Pyrista's Naughty Adventures [Multiple kinks, Mostly Futa x Female]

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    I have this over on darknest but wanted to share it here as well. Enjoy. Also some commissioned art of Pyrista added in.


    Chp. 1: Pyrista's Group Searches for Burning Legion Clues....Sort of

    With the return of the Burning Legion on Azeroth, the Alliance and Horde sought ways to learn more about their foes, some way to get a leg up against them. The factions had differing opinions on where they might find these answers, but they were certain that no matter where they searched, they all needed the information. One 'expedition' traveled to the broken world of Outland. The Alliance believed that perhaps The Betrayer, Illidan, could have had information on the Legion. He was a Demon Hunter himself after all, and had trained many more personally. Surely he had some material around which those training under him could study. Information about demon weaknesses beyond holy magic.

    In an agreement between the factions, the Horde was allowed to send along one representative, so that both the Horde and Alliance could make use of any information found. This was the same for any expedition that was sent out for information. Whichever faction founded the group would make up the bulk of its members, while a member or two of the other faction would be brought along to relay any information discovered back to their leadership. This was a war for the future of their entire world after all. They couldn't afford to be letting racial hatred hold them back now.

    The expedition was a small one, as the dangers of the Black Temple were mostly gone. Akama and his people now held control over the temple and were working to restore it, so their search would begin there. The members were diverse, at least as diverse as four could be.

    Pyrista was representing the Draenei, alongside a friend, Rylinne. This temple had once been known as Karabor after all, and was a sacred place to the Draenei. Pyrista was of average height for a Draenei with silver hair and sizable bust behind her plate armor. Rylinne however was a towering wall of holy justice... at least that's what she called herself. She stood three or four feet taller than the average Draenei, with snow white hair and a bust that was barely contained by her armor. Rylinne and Pyrista weren't too different, in that they both had similar hair colors and both of them were paladins. Rylinne however had snow white skin, while Pyrista's was a slightly darker shade of blue.

    Luvinia was representing the Night Elves within the group, as Illidan and many of his Demon Hunters were themselves, Night Elves and there was a chance that anything they might find could be in elven writing. That is, what wasn't in demonic. The elf's hair was a bright green, and her skin a bright pink. She was a little shorter than most of her people, and her body thin. Her feminine features were apparent all over however as her body curved out in just the right places, namely her chest and hips, as well as her ample backside, all displayed wonderfully in her tight fitting robes.

    And lastly, Loresale was representing the Horde as a whole, but pridefully carrying the colors of Silvermoon. The Blood Elf had been chosen for this expedition because all of the Demon Hunters who were not Night Elves were Blood Elves, so again they needed someone who could translate any writings that weren't in a demonic language. Loresale was a short little redhead with dark tanned skin. She had the bust to rival any of the other girls in the group, and an ass that Rylinne had been staring at for almost the entire trip.

    The girls entered the temple, and were immediately greeted by Akama's representatives. They warned the girls that the upper levels of the temple were still unprotected, and that stray demons and other foul creatures sometimes found their way in. But, the upper levels were also the most likely place they would find what they were seeking. With that information gathered, they headed up, leaving the broken Draenei behind and heading into the silent halls of the temple.

    Rylinne and Pyrista lead the group, as their reason for being there was to protect the other two girls. The group was just right, having two holy wielding paladins as anti-demon protection, and a single translator for each of the two languages they might find writings in. As they crossed into the second floor however, Rylinne could feel as if they were being watched.

    Silently from the shadows, faded partially into another realm a succubus watched the group, moving carefully to keep up with them knowing they were headed straight for the old concubine quarters where Illidan kept women as prizes. They were all gone now, but the Succubus had taken it upon herself to keep up the runes placed through the area that incited lust in all who entered their field of power.

    Knowing the place had many dangers, the group pressed on even through the feeling of the lurking eyes, knowing that even if there was something in the shadows, that they expected it. It was why Rylinne and Pyrista were here... to ward off any attacks from such creatures. But they didn't understand of course what was waiting for them. The place was being purified, so surely any dangers that weren't able to be taken care of with weapons had been cleared, right?

    "I don't like this feeling..." Loresale said, crossing her arms around herself as she felt a chill in the halls. "It's like the demonic energies are still strong in these halls. I thought this place had been cleansed?" Being a Blood Elf, Loresale was able to sense the fel taint in the air, and it burned her mind.

    "The Temple was corrupted beyond recognition. It's not surprising that they haven't been able to clear the taint entirely. It will likely take many more years before the taint is removed and they can start rebuilding. I wouldn't doubt it if the stray demons getting in that they mentioned have an affect on the taint, causing it to strengthen with their presence." Rylinne spoke over her shoulder while making sure to keep a watchful eye on the outskirts of the hallways.

    "What sort of fel taint could be on a building though? Is it dangerous? I mean it's not going to corrupt us is it?" Luvinia started to look worried as she looked around quickly. "I don't think I could stand to be turned into a Satyr!"

    Pyrista blinked back at Luvinia and rolled her eyes. "I don't think it works that way... this fel is the kind that can influence you. So keep your guard up. Any fel in this place will be weakened enough to not be a threat, but you will still need to keep your wits about you."

    Just then, the group entered into a large room filled with elven items. Mostly it was filled with pillows and sheets, as well as beds. Mana sparkled in the air, and the room felt so warm and inviting. The place looked well used, as if it was still in use to this day. Not a spec of dust in the room, and all the mana lights were still bright. But they weren't the only things fresh with power, as the magical runes to incite lust were strongest in this room, and finally started to take hold on the girls.

    Luvinia stared at a bed and rubbed her eyes. "The beds look so inviting... I bet it's so soft and warm. I hear Blood Elves love the finest things like silk." Her eyes wandered over the rest of the room, and then the other girls in the group. They started to change in her mind, from fellow explorers here to look for information on the Legion... to friends who she wanted to just, sit down with... perhaps cuddle with. Maybe more...

    Loresale smiled as she came over and dropped down onto some pillows, taking one and hugging it. "Mmm, yes our city is filled with things like this! So much fine silk and other 'fine' things." She rubbed a cheek against the pillow, and then realized she had her lower body pressed into another pillow, her hips rolling back and forth as she was... humping it?

    The lust started to build more and more, and without any reason as far as the girls could tell, their minds were being turned towards more lewd thoughts, and their mission was slowly being forgotten. Even the two Draenei were not immune to the powers with how holy they were, as they soon founds themselves wiggling in their armor, wanting to be rid of it.

    Rylinne came up behind Pyrista and put her arms around her tightly, holding her by the waist as she spooned her. She whispered into her ear seductively as she watched how the other girls acted, with Loresale grinding against a pillow, and Luvinia nearby clearly rubbing at a bulge in her robe. "Looks like everyone wants the same thing right now... there's no danger here, why don't we get out of this armor and join them?" She kissed Pyrista's cheek and started tugging at the buckles on her armor, pulling the plates off piece by piece.

    Pyrista moaned as she felt the lips against her neck and the other Draenei's body pressed firmly into hers. She had her doubts at first, as she tried to remember what they were really there for. But her mind was clouded and all she could think about was rest... thinking they could get to the mission later. She nodded gently, letting each piece of armor fall freely to the floor. Underneath the armor she wore, less than decent clothing. She wore nothing more than a red thong with leggings that left her thighs completely uncovered, and only went down to her knees. Up top, her breasts were barely covered by a piece of cloth that wasn't even tied down, but rather was simply draped down over her chest.

    Rylinne's hands ran up Pyrista's body, fingers running over her skin until she slipped a hand underneath that piece of cloth, grabbing one of her breasts and squeezing hard. She only did this for a moment before starting to remove her own armor. It was something she seemed quite skilled at, as in a matter of minutes she had her own armor completely stripped off, and she made Pyrista's outfit look like a fancy suit. Underneath the armor she didn't actually even have anything on. Her large breasts bounced free of her chest plate, and when her leggings fell off Pyrista would feel a monstrous horse cock slap against her bare ass.

    Looking around at the other girls, Pyrista would come to a very sudden realization. She was the only normal girl here... Luvinia had pulled her robe up to reveal a long, thick cock and was stroking it up and down, moaning softly as she watched Loresale, who hadn't taken anything off yet, but was humping a thick bulge against the pillow. She blinked as her eyes went wide, realizing then what was about to happen. Three girls with cocks, one without... was she expected to tend to the three of them?! Is that why they brought her along? Her mind had been warped. She suddenly felt like this was part of the mission... something their leaders had thought of when they sent them along. The magic was powerful indeed.

    Rylinne giggled as she lifted the piece of cloth up over Pyrista's head, revealing her breasts. She then undid what little clothing was left on her lower body, calling out to the other girls. "Ladies, it seems we have a problem. We only have one pussy to use, so we'll have to share."

    This caused Loresale and Luvinia to look up, only just now realizing that Rylinne and Pyrista had stripped down, putting Pyrista's naked body on display. They could see Rylinne's cock slip between Pyrista's legs and start rubbing back and forth, but indeed... Pyrista was the only one lacking extra bits between her legs. The girls pulled themselves up and without another word, stripped themselves down. Luvinia was done quickest as she just threw off her robe and then dropped her underwear to the floor. Loresale took a bit longer to get out of her clothing, but soon enough, all four girls were completely naked, three fat cocks stiff and on display, and one delicious girl for all of them to play with.

    Rylinne gave Pyrista a little shove, and the smaller Draenei fell to her knees before falling over, twisting around so she would land in a pile of pillows on her back. The girls gathered around her, getting on their knees as they started to grind their cocks over her body. Loresale and Luvinia each picked one of her breasts, and started poking at the fat orbs with the heads of their cocks. Rylinne stood on her knees just above Pyrista's head, her heavy balls laying against her face with the cock running down her body.

    Rylinne was by far the largest of the girls, with Luvinia being the second and Loresale the smallest. But even Loresale was well above average by a good few inches, and Pyrista's eyes darted around from one to the other.

    "By the light... so much cock, and they're so big!" Pyrista reached up with both hands, one grabbing Luvinia's and one grabbing Loresale's, her fingers wrapping around the poles of flesh and starting to work them back and forth, from base to tip. For Rylinne she let her tongue hang out and started to lick the underside of the monstrous shaft that was pressing down onto her face. She felt the pleasure building even more, wiggling underneath the girls. "Mmm, please, someone, fuck me!"

    Loresale immediately moved over, lifting the space goat's legs up and resting between them. She stroked her cock and rubbed the head against Pyrista's lower lips. "I think clearly I should be first. It's not every day a member of the Horde gets the chance to fuck a Draenei, so I have to make use of her while I can." She grinned as she felt her cock grinding against Pyrista's drooling slit, and pulled it back to press the head in. She groaned as it popped inside, and she pushed herself forward until she slapped into Pyrista's ass with her own body, lifting the Draenei's legs up over her shoulders.

