fingers of one hand between the belt and her neck. Laurie attempted to twist around to hold off her attacker but was foiled at every attempt.

    Her attacker was stronger, and soon Laurie was fighting for breath, her attacker punching the weakening guard in her kidneys and stomach.

    The brunette's knees buckled, and her attacker followed her to the floor, pummeling her chest and stomach, while holding the belt tightly around Laurie's neck. The struggles faded, Laurie was still. Her attacker got up and rubbed her face where Laurie had managed to get in one punch.

    She picked up Laurie's building keys and moved to the door. She fumbled around looking for the right key to unlock the door. Finally she found it and opened the door.

    When her “friends” came in the door, two of them picked up Laurie's body, the “temp” asking them to wait a moment. She delivered several kicks and punches to the dead guard's body “ That's for my face!” she screamed rubbing the darkening bruise on her cheek. The men then dragged Laurie's body down the hall, to the incinerator room, where they dumped it on a conveyor bound for the incinerator, where with the rest of the lab waste, it would soon be reduced to harmless, unidentifiable ash...