Romance on Main Street

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    Her tongue dangled out, a wire around the stud that fell towards her titties..

    "You know, Jeff, that meat packing plant out on the old road, it's got just the two doors, the front office and the rear delivery. No windows. They don't want anyone to see what they do in there, I mean, slaughtering the hogs and cows and chopping out all the innards."
    "People don't want to see that kind of thing, Mort."
    "I suppose not." He sighed and went back to reading the golf magazine.
    While thin wires curled her nips outward, a stretch in between to meet the tongue wire.

    "The jail is up on the roof of the courts building now, can't see in to all the prisoners." Harv noted without looking up from his magazine.
    "Good thing. Wouldn't be proper to look in on that screwball councilman that got voted in last year."
    "I think they should bring back the pillory for him."
    "Good thing we saved it, eh, Mort?"
    "Hmm, oh yes."
    Her head and hands thrust out from the holes in the pillory stand,
    allowing the tongue wire to fall and meet the strand between her nips
    and pull her titties outward even more.

    "Wouldn't let me watch them do the oil change on my car yesterday."
    "The dealership says its insurance reasons. Yeah, they just don't want you to know what they do or don't do"
    "How you suppose to know they are filling your engine up with new motor oil?"
    "Should go back to showing everything." Mort said and turned the page.
    While the hum of the butt plug harmonized with the hum of the remote controlled variable speed dildo diligently throbbing her pussy, causing trembles thru her upper body that wiggled her chest that caused the wires from her nips to tingle the wire up to her tongue
    which dangled outward.

    "Says here that improper comments from the gallery will lead to automatic eviction and revocation of all country club privileges." Mort quoted from the golf magazine.
    "About time."
    "Well, what is improper nowadays." Jeff paused in reading about the new sportscar that cost too much.
    "Not sure. What do you say, Hazel?"
    Her dangling tongue,
    that was hooked to her stretched nipples
    which were shaking from yet another nice wave rumbling thru her body
    from the dual vibrators in her posterior
    which was reddened by occasional flicks from a rolled up magazine,
    made her answer unintelligible.

    Harve paused with his reading to swat her posterior again while Edgar put down his clippers to touch the remote buttons, one to change over to the ball game, the other to change the variation in Hazel's pussy to cause another unintelligible comment on her part.
    "Now that could be borderline improper."
    They all paused to watch Hazel stomp a foot on the raised level in the shop window
    that looked out on the main street of town with the Saturday shoppers passing by,
    some pausing to nod or tip a hat to Hazel
    as her body shook the pillory causing her nips to jiggle
    and her tongue to dangle outward with a bounce.

    Mort took Curly's place on the barber chair,
    handing over the golf magazine to Harve to roll up and swat Hazel's well reddening posterior
    which was filled with the two vibrators,
    now not in harmony with their varying throbs that billowed up to her chest
    where her titties pushed out to meet the wire that hung from her slobbering tongue
    that dangled out from her head stuck in the old pillory box
    saved from destruction a months ago
    and placed in the front window of the barber shop,
    where it did not hide its use behind walls,
    but to provide entertainment that the big plazma screen tv
    that hung over Hazel's head did not.

    Curly paid his bill, went over to the front door, gave Hazel a nice tip
    wedged between her toes which dangled over the edge of the pedestal that held the pillory
    that held her.., well, you should know that by now.

    "You know Edgar...," Jeff put down his car magazine to watch the ball game that was showing on the tv. "... if I was you, I'd put one of them nose hooks on Hazel and string it up to the channel dial on the tv. Every time you changed the channel she'd be a good wife and nod her head in approval."
    Edgar raised his clippers as a sigh of his agreement, then began to clip Mort's hair.

    "Yes, sir, Edgar,..." Mort sighed at the dual entertainment venues. "...when you said on your 50th birthday that you were going to make some changes here we all thought you were going to bring in another barber, or have Hazel do manicures or pedicures, or take up one of the empty barber chairs, strapped in and tilted with her head down. Must say, this is a very good change."

    The dual vibrators began to hum in harmony
    once more in the twenty year old's lower body
    causing a slight lessening of tension on nips
    that were tied to the dangling tongue
    of the pilloried head of the three day old bride
    who stared out onto main street,
    at an old boyfriend she was glad she'd dumped
    because he had voted for that jailed councilman
    who wanted the barber shop closed
    to build a high rise parking lot
    where a good wife wouldn't be able
    to help support her man.

    She flicked her dangling tongue at the reject
    who walked off without noticing
    the tug on her nips that heaved her titties so well
    that the wiggle of her posterior
    brought on the best wave of love
    yet experienced.

    The men in the barber shop all applauded.
    Even Edgar, who realized he had his mouth open,
    his tongue licking his lips
    in appreciation of her sound business decision.