    Pyrista squealed in pleasure as she felt the cock rammed into her, and her whole body started to bounce back and forth as a loud echoing smack marked each moment when the fleshy rod was thrust into her. She started panting heavily, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she looked up to Rylinne's cock lying on her face. "Light yes, use me!" She saw Rylinne pull back and the head of that giant horse cock was brought to her lips. She opened up, but it wasn't enough and when Rylinne pushed in her lips were pried open beyond their usual limit. She groaned around the cock as she felt it buried in her throat, and though her vision as blocked she could feel Luvinia climbing onto her, sitting on her chest with her cock resting between her breasts. Pyrista brought her own hands up to squeeze her breasts together around the cock, and she could feel the pleased night elf start thrusting into them, gently at first, but the thrusting quickly became much rougher... not just between her breasts though.

    All three girls picked up the pace, and in a matter of seconds she had a cock being rammed mercilessly into her pussy, heavy elven balls slapping hard against her ass with each thrust. Likewise she could feel Rylinne's cock reaching all the way down to her stomach as the massive, powerful Draenei rammed it into her, balls slapping her in the face with each thrust. If that wasn't enough, her breasts were being used like toys by the night elf, who was thrusting into them like they were any of her other holes, drooling cock leaking precum onto her neck and chin.

    She screamed happily around the horse cock in her throat as Loresale rammed into her pussy again and again, causing it to squelch out her juices with each thrust. She moaned each time the cock smacked into her, and slowly but surely, she could feel all three girls building to a release. The cocks throbbing in her tight cunt, between her breasts, and all the way down her throat told what was coming. Only at the last second did she realize just how big these cocks were, and the heavy sacks that accompanied them.

    She couldn't begin to imagine how much they would release, but she didn't have to try for long, as all at once the three girls cried out, making their releases. First she felt Loresale unloading into her pussy, the flood of cum more than an average draenei could even give, pouring into her womb like an animal marking its mate as its own. Next she felt cum splatter into her chin and neck, her face only protected by the monstrous cock shoved into her mouth, as Rylinne's cock and lower body seemed to catch most of it. But lastly her face was not left clean, as Rylinne unleashed the largest flood of cum yet, forcing huge streams of her seed down Pyrista's throat. She squealed around it, feeling it quickly back up in her throat and squirt out past her lips. Some cum splattered onto Rylinne's balls, but most of it fell right back down and coated Pyrista's face in a thick layer.

    She barely had a moment to rest, her eyes rolled back in her head as cum gushed out of her holes, and more cum leaked from Luvinia's cock onto her body. The girls pulled out, and she felt herself jerked around without a word said to her, only the girls debating who would go where next. She panted heavily, coughing as Rylinne's cock left her throat, cum drooling out of her mouth as she was pulled around like an object.

    Finally she saw herself being pulled down onto her knees with Rylinne lying on her back. Her eyes went wide as she realized she was being brought down onto the biggest cock in the room, a cock that put real horses to shame. She held her hands out to object, but they were pulled away by the two elven girls as she opened her mouth. "Wait, wait! I don't think it will-... OOOOOOH LIIIGHT!!!" She was cut off with a loud scream as she felt her body forcefully pulled down onto it, piercing into her and spreading her pussy wider than she had ever felt. The rough penetration didn't stop there though, as she was pulled down and down by Rylinne who held her by the hips. She pulled her down hard and she screeched again as she felt the cock spear through her cervix roughly, her eyes going wide as tears started to run down her cheeks. They weren't tears of pain however, as the magic in the air wouldn't allow for that. They were tears of pure pleasure, feeling such a massive cock fill her so thoroughly, until she was smacked down onto Rylinne's lap, the cock buried balls deep inside her.

    Pyrista started to bounce on her own, pushing herself up and falling down hard onto the cock, grunting each time as her hands were pulled to the elven cocks at her sides. She started stroking them hard, and leaned over to one at a time, wrapping her lips around them and sucking hard, her head working back and forth on Loresale's rod which was covered in her own juices, before she would pop off and turn her attention to Luvinia, doing the same to her.

    She absolutely couldn't get enough, her eyes rolling back to look up at whichever elf was face fucking her at the time, hoping they were happy with her 'performance'. As she was pulled off one she gasped for air, crying out in pleasure. "Yes, yes! Light please more! Use me however you want, use me like the dirty whore I am!" She felt Rylinne's hands planted firmly on her waist, as the large Draenei underneath her matched her pace of bouncing, and started to thrust up into her each time she fell down. "FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!"

    She was loving this. Any thoughts of the mission had left her mind completely and the only thoughts in her head now were the thoughts of how she would be used next. And even that she couldn't focus on as her mind was overrun by the pleasure of such a massive cock ramming up into her deeper than she had ever felt, and tasting one cock after the other back and forth of the two elven women who until today were complete strangers to her. Though she couldn't say it was the first time she had felt this particular cock invading her.

    She bounced hard, rising up nearly halfway off the cock before she let herself fall down, feeling Rylinne thrust up into her as their bodies came together with a loud echoing smack. Her whole body shook every time this happened, driving her closer and closer to the edge. It was a miracle she had held on this long, as she held back with all her power when Loresale was fucking her, and had managed not to cum just yet. But it was a struggle, as if it would all be over once she finally let herself go over the edge.

    But it was a losing fight, as she screamed with both cocks in her hands, squeezing them tightly as she finally felt her insides squeezing Rylinne's cock harder than before, her juices squirting out as her entire body locked up in an intense wave of pleasure flowing through her.

    As if on que, just as Pyrista let herself climax, the cocks around and in her all let loose again. Rylinne unloaded one of the biggest loads she had ever seen, or rather, felt, right into her womb. Her stomach bulged out, her insides forced to expand to accommodate how much was being forced in. The cock was simply too big and stretching her too much to allow even a single drop to escape. Her eyes rolled back in her head again as she felt like she was going to burst, her tongue hanging out as the cocks in her hands let out all they had as well, cum splattering audibly onto her face and chest as they came all over her.

    As everything calmed down the girls all panted heavily, and the cocks were pulled away from her. She felt like it was over, like that was the end of it. Her body was burning up and her womb was filled to bursting with Rylinne's seed. She lifted herself off the cock slowly, groaning as the head popped free and cum spilled out like a waterfall. She moaned loudly again as she felt it all rushing out of her, spilling down onto the floor as her stomach shrunk back to its original size, but she still felt bloated inside, and quite a bit was still left inside.

    Just as she thought things were calming down, she felt hands grabbing at her, making her eyes shoot wide open as she was yanked up again. "W... what? We're not done? But you've all cum so much! I... I don't think I can take much more!" Even though she said this, she knew her body wanted it. She wanted more and more, and she couldn't be satisfied until she had whatever that 'more' was.

    She watched as Luvinia took Rylinne's place, just a ways over to avoid the puddle of Draenei cum. She was pulled down, and even though Luvinia was a good bit smaller than Rylinne, Pyrista's body had already tightened back up, and she felt just as much pleasure as she would have if Luvinia had gone first, her insides tightening around the invading cock just as much. She looked up, wondering where the other girls would go, but she realized they were gone. She felt hands on her ass and looked back over her shoulder, seeing Loresale coming up behind her. "Both? I don't know if I can take both at once, they're so big..."

    She felt Loresale ignoring her words, as the cock unexpectedly pressed into her ass, making Pyrista yelp loudly. "Wait wait wait, not there!" She cried out, her voice changing to a high pitched squeal in the last word as she felt the cock thrust into her ass. It wasn't over though... she felt something else, and when she looked back she could see Rylinne coming up behind Loresale. It looked as if Rylinne was going to fuck Loresale, but instead Pyrista could feel the massive horse cock slip between Loresale's legs and press into her currently in use rear entrance.

    Pyrista's eyes went wide as she realized what was happening. They were all going to take her at the same time, and they expected both Rylinne's AND Loresale's cock to fit in her ass? She started to wiggle a little with the weakest, most pathetic attempt at objection as she could give, her body not allowing her to actually decline this opportunity. She whimpered as she felt the cock working at her ass, with Loresale's cock being used to pry it open.

    Then, it happened. Rylinne's cock slid inside, grinding against Loresale's cock and, even though it was so much larger than the elf's cock, Pyrista could feel BOTH cocks inside perfectly fine. She screamed louder than she had thus far, and her mind went blank, unsure what to make of the situation, her voice stuttering out broken words. "I... I.... so..." Her body twitched with three cocks lodged inside her, and then, they all started moving.

    Rylinne moaned, putting her arms around Loresale as she felt her lower body slapping into the blood elf's round, jiggly ass. "I've been staring at this ass the whole trip, feels so good to feel it like this... I'll just have to pretend it's you I'm fucking." She giggled and kissed the blood elf's neck, while Loresale in return groaned and wrapped her arms around Pyrista, holding on for dear life. Loresale felt herself pulled back each time Rylinne pulled out, and then was forcefully thrust back inside as Rylinne thrust in. Her movements were being controlled by Rylinne, and all this movement forced Pyrista to bounce up and down on Luvinia's cock, who as in turn thrusting up into her, meeting her every movement.

    Pyrista choked on her words, her mind completely lost as her eyes rolled back into her head, tears dripping down her cheeks again in pleasure as her tongue slipped out. Her whole body felt like it was going numb, but the pleasure remained. Drool leaked from her mouth as she was so lost in pleasure, letting herself be thrown back and forth as the three massive cocks used her body like a toy, thrusting into her again and again, filling the room with loud, rough smacks that echoed even through the halls, as well as the moans and grunts of the girls as they worked Pyrista's body.

    Luvinia reached up and grabbed Pyrista's breasts, squeezing them hard and starting to play with them as the Draenei was forced to ride her thick cock, spreading her insides open and even slipping inside her cervix from time to time, making her body twitch every time the cock pierced through that final barrier.

    It felt like a lifetime that she was being used like this, like it would never end. And Pyrista didn't want it to end. She was in pure bliss being used in such ways. Her moans were loud, but instinctive as she wasn't able to think about anything. She just sat there, enjoying the cocks ramming into her again and again and again.

    But it had to come to an end, and she could feel said end approaching as once more, the cocks inside her throbbed ith pleasure, becoming inflamed and heating with their need to release. She felt them bloat inside her, spreading her ever so slightly more open. And then at long last, what her body truly longed for came.

    At the exact same moment, the three girls cried out, and their cocks exploded with thick, hot torrents of cum. She felt Luvinia's seed added to the pool of cum being stirred up in her womb, replenishing the head and forcing her stomach to expand to accommodate it.

