Spring Break

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    She stood in the kitchen, bare foot as usual, well, bare completely except for the shoes laces that held her arms folded behind her back, and the chain that hung high around her hips. She watched him as he rummaged thru the containers that had been under the sink. Yep, he found it. He was a good man and she'd married into the 'honor, cherish, and obey' without hesitation. He sang songs to her as he plowed her pussy and wrote romantic verses on her body in ink that wouldn't wear off for days. She had no real complaints. Well, a few. She wished he'd clean the bicycle chain that he hung from her waist chain and ran between her legs, and up between her cute half moon shaped buns to the chain and the lock to hold it in place up against her clit hood. And she wasn't too pleased with what he found in the container.

    "You remember my talking about my cousin in Topeka?" She nodded, for it was hard to talk thru the sock. He'd had this idea about recycling cotton shirts and underwear that had got holes in it or just didn't fit anymore. That business venture hadn't done well, but still he made a good living and kept her fed with smoothies he'd developed that almost eliminated the need for anymore enemas. He had the front truck of the beetle stock full of his latest batch. In the meantime she sucked on one of his old rolled up socks which she wished he had washed.

    "Well I told him about you and you know what he said to me?" She wasn't much concerned with that as she bent her knees and he loosened to bicycle chain enough to press the plastic scrubber up against her labia then reset the chain. She did give a grimace at that. And wondered how that would effect one of his favorite thrills, the way the chain splayed her piss out in unusual patterns.

    "He said he wants to meet you. So we're going to Topeka during your spring break." Oh, good, she had never been there, although she hadn't ever had the urge to go either. She loved him but she had a good job at the university and would have to be back in two weeks to keep it. She ambled over to the dinner table where he had some more 'clothing' for her, getting immediately introduced to the irritation of the scrubber and the pleasure on his face as he watched its edges scrape against her thighs.

    "He's got this club up there and says he'll put you up on the stage Friday night and if you do well, then maybe another show, then four on Saturday, two on Sunday and another two on Monday if I thought it wouldn't wear you out so much." She stared at him as he took hold of her left c-cup and put a paper cup over the tip. Then ran rubber bands down over the cup onto her breast. After four bands her breast stuck up straight ahead, looking like it was going to burst and shoot the nipple across the room. She gave a bit of a wiggle as he took hold of her other breast. He paused and ran a hand thru her short hair then kissed the bulge in her cheek. He began to do the other breast like the first.

    "There, oh, I got to get a photo of you like this to add to the collection." He was a good man and a good husband and would never put photos of her on the internet. On a stage, in a bar, but at least not here in town where someone might recognize her.

    "They're probably going to ply you with beer just to watch you piss. I told him no cameras." He picked up his bag of clothing for the trip and walked her out to the car. Just those twenty steps were enough to get her clit turned up from moderate to medium throb. Before helping her onto the car seat he placed around her an old trenchcoat that she usually wore on their weekend trips to the woods. Then hauled the shoulder strap down compressing the coat between her bullet shaped breasts. The scrubber against the seat cushion helped turn her clit up to high and she knew from past experience that the vibrations from the car would change that to a higher level.

    He got in and started the car, looked over at her, pulled a strand of hair from off her cute nose. He signed once more at what a wonderful wife he had. "Then after Topeka, we'll head west and go see Pike's Peak." Yeah, another place she'd never been to for an orgasm.