Romance in the Rain, an SFW tale

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    The rain was just getting worse and all traffic on the street had ceased. And I stood underneath one of the new bus shelters without a roof. Luckily I had thought to bring a rain coat and hat.

    But she obviously had no such prior weatherproofing. For indeed the only thing she wore were high heels, thumb cuffs, and a bushy red fox tail attached to the butt plug. She stood across the street for several minutes, outside of the row apartment house, the door obviously closed behind her now locked. She shivered a few times as the wind sheeted rain directly at her. Her true red hair was a mass of soggy curls around her head and dripping streams off her mound.

    She must have been waiting for a taxi to have waited so long. Then she looked around, then up at the second story window of the house she had exited. Then she decided to run across the street to me.

    I couldn't believe it. The same woman. Again. she had to be thinking I was stalking her. For I'd seen her in the market yesterday and in the hallway the day before, each time giving a simple pleasantry at her simple apparel and went on my way. Sure she looked cute and sexy those times, but out here in the rain she had that wet kitten look of sadness.

    She smiled weakly, standing in profile to me, straight back, marvelous pear shaped breasts just begging to be touched for ripeness. Half moon curve of her ass with the sopping wet tail falling down to knee level, nice athletic legs.

    I sighed. "Name's Fred, I live upstairs from you. The bus is way late."

    "Hi. I'm Vicki. House sitting at my sister's until she returns from her six week incarceration for boob malingering."

    "Ouch." I said as if I had any idea what that meant, but it was definitely something I'd be looking up on the office computer, if the bus ever arrived.

    "You cold?" I asked, noting how the rain so lovingly dripped off the overhead tree leaves into her hair and down onto those pears, dangled for a moment and then slid down her torso to her mound or hip and slide some more down that well toned body. How I envied those rain drops.

    "Uh, not really. I was up in the Yukon last winter. Talk about getting one's nips frozen hard." She shook her head in mild disgust. I sure wanted to know more about that subject. "Going to be late for my job." She sighed, a single drop sitting on the edge of her slightly upturned nose.

    "Where do you work?" I gasped as the drop fell in slow motion between her pears.

    "Harvey's, over on fourth street. Not much of a job but the tips are good."
    Oh. I'd passed by Harvey's Typewriter and Vacuum Cleaner Repair shop. Wondered how much demand that had these days but, Hell, I'd give her a few tips right now just for standing next to me.

    We stood there another half hour or so.
    "I guess the storm canceled the bus. I better go back in and call in to my job." Finally turning to me and cocking her head so that a strand fell down onto her nose.

    I screwed up my courage and moved the strand back up around her ear. "Yeah, I got to do the same.

    I'll walk you back to your room."
    Which I did and just stood outside in the hallway as she used the electronic key lock to get back into her sister's room. I swallowed hard. "So, I guess I'll see you again, maybe when the storm lets up I could...uh, you know walk you over to the market."

    "How about you come in and I'll fix some hot tea for us." She said turning into the apartment and giving a swish of her tail, which still wet, smacked an ass cheek so damned perfect.

    I gasped. "Love to." Because that tail was not attached to a butt plug.
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    Cute! Absolutely love it! :meowlove:
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    Thanks Punkae. Did you read it because of the post to New Works?
    that was just a test on my part to see if it would generate more traffic.