    The real reward for her body's use however, came when both Loresale and Rylinne unleashed every last drop they had to give straight into her ass, and she could feel the seed being pumped through her body with each stream that left their cocks. Her eyes widened even more as she felt the cum flowing through her body, and finally exploding out her mouth as there was just so much, that it made the full trip through her. She coughed and gagged as cum splattered out her mouth, pooling just past her lips before it flowed out like an overflowing bath, streams of the mixed elven and draenei cum running down her chin and dripping onto her breasts. Her eyes remained rolled back as she felt her body give into the pleasure again and again, one climax after another rolling through her body, causing her to simply sit there, impaled on the poles of flesh as her body shook violently.

    Pyrista finally fell forward, seeming like she had passed out, but in truth she was simply having a bit of trouble processing all the pleasure as a stream of cum flowed from her mouth, her expression so happy and content.

    From the shadows, the succubus watched all that was happening, smiling brightly at the fruits of her labor as the runes were working so well. Of course, she had served Illidan, not the Legion, and if beautiful girls like these were to remain in the universe, she should let them go so they could do as they needed to defeat the legion.

    She raised her hand to release the girls from the grasp of the runes, but just then the girls started to change positions. It seemed they weren't quite spent yet. She lowered her hand, and instead it went down slipping into her underwear. Perhaps... she could at least give them until morning...

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    Chp. 2: Pyrista and the Enchanted Mirrors

    Pyrista had received the strangest letter in the mail that she had ever seen. It was titled 'From the Ethereal FC Company' and went on about 'getting in touch with your inner Horde'. Nowhere did it say what FC meant but, Py knew one thing for sure... those Ethereals were strange people who lived by a whole different set of laws. It wouldn't surprise her if they had a way to literally make her into someone else. Maybe that was what this was about. Either way, it had gotten her attention and it seemed serious unlike most of the junk she had been getting lately. So, she made up her mind that she was going to go and see what this was all about. But she didn't want to go alone... the Ethereals were mysterious but they were also pretty creepy. They didn't even have real bodies! And so, Pyrista did the only thing that made sense. She sent a letter to invite Rylinne to go with her.

    A couple days later the two met up outside the park which, for some reason was still a giant piece of charcoal. They headed across the canals and into the Cathedral District where the Ethereals had set up their shop. The shop in question was on the outer ring of the district by the Canals, and was pretty big. This was the place that all the adventurers seemed to come to that had many different services. The most popular was a system the Ethereals had where they could make a piece of equipment take on the appearance of another while retaining any magical properties it had beforehand. Another service was their void storage, where they would open up a private pocket of the void for customers to use as a sort of personal storage... though the price on such a service was outrageous. They had also offered a service at one point that could swap around magical properties on equipment, but at one point the service just vanished. Considering how popular and loved it was, it must have been a really clueless character who decided to drop that service from the list.

    The two draenei entered together, and were immediately met and greeted by an Ethereal. He glowed a bright pink and wore all kinds of bandages as if marking where his body was, though it was unseen.

    "Welcome welcome! What may I interest you in today? Come to change the appearance of your equipment? Or perhaps you wish to open a new void account for storing personal items?" Even though the Ethereal didn't have a face, the girls could almost feel like he had a sly grin on his face, like he ready to do anything to get every coin out of their pockets.

    "Uh, no, sir... I received a letter in the mail from something called the Ethereal FC Company? I don't really know what that is but, it talked about getting in touch with my inner Horde and, well it got me curious so here I am to see what it's all about." Pyrista tried to be as polite as she could though, it was hard with these money grubbing Ethereals in her face. As if Goblins weren't bad enough.

    The Ethereal seemed almost disappointed as he stood upright, letting out a short 'hmm' before looking up the stairs. "Yes yes, that service is just up the stairs on the second floor, can't miss it." He seemed to almost immediately lose interest in the girls, turning and walking over to tend to a couple other customers.

    "Well, this must not cost any money if he's THAT disappointed to find out why we're here." Py smiled at Rylinne before they went up the stairs, their hooves clopping on the wood to announce their presence to whoever or, whatever was on the next floor. It was much quieter than the floor below where adventurers were trying all kinds of different outfits, trying to pick unique styles and colors. The second floor was practically empty, except for a single Ethereal.

    He turned as he heard the girls coming up, and something was different about this Ethereal. He wore robes that covered his entire body except for his face, the cloth red with silver patterns all over it. When he spoke his voice didn't have the typical sense of greed and potential profit that the other Ethereals. Instead, it sounded wise and all knowing, like someone who knew what they were doing and was there to tend to their needs rather than to push them into a purchase that would get him a lot of money.

    "Welcome draenei, are you here seeking the services of the Ethereal FC Company?" He cupped his hands together and looked from one draenei to the other and back again, as if waiting for either of them to respond.

    "Yeah, but I don't really know what it's all about. I just got this letter in the mail. I don't really even know what FC stands for." Py held the letter up.

    "Ah yes, part of our advertising when we set up shop here was to send these letters to random homes within Stormwind. We also sent letters to the Taverns to be passed out at random to any who were staying the night. The meaning of the name does not matter, what is important is you have come and wish to get in touch with your inner Horde yes? We recently offered our services to the Horde in the form of getting in touch with their inner Alliance, and they were most satisfied with what we had to offer. It is best that you see for yourself what is offered, rather than letting me tell you." He walked over to a door and opened it, holding his hand up. "Please, step into the room. Inside are two mirrors and all you need to do is stand in front of them and they will show you what you wish to see."

    The girls looked at each other and shrugged, walking into the room. The door was gently shut behind them, and the last thing they heard from the Ethereal was "Do enjoy dears."The room didn't have much in it but a warm looking rug, the two mirrors mentioned, and an excessively luxurious bed. Beyond that the room was lit with all kinds of candles, seeming to be of an arcane nature though they burned the normal color. The girls looked over to each other one last time to make sure they were ready, before standing in front of the mirrors and looking into them.

    Rylinne gasped when she saw her figure in the mirror changing. The color of her skin, the shape of her body. Her horns disappeared and she got slightly shorter, but quickly running her hands over herself she found it was just some sort of illusion. She wasn't really changing, the mirror just showed she was. After a short time, Rylinne saw an Orc who had all of her features. Same hair style, same facial features, and while she was quite a bit shorter than she had been as a draenei she was still a lot taller than the average Orc. Rylinne put her hand on her hip, staring at the orc with a loud 'hmmm...' before she shrugged. "So this is my inner Horde? He said the mirror would show us what we want to see. What if I want to see a troll or something?"

    As if on demand the figure changed again, and just as before it retained her general features and looked like Rylinne, but was now in the form of a troll woman. At least now it matched her in height. "Oh that's cool! Hmm, but I don't really feel like a troll kind of girl. Just doesn't feel like, me. In fact I don't really feel like a Horde kind of person. Hmm, what's not Hordey. Goblins? Still green skin, I'm terrified to see what I'd look like as one of them." Rylinne suddenly clapped her hands together with a smile as she realized something. "Duh! Let's see what I look like as a Blood Elf!"

    Just like that, again, the image in the mirror changed. An elven version of Rylinne appeared and it felt almost like she was staring at herself. The hair was spot on, the ears seemed like replacements for her horns being drooped back slightly, her face was exactly the same just with glowing green eyes, and she was much taller than an average elf. It looked wonderful!

    Meanwhile Pyrista was going through roller coaster of feelings, from surprise and curiosity to adventure and discovery as she looked at all the different versions of herself. Just like Rylinne she ended up stopping on a blood elf version of herself, doing a little spin to look herself over. "I like how that looks. Not sure how I'd do as a member of the Horde but, at least I'd be pretty."

    Both girls loved how they looked as elves, there was just one major issue that seemed to hit them at the same time. They were looking down at their elven selves, since they were taller. But their reflections were looking up at them, since they were shorter... everything else felt like they were complete reflections. They made every movement perfectly. It was just, when they looked down at themselves their reflections looked back up at them.

    Rylinne didn't think too much about this as she looked over at Py's reflection, barely able to see it from the angle she was at. She stared at herself in the mirror before she slowly pulled her pants down. "Have to see everything or my curiosity won't be satisfied." She stripped out of her clothing entirely and started to spin slowly, looking at her elven self. "Can't say I'm satisfied with how busty I'd be. I feel like my tits now are as big as my elven self's head, if not bigger. And my cock would shrink too! And looks like it would change shape to an elven cock...which looks like most other humanoid cocks. I guess the chest and cock are pretty big for an elf but, I'm pretty big already and both those things are pretty big on me now. It'd be a big change having to get smaller. So many things wouldn't be as tight."

    Pyrista giggled as she stripped down as well and gave a twirl for herself before reaching up and lifting her breasts. "Well I don't have to worry about being smaller. I think my bust would be plenty, and while you'd have a smaller cock I'd have a smaller, tighter pussy right? That means cocks like yours would spread me open that much further." She blushed as she said this, something she would only say in private like this to Rylinne. She'd never be so forward in public.

    "Wish we had a way to see more. Like to feel and all that. These mirrors are nice and fun and all that but there's only so much you can tell from a mirror." Rylinne looked over at Pyrista and grinned. "I have an idea... let's see here." She stepped over to the side behind Pyrista, and now they could see each other in the mirror. In reality they were two draenei, one standing behind the other. In the mirror, their blood elf copies stood in the same position. "Hmmm, I bet if I fuck you in front of the mirror, we'll get to watch the elven me fuck the elven you."

    Py blushed deeply and turned around to face Rylinne. "Oh I don't care about that. It's just an altered reflection after all. So why don't we just focus on us?" She winked at Rylinne before looking at the door. "Though, this isn't really the place for that is it? I mean there's a bed, but it's not our bed..." She looked down and saw Rylinne's massive cock, hard and throbbing. It was obvious she was ready to go.

    Rylinne took Pyrista's hands and pulled her back, sitting on the foot of the bed. She pulled Py up into her lap so she would sit on her knees with Rylinne's cock squished between them. "Who will know? They supplied us with a bed so why not use it? Besides, the beds not belonging to us didn't seem to bother you back in the Black Temple, or have you forgotten?"

    Pyrista blushed even deeper than before and shook her head. "Of course not! How could I forget that? That was beyond embarrassing when the spell was lifted... worst of all it was lifted while the three of you girls were all balls deep inside me!" Her face was a deep blue as she turned her head away.

    "Oh but you enjoyed it now didn't you? After all, even when the spell lifted... you didn't ask us to stop. In fact, I remember you wanting us to keep going." She leaned up and gave Pyrista's ear a lick, whispering hotly to her. "Fuck me, fuck me deeper, fuck me harder, fuck me faster. Those were the things you screamed, even when the spell had been lifted." She pulled back and pressed her lips into Pyrista's, kissing her deeply before helping her to get up on her knees, knowing this was making her wet.

    Though saying it was making her wet was an understatement as Pyrista's legs shook in weakness as she listened to Rylinne. She lifted herself up to stand on her knees, letting Rylinne's giant equine cock rub against her slit. She looked over her shoulder at the mirror and saw that the reflection was mimicking them, as the mirror showed two blood elves in the same position. She watched carefully as she brought herself down, moaning deeply as she watched her elven self sink down onto a giant elven cock, and she could feel Rylinne's real cock spearing up into her slowly.

    Her mouth hung open as she looked back to Rylinne, feeling the head squish against her cervix just moments before Rylinne put her hands on her waist and forced her down, feeling the monster pop into her womb as she landed on Rylinne's lap with a squeak. She bit her lip, not wanting to be heard by the Ethereal outside, but found it incredibly difficult to keep herself quiet as Rylinne started to thrust up into her. At the same time, Pyrista bounced herself up and down on Rylinne's cock, feeling it driven up into her deeper than any cock had before hers. She leaned forward with her hands on Rylinne's shoulders, moaning into her ear.

    "Mmf, are those the things you want me to say now?" She started to pant heavily as she rode Rylinne's cock like a mount, bouncing herself up and down enough to cause the bed to start screeching and the loud smacks of her ass slapping against Rylinne's thighs echoing through the room. "Light... deeper, faster! I need more of your cock Rylinne. Fuck me more!"

    Rylinne of course didn't need to be told that as she thrust her hips up harder into Pyrista, but as she did this she noticed that their reflections weren't copying them anymore. They were watching them. She watched carefully as her own reflection put her hand on the mirror, and it started to warp before the blood elf stepped through. Pyrista's reflection did the same, causing Rylinne to sit upright, her thrusting stopping as she stared at their reflections... which now looked more like their clones. "What the hell?"

    Pyrista looked over her shoulder and her eyes went wide as she saw the blood elf versions of herself and Rylinne standing there, and Rylinne's elf form came forward. The blood elf came up behind Pyrista, and slapped her own fat cock against her ass a few times, letting her feel just how real this was. At least, how physical it was.

    Rylinne grinned, looking up to Pyrista. "Enchanted mirrors, they'll show you what you want and you wanted more cock. I guess showing isn't all they do." She giggled and watched as Pyrista's mouth hung open and her eyes went wide as the blood elf Rylinne sunk her cock into her ass. Moments later, the sounds of skin slapping against skin began again as the blood elf Rylinne thrust into Pyrista from behind, sending rippling waves through her jiggling ass each time they made contact. Rylinne laughed at Pyrista's reaction as her mouth simply hung open, her body jerking each time the blood elf's body smacked into her, driving the cock up deep into her ass.

    Each thrust the blood elf made into Pyrista caused the draenei to bounce in Rylinne's lap, making her ride the real Rylinne's cock as well. This only prompted Rylinne to thrust up into her, making her bounce more and more, her cock and her blood elf self's cock seesawing in and out of her, one thrusting in each time the other was pulled out.

    Rylinne giggled as she watched Pyrista moaning loudly, her hands loosely on Rylinne's shoulders but, for the most part, her body was limp and simply being bounced around. "You love having more than one cock inside you don't you? You always lose yourself in the pleasure when it happens." She kissed Pyrista on the lips and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them roughly as she thrust harder, pushing herself down into the bed only to let it spring her back up with a loud smack against Pyrista's body.

    Pyrista couldn't take too much of this, and her body squeezed the cocks inside her tighter and tighter, until her body shook and she went silent, biting her lip as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her juices audibly squirted out past Rylinne's cock, spraying onto her stomach as her whole body went tense, her muscles locking up for a moment as she rode out her climax.

    As it passed everything seemed to calm down, leaving Pyrista panting heavily as she sat on the cocks deep inside her. First the blood elf pulled out, and then Rylinne lifted Py up off of her cock and let her down on the bed. The real Rylinne stroked her cock slowly, looking at Pyrista, and then slowly over to the blood elf version of Pyrista who had been standing patiently in the background the entire time.

    Rylinne looked back to Pyrista and winked at her. "Well we're here to get in touch with our inner Horde right? So why don't you get in touch with my inner Horde, and I'll get in touch with yours." She giggled as she came up to the blood elf Pyrista, not even hesitating to stand close enough so that her cock, now soaked in the real Pyrista's juices, slap against the blood elf girl's stomach. She then spun the blood elf around so that she would bend forward with her hands on the wall. Rylinne slapped her giant cock against the elf's ass a few times, before she pressed the head against her slit and started to work it inside.

    The blood elf squeaked as if she didn't expect this, her hands planted firmly on the wall as she bent over forward, letting her plump ass stick out. She let her head droop down so she could look underneath herself and between her legs at the massive horse cock attempting to invade her. It wasn't so much of an attempt however, as much as it was just a flat out invasion. The cock pressed against her elven lips hard, and she could feel the tip of Rylinne's tail come up and help to pry open her slit. She squealed loudly as the cock was pushed inside, the monstrous thing much larger in comparison to this version of Pyrista, since as an elf she was much smaller... and that made for a much tighter pussy.

    Still, Rylinne pushed her hips forward, forcing the blood elf Pyrista to hold herself in place with her hands, pushing back against Rylinne to keep from being pushed forward. The cock spread her wide open, seemingly wide than her body was meant to take causing a long bulge to appear in her body marking the cock. But, in typical Rylinne fashion, when she met the first obstacle of the elf's cervix, she brutally forced her way through, sending her hips flying forward until her heavy sack slapped into the elf's skin. All of this only caused the blood elf to screech in pleasure, seemingly incapable of feeling any kind of pain. Though she also seemed incapable of speaking, even though her moans and other sounds sounded just like the sounds Pyrista made.

    Rylinne shivered as she felt herself balls deep inside the blood elf. She looked over her shoulder at Pyrista, who was still getting comfortable with the blood elf Rylinne. "Mmm Py, you should really consider turning into a blood elf. If this is how tight you'll be, light I'll fuck you every hour of every day." She drew her hips back and bucked them forward, smacking into the elf hard, making her scream in pleasure again. She did this steadily, her hips working back and forth as an echoing smack filled the room ever second.

    Rylinne grunted and panted as she put all her effort into it, thrusting back and forth harder and harder, faster and faster, losing herself to the feeling of how tightly her cock was being squeezed all around by that warm, wet elven pussy. As she did this she ran her hands down the elf's body with a wide grin. "These are just illusions, some kind of physical enchantment. So there's no reason to be concerned for their comfort or feelings right?" She looked over her shoulder again at Pyrista who was sitting with the elven Rylinne, watching what she was doing. "Well then, watch closely dear this is my chance to show off. Let me show you what I would do to you as a blood elf. How I would treat a pretty little elven Horde member."

    Rylinne pulled out in such a way that Pyrista could watch the cock slip out of the elf, and how much it left her pussy gaping and drooling streams of her juices. There was only a brief moment of rest however, before Rylinne aimed the head of her cock into the elf's ass, and grabbed her wrists to hold them back. Rylinne did just as she said, showing off her strength and prowess as she thrust forward so hard, that she lifted the elf up into the air a short distance before pinning her to the wall. The powerful thrust then sent her cock spearing into the elf's ass, heavy sack resting against her ass in an instant.

    The elf threw her head back and her tongue fell out in a silent scream, her eyes rolling back in her head as she was pinned to the wall and the massive horse cock forced so far up into her ass. She couldn't even make a sound at first, but soon enough, as Rylinne began thrusting into her, she let out short squeaks, and then full moans. Loud, lewd moans filled the room like the elven Pyrista was completely gone, being slightly drowned out by the loud smacks and the loud thumping against the wall as Rylinne thrust into her as hard as she could, pounding into her ass and just slightly squishing her against the wall with the weight of her body and the power of her fucking.

    Rylinne wasted no time, and after only a few thrusts her pacing was incredible. Her thrusts flew back and forth wildly, each thrust forward seeming to shake the room as she grabbed the elf's hips and pulled her down onto the cock, though she couldn't move much due to being pinned against the wall.

    "This is what I do with dirty, slutty Horde girls!" Rylinne cried out as she pounded away at the elf, grinning wickedly as tears dripped down the elf's face, along with drool running down her chin as her tongue hung freely, her eyes rolled back in her head. She seemed gone, lost to the pleasure of Rylinne fucking her so roughly. What happened next definitely got a reaction out of her though, as Rylinne seemed to somehow pick up the pace.

    Normally when Rylinne was going to cum, she tended to slow down but thrust more powerfully. Now, she seemed to be not only thrusting more powerfully, but faster as well. And then, Rylinne screamed, her echoing sounds of pleasure filling the room as, without stopping her thrusts for a moment, she started to unleash a torrent of cum into the elf's ass, the hot, thick seed gushing out of her cock with each thrust, pouring it out into her body.

    Each time Rylinne thrust forward, her cum would squirt out past her cock, splattering onto the floor, only to be replaced by another load being let out of her cock. What wasn't spilled onto the floor quickly pooled in the elven Pyrista's stomach, causing it to bulge out as she took more and more. Even when it seemed all said and done, Rylinne kept thrusting for a while. When she did finally calm down and her thrusting slowed, she panted heavily, leaning forward against the elf who looked like a mess with makeup smeared down her cheeks, and drool still leaking down her chin.

    Rylinne panted as she looked over at Pyrista who was still watching, and ran her hands down the elf's body slowly. "Mmm, yeah. You would make the perfect elven toy." She kissed the elf's cheek before she pulled out, letting the cum drain from her body onto the floor. She took the elf's hand, the Elven Pyrista seemingly dazed from her experience as she wobbled over alongside Rylinne to the bed.

    To say Pyrista was turned on by this would be the biggest understatement ever. Her pussy was practically drooling at the thought of having that done to her, especially since for all intents and purposes... that WAS her it was being done to. She looked at the elven Rylinne and bit her lips, realizing she had been giving the elf a pretty furious hand job the entire time, and there was now elven cum all over her hand. She blushed deeply as she saw her body had acted without her even noticing, looking up to the real Rylinne curiously.

    "Well, I got in touch with your inner Horde and I'd say I'm definitely satisfied. So now, why don't me and my inner Horde get into you?" She took her elven self's hand and pulled her up, before she started setting up everything to be how she wanted. In the end, Pyrista was left lying on her side. Rylinne came in and lifted one of her legs straight up into the air, stroking her cock which magnificently was still rock hard and ready to go for another round. "You like it in the ass yeah? Let's relive the Black Temple and see how you like two cocks in your ass at once, but this time without the lust spell affecting you."

    Pyrista bit her lip, not responding but rather just silently nodding, watching as the blood elf Rylinne joined her real self. The two Rylinne's aimed their cocks into Pyrista's ass, and again with the help of Rylinne's tail, worked their way inside. Pyrista squealed as the first cock entered, and then squealed again even louder as the second forced its way in alongside the other.

    The blood elf Rylinne say on Pyrista's leg, holding her other up in the air as with each thrust forward, she seemed to be humping the draenei's leg. Meanwhile Rylinne sat next to her blood elf copy, their legs and hips touching as she too thrust forward, driving her cock into Pyrista's ass. The two did as they had before, seesawing in and out, though this time they shared the same entrance, grinding against each other inside Pyrista's ass.

    As the real Pyrista squealed at each little movement of the two monsters invading her ass, her fingers clawed at the bed sheets, digging in as if trying to find somewhere to hold on as she was bounced back and forth from the powerful thrusts driving the cocks into her. It took her a moment but, she finally saw her blood elf clone crawling up onto the bed, coming over to be with her. She pulled her in and ended up with her blood elf self practically sitting on her face, sitting atop her knees with her recently abused pussy in the real Pyrista's face. Pyrista hadn't paid attention to what she was doing and her mind was going numb, so she didn't remember whether she had purposely pulled her into this position or not. It didn't matter to her now though as she opened her mouth and started licking at the elven pussy, giving herself a taste.

    Rylinne along with her elven self moaned deeply as they pounded into Pyrista, causing the bed to rock and shake, screeching at the pressure being put on it. Rylinne leaned forward, pulling the elven Pyrista into a deep kiss as she drilled into the real Pyrista's ass alongside her elven clone. The room was filled with a loud echoing smacking sound as Pyrista was invaded by the two cocks at once, both pumping her ass full of more cock than she had felt in a long time. Back in the Black Temple it was Rylinne and a blood elf who took her in the ass at the same time too. However this blood elf was Rylinne's clone, and because of that her cock was much, much larger than that elf's had been in the temple.

    It felt like her ass was going to break as she licked lewdly at her own elven pussy, moaning loudly into it as she bounced back and forth. It didn't last long however, and soon her eyes went wide as she felt precum squirting out of both cocks. There was more precum than a regular cock would let out in an entire release! She looked down at the girls grunting and panting as they used her body for their pleasure, and thrust after thrust lead up to the climax as finally, Rylinne cried out at the same time as her blood elf copy, and both cocks let out a tremendous amount of cum into Pyrista's body.

    Pyrista screamed as she felt two cocks worth of massive loads spilling into her ass, being pumped up into her stomach making it bulge out, just as had happened to her blood elf self. Her eyes rolled back, and her tongue fell out, having very much the same reaction that the elven version of her had with Rylinne, her body tensing as her juices mixed with the thick, potent elven and draenei seed being forcibly pumped into her body.

    When all was finally said and done, Rylinne and her elven clone fell forward, lying on top of Pyrista, and the elven Pyrista flopped down with them as they all cuddled up in a pile.

    "So, what do you think about your inner Horde?" Rylinne winked at Pyrista who was still recovering.

    Pyrista was panting heavily, but still managed a smile as she responded to Rylinne. "I think... I'll definitely be coming back here. A lot..."
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    Chp. 3: Pyrista "Visits" Commander Love

    A few weeks had passed since Pyrista heard from Rylinne. She had left temporarily for Draenor and it wasn't easy to keep in contact. Pyrista found herself checking her mailbox outside her home daily hoping for a letter or news on Rylinne's return. Finally the day came when she slipped outside in her sleeping gown, reached into the mailbox, and she felt the odd texture of a thick paper envelope. She pulled it outside with a smile, assuming who it was from and headed inside. She popped it open and started reading through it silently.

    Dear Pyrista,

    It has been a while since we spoke, I'm sorry but I've been incredibly busy so I haven't been able to send you any news. The campaign in Draenor is going well and I have spoken to the Commander about you. There has been word of dire news from Azeroth that is too important to be delivered by a letter. The Archmage is too busy with whatever the news involves to come and tell us personally so we need someone else to deliver the message. I suggested you and the Commander agreed, so as soon as you get this letter please go to the Keep and speak to the guards about this. Simply let them know you were told you need to speak to the King about news that needs to be delivered to Draenor. They should be expecting you. I hope you accept the mission. If you don't just let them know, or if this letter doesn't find you they'll find someone else when they don't hear from you for a while.

    Then again I guess you don't need to know that because if it doesn't get to you you'll never read that anyways...

    Sincerely, Rylinne

    Pyrista brightened up as she finished the letter, and almost immediately she started packing. It took a couple hours to get ready, but eventually she left her home, locked the door, and headed off through the city toward the keep. When she arrived she did as the letter instructed, telling the guards she had been instructed to see the king about delivering news to Draenor. She pretended the letter to them just in case, and soon was taken into the keep.

    By the end of the day Pyrista found herself stepping through a portal, and in an instant, as if she simply stepped through a door, she was in Draenor! She looked around for a moment, seeing the portal close behind her. She found herself in the middle of Stormshield, the Alliance fortress that stood against Warspear, the opposing Horde fortress on the other side of the large island.

    She found herself distracted as she looked around the place, and didn't even notice Rylinne approaching her. She finally noticed her as she spun around, smiling brightly and practically pouncing forward to wrap her arms around her. "Rylinne! There you are! I was beginning to think I'd never hear from you it had been so long!"

    Rylinne raised a brow curiously. "What? Pyrista it has only been like, two or three weeks and I literally went to war. I mean that's not that long considering." She smiled and put a hand on Pyrista's head running her fingers through her hair. "Come on, we have a meeting with the Commander." She took Pyrista's hand and lead her up to the gryphon master, and soon enough they were off on a flight over the ocean and into Shadowmoon valley.

    The flight was fairly short and when they landed, the gryphon seemed to walk off on its own into the stables and up into its roost before they were able to dismount. The girls walked out into the stable and Rylinne patted Pyrista's shoulder. "Okay dear, I have to go find the Commander. She's never where you expect her to be so I'll have to find her. I'll bring her here when I find her alright? You can play with the Talbuks or something until I get back."

    Pyrista blinked and blushed immediately. "W... what do you mean play with them?!"

    Rylinne rolled her eyes as she walked away. "I mean brush them or something, they're nice animals you know." Just a few seconds later, she was gone.

    Pyrista felt a little dumb for having assumed Rylinne meant something perverted. She took a deep breath and turned around, finding a Talbuk right in her face. Her eyes went wide and she blinked a few times before stepping to the side. "Haven't seen one of your kind in a long time..." She looked for the brush, thinking she would do as Rylinne suggested. She liked Talbuks. They were a lot more... well she didn't know the word. More, unique than horses perhaps was the word. Even with how many years she lived on Draenor and saw these creatures every day, even she saw the Talbuk as more alien than horses.

    She found the brush and stepped into one of the stalls with a talbuk, running her hand down its side. She reached over for the brush, and just then the Talbuk let out a loud huff, which made Pyrista jump and smack the brush knocking it onto the floor. "Ugh! Come on don't startle me like that!" She glared at the Talbuk and then looked for where the brush had landed. She found it on the other side of the fence separating the stall from an empty stall next to it.

    Pyrista started to climb over the fence but it was much too tall and it was more trouble than it was worth. She huffed and dropped down onto her knees, reaching through the boards for the brush. She couldn't quite reach and sighed loudly before she bent over forward and slipped her head through. She started to struggle to slip through even more, the brush ever so slightly out of her reach. She started questioning why she didn't just go out of the stall and into the other one through the gates but, it was too late now. She let out a loud 'oof' as she felt her large breasts pop through the opening in the boards, and finally she was able to reach the brush!

    She smiled proudly as if she had just won a large victory. The victory was short lived however as she moved to crawl back through, and... nothing happened. She blinked and pushed herself back harder, but her body wouldn't budge, now seeming to be stuck, with her breasts blocking her from going back, and even though she didn't try she knew her own ass was too large to fit through if she went forward.

    "Oh come on! I just got the brush and now this!" She frowned and pouted at the thought of being found like this. Especially since Rylinne was supposed to be bringing the Commander back with her! How would she explain this? Well, there was of course the explanation of she was reaching for the brush and got stuck.. since that was the truth. But that was just so embarrassing! She couldn't stand the idea of having to explain that.

    She started to wiggle in between the boards, and felt herself bump up against something. She looked back as best she could, and saw the Talbuk sniffing at her as if trying to figure out what in the world she was doing. Worse though was Pyrista could see something between its legs... a typically massive equine cock, fully erect and dripping the animals seed. Was it getting aroused by her? 'Damn my big beautiful ass!' she thought to herself.

    "Hey there Miss Talbuk..." She thought thinking about Rylinne. "Or, mister, whatever you are. Keep that thing away from me, alright? Don't you even think about doing what I know you're already thinking about doing!" She wiggled her rear even more, and squeaked loudly when she felt the Talbuk's teeth clamp onto her pants and start pulling them down. "Dammit why are you so smart!"

    The Talbuk pulled her pants down almost to her knees, leaving her completely uncovered. She wanted to be naughty for Rylinne so she hadn't worn any underwear... well that wasn't the biggest mistake she had ever made but it was one of the biggest she was regretting, only overshadowed by the decision to have crawled through the boards in the first place.

    Pyrista felt the boards shaking as the large Talbuk raised up onto its hind legs and put its front legs over the top board on the fence. She blinked a few times and started to struggle even more. "No no no, I see what you're doing back there, stop it!" Even as she said this, she felt the massive feral cock of the Talbuk press against her ass. "Hey! Wrong hole mister!" Her priorities changed as she thought about how to not take it in the ass, raising her body up, pushing her rear up on her knees until the cock pressed against her warm lower lips.

    She frowned as she realized what she had just done, but... she couldn't let it take her in the ass right? She would definitely break. Now it knew what it was doing though, stepping forward to push its cock forward, and Pyrista went into a silent scream as she felt the cock forced in with the overpowering strength of the large creature. Not even her cervix stood a chance as the cock slammed against it, and quickly broke through into her womb. The Talbuk couldn't even fit the full cock inside, and didn't seem too worried about it.

    The Talbuk seemed much more flexible and agile than a horse, as its body moved in a very different way, able to thrust itself rear body back and forth, snorting and huffing as it drilled into the draenei underneath it.

    Pyrista started to moan loudly, unable to hold back the pleasure. There was no pain that one might expect being taken by an animal so large. After all she had been taken by Rylinne a couple times now and she could probably match this thing's size. She looked around carefully, hoping nobody was around to hear or see her. Once she was sure she was alone she let herself go, not even noticing her body pushing itself back into the thrusts into her.

    She put her hands on the ground and pushed herself into the thrusting as best she could, groaning deeply each time the cock was thrust so deep into her that it made her belly bulge out with the outline of the thick rod. "Fuck... so big..."

    It wasn't long before the Talbuk started to unload into her, and there was so much cum she wasn't sure where it could possibly all go. It filled her womb, hot and sticky, unlike any cum she had ever felt before from a normal person.

    The Talbuk didn't seem finished though... with someone like for example, Rylinne, Pyrista had come to expect that when she would cum she would either slow her thrusting, stop it completely, and typically just ram into her to release as deep as she could. This beast didn't seem to care about that though. In fact it pulled all the way back, its cock almost leaving Pyrista while it pumped load after load of seed into her, splattering out past the cock in huge thick ropes that splattered onto the ground.

    The Talbuk continued thrusting into her even as it came. Was it doing this for pleasure and not just a sense of instinct to breed? Either way, Pyrista's mind started to fade. Her tongue drooped out of her mouth, her eyes rolled back in her head. Her moans became deep and lewd as she panted heavily from the railing she was taking by the beast. She started to drool in her lust filled state, as cum squirted out of her pussy each time the Talbuk roughly thrust into her.

    This didn't last forever however, as eventually the Talbuk settled down and seemed finished with her, after unloading into her for what felt like a lifetime. The Talbuk got down from the fence and, like a typical animal, just went back to standing there with seemingly no purpose, like Pyrista wasn't even there.

    Pyrista was left a panting, drooling mess as she did her best to recover, thick streams of feral jizz dripping down out of her abused hole and after a short while she finally had her breath back. She pushed herself up and looked around, figuring she really needed to find a way out of this mess before the Talbuk decided it wanted another go at her. Just then however she heard the loud clopping of hooves along with... shoes? People?! Why now?!

    Pyrista started to struggle even more, wanting to get away from what was coming... and, she knew it. She looked up once the steps silenced, seeing Rylinne staring down at her curiously. Next to her stood a tall night elf in full leather armor, who looked exactly like the Commander which had been described to her before. She frowned and didn't even know what to say.

    Rylinne sighed and rubbed the back of her neck. "I leave you alone for like, ten minutes and you go and get yourself fucked by a stable animal."

    Pyrista frowned deeply. "It's not my fault! The Talbuk scared me, and made me drop the brush, so I was reaching through the boards to get it and I got stuck! And the stupid beast somehow managed to pull my pants down and then just mounted me like some stable whore!" She wiggled trying to get free again, as if showing Rylinne she truly was stuck.

    The Commander was grinning at this display, only speaking for a moment before leaving. "I will get the loggers, they're best equipped to get her out of there." Moments later she was gone.

    Rylinne stepped into the stall and guided the Talbuk out and into the opposite stall. She then dropped down behind Pyrista with a laugh. "Yeah you sure are stuck in there. Funny to see you like this without meaning to. Usually you're like this because you-"

    She was cut off by Pyrista whipping her tail at her. "Don't you even say it!"

    Rylinne laughed and stood up for a moment, starting to unbuckle her belt. "Well, good thing the Talbuk left me some. No way I could pass up this opportunity." She pulled her pants down, letting her cock which had already stiffened from the display to flop out. She stroked it up and down slowly, looking at the view of Pyrista from behind.

    Pyrista struggled a little more against the railing and finally ended with another sigh, looking back at Rylinne as best she could. She looked up at the tall draenei, gently rubbing her thighs together before wiggling her rear at her. "Well if you're going to do it anyways, then hurry up and give me what pleasure you can until the Commander gets back. The sooner you put it in the longer you get to spend inside me..." She blushed at those words, but the Talbuk had done a number on her and left her wanting more, and who better than Rylinne to satisfy that want.

    Rylinne did as requested, dropping down onto her knees behind Pyrista and aiming her cock between her cheeks, rubbing the head up and down knowing just what Pyrista liked, the cock soon being stuffed into her ass, spreading her wide open in a way that only Rylinne could, at least that Pyrista had found so far. It caused Pyrista to moan out deeply and loudly, wanting to push her body backwards against Rylinne but being a bit too stuck to do so. Instead she just wiggled her hips more to entice her to go further. Rylinne did just that, pushing deeper and deeper until her heavy sack swung forward and slapped against Pyrista's thighs.

    Now balls deep inside the other draenei, Rylinne started to move her hips back and forth, pumping her hips gently at first and picking up the pace rather quickly. Soon enough there were loud smacks as she thrust into Pyrista hard, panting and grunting as she did so. "Mmm, first time I got you all to myself and don't have to share you with at least two other dicks. Shame it's in this situation, I'd prefer it be face to face but this will do."

    Pyrista leaned forward, barely able to hold herself up her arms were getting so tired. She moaned louder and louder with each thrust, looking back at Rylinne through the break in the boards. "If... if you want me to yourself for a while... ahh... all, you have to do is... ask..." Her blush deepened as she added "I don't always need a plethora of cocks. Yours is big enough to give me all the pleasure I could need all on its own." She bit her lip, trying to be a little more quiet but it wasn't working out very well.

    Rylinne giggled as precum leaked out into Pyrista's ass. "Well I'll remember that next time I have a desire for a pretty girl. I'll just come find you, drag you home with me, and have my way with you." She panted more heavily, this talk about playing with Pyrista one on one whenever she wanted driving her to thrust deeper, harder, and faster with each passing second.

    Pyrista giggled, her head resting against the straw that padded the stone floor of the stables. "To feel this kind of pleasure, you won't need to drag me anywhere. I'd gladly follow you anywhere."

    Rylinne blushed a little herself now, her hands sliding down to wrap around Pyrista's waist a little more. "You're making me want to come over there and give you a kiss dear, but then I'd have to pull out. See this is why I'd prefer us be face to face."

    Pyrista wiggled a little as she was taken from behind, pouting. "I think these wood boards are going to leave some scratches on me. I can feel a bit of the burning from constantly rubbing back and forth over them. Mostly from being fucked by a damned Talbuk and now you of course. But, it's worth it..." She winked at Rylinne playfully, her tail wrapping around the base of Rylinne's cock and squeezing it.

    Rylinne raised her hand up and swatted it down, giving Pyrista's plump rear a nice hard smack bringing out a loud squeak from the smaller draenei. Rylinne laughed at her reaction. "Mmm, say please dear, and I'll let loose in your ass filling it with the cum you love so much."

    Pyrista pouted a little more as she rolled her hips against the cock. "Already? Mmm... I can't deny I want it. Pleeease Rylinne. Please fill my ass with your cum. I want it so badly."

    Rylinne gave Pyrista her wish, grunting loudly as she rammed her cock into Pyrista, and let out all she could, cum almost immediately popping out, squirting out of Pyrista's ass as she screamed in pleasure, thick globs of cum bubbling out of her ass and dripping onto the floor, while more than enough was pumped straight down her tightest hole.

    Pyrista's body twitched as she reached her own climax, her body shaking as she felt the hot goo entering her sacred place. Her eyes rolled back and tongue slipped out as she let the pleasure roll over her, before she went limp, panting heavily.

    Just then, as they were finished almost as if on que a few human girls entered the stables. Two blonde girls on either side, their outfits showing they were the loggers the Commander sent for, and the on in the middle, well it was none other than the logging leader herself Shelly, her big tits bouncing underneath her tight sweater like shirt, clearly not wearing a bra. It would be pointless to wear such a thing, since the loggers would just rip it off within the hour to use her tits for release.

    "We were told someone got themselves stuck in the fence?" Shelly said and stopped cold, staring at Pyrista. At this point Rylinne had pulled out, and there was cum oozing out of both her ass, and the Talbuk's cum still oozing from her pussy.

    Rylinne grinned at Shelly, coming up to her. "Well if it isn't Shelly herself." She looked at the loggers next to her, who were staring Pyrista down. "You two can get to work on getting her out of there. Or do whatever you want to her. As for you Miss Shelly..." She took her hand, and didn't even try to be subtle about it. "It's been a long time since I fucked a human, so clothes off."

    Shelly blushed, but obeyed, setting her clipboard aside with which she was constantly taking note of how many supplies they had. She pulled her shirt up over her head, her fat tits each bigger than her own head bouncing free, so big that even for the massive draenei they were more than handfulls. She then turned around and pushed her pants down, stepping out of them to reveal her firm, round, jiggly ass. It was so big and round that it still fit perfectly into the shape of Rylinne's groin in the perfect spooning. It was so far, perfect for thrusting against.

    Rylinne's cock was still wet with Pyrista's juices and it slapped against Shelly's ass, who was bending over the outer fence of the stables, her legs spread immediately ready to be fucked without hesitation. "At your service Miss Rylinne."

    Meanwhile the two loggers had gone to work... though they weren't trying to free Pyrista. Instead the two blonde girls had stripped down, cocks bouncing free, rather large for humans. Probably just how Shelly liked them. Nobody would doubt it if the two had been hand picked for the sizes of their cocks by Shelly, as her only interest these days was getting more and more dick inside her.

    One human girl went around front of Pyrista while the other came up behind her. By this point Pyrista just expected it. She figured she was 'doomed' to be stuck here forever, a cock sleeve and cum dump for any passing hung studs be they beast or person. Of course, that was just the intense amount of lust in her head talking. She brought herself up, finding a human cock in her face and with pure instinct she leaned her head forward, wrapping her lips around it and sucking it in, sucking it down her throat until she felt the heavy balls against her chin. The other human girl took her pussy right away, not realizing that was Talbuk cum leaking out.

    Both girls started thrusting into Pyrista, one holding onto her head, using it like a toy while the other did the same to her rear, hands gripping at her waist, each thrust sending thick ripples through her ass as the human girl panted and moaned, drilling away at her, more than happy to get a free fuck out of a draenei.

    Meanwhile, Shelly looked back at the cock threatening to invade her, easily being the biggest cock she had coming after her in her life. "By the light Miss Rylinne. I've been wanting to take you for a while now. I hear girls around the Garrison bragging about taking you, and I want to prove I can take every last inch of you too."

    Rylinne laughed as she brought her cock down to Shelly's ass, grinding the head up and down it. "Alright, but it won't be easy I promise that." She pushed forward, and found it surprisingly easy to fet it to slide in, the wetness of the cock from Pyrista's juices and the cum all over it acting as lubricant, making entry a breeze. She moaned softly, while Shelly moaned very, very loudly, almost screaming as the monstrous meat pole entered her body, sliding in deeper and deeper until it bulged out through her stomach, the outline as apparent on her as ever. She had taken cocks that bulged through her skin, but those had always been in her womb. To see a cock so big in her ass that it bulged in this way was definitely new... but she didn't want to pull back now, moaning louder as Rylinne grabbed onto her breasts, squeezing them while sinking her cock in deeper, Shelly spreading her legs a good bit more for better access to the giantess behind her.

    She gritted her teeth, waiting for that moment when the balls would smack against her stomach, which felt more and more like it would never come. But finally it did, and Shelly took a deep, deep breath as she looked down, seeing the cock rammed up inside her so deep, hands squeezing at her breasts. She smiled and looked back at the draenei behind her, suddenly getting a sense of courage as she said "Well go on then Miss Rylinne, take me for a ride."

    Pyrista was being used already during this of course, a cock in each end, enjoying herself quite a bit as she worked to suck off the human lodged in her throat, even bringing a hand up to help out while her tail wrapped around the other human girl's waist, pulling her in to try and get her to fuck her harder, which unfortunately the human girl just wasn't strong enough to do, but her cock still felt good in there and Pyrista wasn't complaining about quality of sex that was for sure.

    She felt herself being bumped into from both sides so roughly that the fence she was stuck in felt like it might shake apart. Which would make the whole, getting unstuck thing much easier but it was built Alliance tough, which meant as she already figured, it would have to be professionally dismantled before she was going to get unstuck. That or be covered in the world's slippiest oil, which she heard was somewhere in Ashran, not a place she wanted to wait for someone to retrieve it from.

    Of course, her mind wasn't on that, it was on the two big dicks pumping into her, the third and fourth she had taken while stuck here. She was starting to think it might not be too bad, but then again she had an important message to deliver to the Horde Commander! But again, it wasn't on her mind... just the pleasure she was feeling, the need to service these two cocks that wanted to use her, and she was happy to oblige.

    Rylinne had since started thrusting, smacking herself up into Shelly with each powerful thrust of her body that Shelly was lifted off the ground. Soon enough Rylinne just grabbed her by the chest and lifted her up off her feet on the cock, and started to thrust in such a way that she bounced on it, up and down with loud smacks and loud echoing cries that could only come from the intense pleasure of taking a cock so big into such a small form, Shelly's body curvy and busty, but still that of a human and not meant to take such massive equine cocks. But she had been practicing, and here she was, not only taking it, but taking it roughly letting the monster pound into her ass again and again, and the pleasure was divine.

    She bit her lip, eyes rolling back, drool pooling in her lips and dripping down her chin as she entered a typical state of mind for her... lost in pleasure. Soon enough her mouth fell open and tongue hung out limp, bouncing with the thrusts as she gained such a lewd expression, bouncing in the draenei's arms.

    Shelly's two girls were working hard for sure though, and Pyrista was certainly a beautiful, tight bodied girl that they didn't have experience with. They didn't last long, both at once like sisters in perfect sync unloading everything they had, straight down into Pyrista's stomach and womb, filling her from both sides. When they pulled out, she went limp again, gasping for air and the human girls laughed, and finally, went to work on taking apart the fence, not bothering to get dressed. They figured they'd be getting a go at Shelly when they were done here.

    Speaking of Shelly, she was practically foaming at the mouth from being fucked so deep by something so massive compared to her own body. When she felt it coming she snapped out of her state of bliss, not really wanting to take what Rylinne could give in the ass. Rylinne obliged to her request for a quick position change, and Shelly was dropped off the cock, spinning around and dropping down to a crouching position.

    Shelly grabbed the cock, sucking the head into her mouth and stroking furiously to quickly finish Rylinne off, her lips latching on like an air tight vacuum. Without any other choice... or desire for that matter, Rylinne cried out and let out everything she had left, sending cum splattering out Shelly's nose, down her throat, her eyes rolling back and tears dripping down smearing her makeup. It was by far the biggest load she had ever taken, as cum continued to squirt out her nose, and so much was pumping out that it splattered out past her lips as well, and she let go, falling back with a deep gasp, landing against a fence post while Rylinne came all over her naked body, the room suddenly going quiet and becoming filled with heavy panting and some tapping here and there of hammers and axes.

    With the fun all said and done, Pyrista was finally freed, so tired from having taken four cocks already. The loggers left, the two blonde girls grabbing Shelly and demanding all kinds of sexual acts from her, and Shelly agreeing immediately.

    Rylinne took Pyrista's hand and lifted her up, running her hands over the red marks where she had been rubbing against the rough wood leaving burns and scratches on her. Her hands shined with a radiant golden light, healing the 'wounds' if you could call them such. Soon enough Pyrista felt good as new, though still exhausted. The girls sat down together, Pyrista sitting in Rylinne's lap and resting her head on her shoulder.

    "Promise me next time, you'll save me before the animal gets a go at me. I much prefer your more personal touch than that of an instinct driven beast."

    Rylinne laughed and wrapped her arms around Pyrista, holding her close. "Promise..."
  4. Pyrista New Member

    Blog Posts:
    Chp. 4: Pyrista "Visits" Commander Heart

    Pyrista had spoken to Rylinne and the Commander about the news she had been ordered to deliver to Draenor. It was dire indeed but, none of them truly understood the scale on which it was taking place. The Burning Legion had returned to Azeroth. The real Burning Legion... not the Legion from the alternate Draenor... of the past which wasn't the real Legion because it was in a different timeline... honestly it was all beyond confusing but the important part was that the Burning Legion had discovered a way into Azeroth again, and while they weren't sure how they did it, they were sure they would have to rise up to stop them once again.

    Commander Love and Rylinne had decided that the Horde needed this information as much as the Alliance, and so they set up a meeting with the Horde Commander. Pyrista was a little excited and nervous at the same time about meeting the Horde Commander, but at the moment her mind was on other things.

    Rylinne grinned at Pyrista as they walked. She had the biggest frown Rylinne had seen in a long time and she had been wearing it like a mask all day. Rylinne giggled at Pyrista's reaction to the events from earlier. They had gotten the loggers to help, but the loggers first helped themselves to Pyrista who wasn't really in a position to deny them whatever they wanted. She wouldn't exactly say she didn't enjoy it... they were all more than big enough to make it... pleasurable. Still she was upset that Rylinne and the Commander just left her with them while they did whatever they wanted. Worse yet she had just been practically raped by an animal! It didn't feel bad or anything... in fact it was some of the best sex she had had in a long time. But that wasn't the point!

    As they worked their way through the thundering pass the group passed many Iron Horde ruins. Iron citadels which had long since been annihilated by the Horde and Frostwolf clan's combined might. These sorts of fortresses littered Draenor now, remnants of the broken Iron Horde which had been all but abandoned. The campaign in Draenor was coming to a close, and now they looked to a new enemy in their own world. No longer could they worry about the problems of another world. Their own Azeroth was in danger and that, was important above all else.

    Soon enough the hot, humid environment of Gorgrond was behind them, replaced by the frozen air of Frostfire. They stopped to switch into more appropriate clothing, covering themselves up in thick jackets. so they didn't... well, freeze to death. Soon they were on the road again, and there was plenty to see. The group passed the massive bones of what looked like a Gronn a mile tall. It was Frostwolf territory now, but had originally belonged to the opposing clan in the area. Another thing of note was the apparent lava in the distance running down the mountains. This place was a frozen wasteland... literally, even despite the excessive amount of lava on the surface.

    It was an hour of walking through the cold before they arrived at a cave, and set up camp there. It was just the three of them alone without any sort of escort... or rather, they were each other's escort. This was Frostwolf territory so they were supposed to be friendly. The Frostwolf clan had helped the Horde, but they, unlike the orcs of Azeroth, were not at war with the Alliance, or the draenei. In fact, these orcs had never been corrupted into fel orcs and tricked into slaughtering the draenei even in their own timeline. This was the land of the best kinds of orcs. The kind who weren't green and... crazy.

    "This is where we'll make camp to keep warm until the Horde Commander arrives." Maulaina ordered the other two, and before long they had a fire going and the place already felt like it was on a whole new level of warmth. They had to wait there for the Horde Commander however, which could take any amount of time. Pyrista was curious however, how both Commanders knew of a specific cave which was out of the way of the Horde while still being in their territory, and was perfect for meeting up like this. More importantly why did Commander Love and Commander Heart need a secret place to meet?

    The idea was soon brushed aside as it started getting how and the three were able to take off their heavy clothing. Pyrista was unable to wear her armor, since the cold would freeze right into the metal and it would be like wearing an entire suit made of ice against her skin. Underneath it she was wearing something... well...

    "So WHY do I have to wear this outfit again?! It's so... I don't even know how to describe it!" The top was nothing more than a piece of red cloth that hung down over her breasts, covering her nipples but leaving the undersides of her breasts exposed, where even the slightest breeze would lift the cloth up putting everything on display. The bottoms were a simple thong that didn't cover an inch of her ass, and a pair of leggings that showed off her thighs, and then covered everything down to her knees. Other than that she practically felt naked.

    "It's so the Commander doesn't feel threatened. If she sees you without weapons I'm sure she'll be much more comfortable. I asked her not to bring any guards with her so I don't want her to feel like this is an ambush. It wouldn't be good if she suspected a threat in us... wouldn't be good for us I mean." Commander Love spoke out.

    Pyrista couldn't help but notice however that the Commander was wearing a full suit of leather armor, complete with a full quiver of arrows and a thick metal bow strung over her back. Rylinne on the other hand had wore a full suit of plated armor specifically designed for the cold with thick cloth and leather underneath to keep the armor from chilling her skin. She even brought her helmet with her and her over sized purple crystal hammer.

    "If that's true then why are you two practically dressed for war? What she won't suspect anything of your weapons and armor?" She frowned when all she got was a shrug. She was almost certain they had he dress up like this just so she could be eye candy for them. Maybe even for the other Commander. She blushed as she realized that this as how the new Commander would get a first impression of her! Dressed like some kind of common whore. Still, she couldn't put the winter clothing back on or she'd be sweating like a dog. She sighed and stood near the fire, simply dealing with it for now.

    It was a few hours before they heard a sound outside, and by this time a Blizzard had started up. Apparently a common thing in Frostfire. A soft clicking of heels on ice was heard, and soon the Horde Commander appeared, Commander Heart. She was exactly like Rylinne had described her, wearing a pair of heels even in the snow, though didn't seem bothered by the cold in the slightest. She also wore a black dress with slits down the sides, her long nearly white blonde hair curled slightly as it flowed over her shoulders.

    Maulaina came up to the Horde Commander almost immediately, wrapping her arms around her in a tight hug and gave her a quick kiss. Pyrista blinked at the display, and suddenly had a better understanding of why the Commanders had a secret meeting location. Though she was more than a bit surprised that she didn't even try to be subtle about it in front of the two. Rylinne didn't seem surprised though, perhaps she already knew about it.

    Ophelia came forward looking at the two draenei, blinking curiously at Pyrista's outfit before speaking. "So what's this news that we all had to come out here into the frozen wastes to talk about."

    Rylinne and Maulaina looked to Pyrista who blinked, jumping up as she realized that's why she was here. "Oh, right! Uh, well you see... I was sent here to Draenor to deliver an important message to the Commander from the King because nobody else was able to deliver it-..."

    She was cut off by Ophelia raising her hand to stop her. "The news, dear. Not the story of why you specifically are delivering the news."

    Pyrista blushed as she realized she was rambling about nothing. "Right. Well. I was sent here to inform the Commander that the Burning Legion has returned to Azeroth. To our Azeroth, the real one. The archmage discovered them and warned King Varian, and now the armies of Stormwind are being recalled from Draenor in preparation for war. It's looking like a full scale invasion. It's not just some typical incursion like we have seen in places such as Felwood."

    Ophelia tapped her chin thoughtfully and nodded. "I see, I will relay this report to Vol'jin. Ultimately it's up to him whether or not to believe it. I don't doubt you but I won't be able to tell him whether or not to believe such information without proof. I'll simply be able to tell him about it and I'm sure with such a claim he will immediately send out scouts to investigate. Where were they spotted?"

    Pyrista scratched her neck, trying to remember, but Rylinne answered for her. "The Lost Isles. Tomb of Sargeras area." She looked at Pyrista as if silently saying 'worst, messenger, ever.' jokingly.

    Ophelia nodded slowly. "Okay then, I will tell Horde leadership and it will be up to them to act. For now it's a Blizzard outside and I don't feel like returning to my fortress through that. So tell me, who is this thing you have brought with you." She smiled at Pyrista and motioned to her.

    "This is Pyrista. She is a paladin and a friend of Rylinne here. Rylinne suggested she could bring the news from Azeroth and I agreed, and so here she is. We brought her along since she's the original messenger." Maulaina spoke up.

    "I see, and why is she wearing... well, that?" Ophelia motioned to Pyrista's outfit, raising a brow curiously.

    "Well we thought it looked more appealing than a suit of armor." Rylinne said.

    Pyrista opened her mouth about to say 'that's not the reason you told me' but figured there was no point and that they were just working around her. So instead she simply shrugged at it all, giving up on trying to understand it all. Though she still stuck to the belief she was to be eye candy.

    Soon she started doubting that however and thought maybe there was even more to it than that. Ophelia started looking her over for a moment and suddenly said something that surprised Pyrista. "You are the draenei my sister spoke of aren't you, from the Black Temple."

    Pyrista's eyes went wide as she remembered that day, and... sister? Now that she looked at Ophelia more closely... she actually saw a lot of resemblance to the blood elf that had accompanied her into the Black Temple as the Horde representative. "S... sister? You mean, Loresale? Yes I ventured into the Black Temple with her a month or two ago."

    Ophelia smiled and nodded. "I thought so. Yes she described you well and that you were a friend of Rylinne's. She had sex with you quite a bit in there didn't she?"

    Pyrista's cheeks turned a deep blue at that question, causing Rylinne and Maulaina to laugh. "W... well, there was a curse on the area! It forced us to feel lust and we couldn't help ourselves! It's like we were mind controlled into doing it!"

    Ophelia grinned. "Are you saying you didn't enjoy having sex with my sister?"

    Pyrista shook her head quickly. "No no no that's not what I'm saying at all! I very much enjoyed it! I... I mean..." Her blush only got worse and worse.

    Rylinne stepped in, but Pyrista didn't even pretend to have a bit of hope that she would make things better. "Oh yeah she enjoyed it A LOT. We went on for like, I don't even know. It was all night at least. Even when the spell was lifted she didn't want us to stop and we just kept going."

    Ophelia laughed as all hope of being saved from the embarrassment was lost for Pyrista. "Oh my sister spoke very highly of you indeed. In fact, it left me curious just what she was so worked up about." Pyrista then noticed Ophelia looking her over. After all there wasn't much of her body that was actually covered from view.

    Rylinne stepped in again and took Pyrista by the arm, holding her close. "Well! It's a Blizzard outside and you can't be leaving in that like you said, so how about staying here and finding out what it was your sister loved so much?" She winked at Pyrista, who opened her mouth to protest... but realized she was in a very familiar situation, surrounded by Rylinne, a night elf, and a blood elf, all of which she could tell were getting turned on by her.

    Pyrista squeaked loudly as she realized Rylinne lifted up the piece of cloth covering her breasts, putting them on full display for both Ophelia and Maulaina, Maulaina simply sitting off to the side and watching the events take place. She watched Ophelia come closer and nod slowly. "Hmm, well that sounds wonderful, I think I'll just have to try her out for myself."

    Pyrista was stunned by the events unfolding, unable to even react as Rylinne spun her around so the draenei were face to face. She reached down and gave Pyrista's bottoms a little push, causing the cloth thong to just slip down off her legs, leaving her completely exposed from behind. Even with how awkward this felt, she couldn't deny how wet it was making her to have the Horde Commander of all people interested in her in this way.

    She was plenty wet already, but that didn't stop her from having her own silent doubts when she saw the Commander pull her dress open and reveal a cock so much bigger than Loresale's had been. It wasn't quite as big as Rylinne's, but it was certainly big enough. She felt her body moving against her will, and pushing her rear out, but she wasn't able to question it, only speaking out a soft "Are... you sure about this?"

    Rylinne giggled and watched Ophelia come up behind Pyrista, rubbing that fat elven cock against her slit. She pushed until the head popped in, and then took a couple steps forward, not resting until the cock was buried deep into Pyrista's womb. Ophelia groaned while Rylinne leaned against a wall of the cave, letting Pyrista use her for support.

    It was mere moments later that Pyrista let out loud moans, feeling Ophelia pump into her, smacking into her thick rear causing rippling shock waves to be sent through her cheeks each time the Commander thrust into her. Pyrista put her arms around Ophelia and held her tight, grunting and moaning each time the elven Commander thrust into her roughly. Just moments ago she had been delivering important news, and now here she was practically bent over with the Commander ramming her cock into her. And yet, she had no complaints.

    She rested her head against Rylinne's breastplate, a light thumping sound vibrating through the armor each time she was pushed forward from Ophelia thrusting into her and she lightly tapped against the breastplate.

    Ophelia was certainly enjoying herself, grunting with each thrust and moaning softly as she held onto Pyrista's waist, pumping her hips into her over and over again. She smiled as she felt Maulaina come up behind her and put her arms around her waist, helping her thrust into the draenei.

    Maulaina kissed Ophelia's neck and watched her fuck Pyrista from behind, slowly helping her get undressed without interrupting her fun. Rylinne started doing the same, stripping her armor off piece by piece. "You know Py, I think you've got an addiction to being stuck between three girls at once." She smiled and leaned in, giving the other draenei a quick kiss on the lips.

    Soon enough, without a single missed thrust into Pyrista, everyone was essentially naked. Good thing the cave was so warm or this would have been a terrible idea. Ophelia's thrusts slowed and looked back to Maulaina. They seemed to be discussing something in whispers to each other leaving Pyrista panting heavily, unsure as to why they stopped. She turned around and rested her back against Rylinne's chest. The Commander's seemed to be... measuring their cocks against one another? Was this really the time to... wait no, she wouldn't let herself think like that again. She was sure there was some kind of bad reason for this, there always was.

    Finally, the girls decided that somehow, Ophelia's was longer and bigger. Maulaina came up first, and while looking into Pyrista's eyes she had Rylinne help her lift Py up so that she put one arm around Rylinne's neck, and wrapped her legs around Maulaina's waist. Maulaina aimed her cock and slid it inside Pyrista's slit, making her moan deeply from how sensitive it still was. Ophelia then came in behind her and slid her cock between Maulaina's legs. The cock rested underneath Maulaina's large sack, and was plenty long enough to stick out as if it was a second cock for Maulaina. Just the color was off.

    In this position Ophelia pushed her cock inside Pyrista, having to work it in through the already stretched opening. Pyrista's mouth hung open in a silent scream as she felt two cocks in the same hole. She had felt this before... a couple times just recently actually. It was... amazing.

    Rylinne came next, having come up with her own plan to sate her desires. With Pyrista up in the air she was free to bring her stiff cock up, pressing the head against Pyrista's ass. Pyrista whipped her head around to look Rylinne in the eye, her mouth opening to protest but, as usual there was no time before Rylinne forced it in, letting Pyrista slide down onto the massive equine cock with a long, drawn out moan.

    With all girls inside her, she was bounced between them, squished between Rylinne in the back and Ophelia in the front, she was practically tossed up in the air and dropped down on all three cocks, feeling the two in front spread her as wide as Rylinne was spreading her in back.

    Ophelia thrust herself against Maulaina, slapping against her from behind and forcing her to thrust in at the same time she did. It felt a lot like Ophelia was getting to fuck Maulaina, which just wasn't something that got to happen. Still, she didn't let herself lose track of who she was actually inside of, even though she did seem to lose it a little. She rested her head on Maulaina's shoulder and pumped her hips forward, holding the night elf Commander by the waist as she fucked Pyrista on the other side. It was an incredibly pleasant experience.

    As Ophelia kissed at Maulaina's neck, and even while fucking Pyrista the two seemed to be having their own fun kissing at one another among other things, Rylinne was focused entirely on Pyrista. She kissed Pyrista on the neck and cheek and lips, thrusting hard up into her making the area become filled with all kinds of smacking sounds, echoing through the cave. To Pyrista, it felt like each time she took Rylinne's cock it found a way to reach even deeper into her than it ever had before, making her feel things she never had before.

    Pyrista started to bounce herself as best she could, using her grip around Rylinne's neck and the Commander's waist to pull herself up and let herself drop down each time they thrust up into her. She didn't care what they thought of her, it felt amazing. Her loud, echoing moans showed how good it felt. She couldn't hide it, so why even bother trying?

    This couldn't last too long, Pyrista knew that much. She could feel all three cocks throbbing like they hadn't release in a long time. Rylinne of course had just released not that long ago... but she couldn't imagine how long it had been for the Commanders. Of course, Pyrista wasn't against tooting her own horn and she knew damn well she had a nice body, and both her holes were tight enough to milk these cocks quickly.

    All at once the three girls let loose inside her, a mix of her favorite three races cum entering her body, blood elf and night elf mixing in the front, while her own kind's draenei cum was pumped into her ass. Rylinne being the stud she was filled her ass with more cum than the two Commanders filled her with combined. Still, it was a wonderful feeling leaving all four satisfied... for the moment.

    Rylinne licked her lips from behind Pyrista and nodded ot the Commanders. "Why don't each of you take some one on one time with her. Give her all you got and let her give you all her attention. I'm sure she'll love that."

    Truthfully the thought scared Pyrista, not sure what she was going to do with one Commander at a time giving her their full attention, giving it their all to fuck her, and giving them her full attention back. It felt like a stressful event to say the least, and she wasn't sure if she could pull through for them. But... it didn't seem like she was going to get a choice as she was tugged away by one of the Commanders. Her heart skipped a beat however when she realized it was Ophelia, the Blood Elf Commander who had claimed her first.

    "As a member of the Horde seeing beautiful draenei women is rare and they're such a treat to have, so obviously I should get her first." She said, Maulaina rolling her eyes as she turned to Rylinne to start chatting with her while waiting her turn. Ophelia in the meantime pulled Pyrista over to a secluded corner of the cave they were hiding out in from the storm. She waved her hand and like a mage, summoned a large floating mat that once Pyrista touched it, she found was as sturdy as a table but as comfortable as a mattress.

    Pyrista felt herself pushed onto it, falling onto her back as the Commander climbed up with her, cock rock hard and ready to go for another round. She gulped deeply, honored that the Commander was so eager to fuck her, but there was something in Ophelia's eye that kinda scared Pyrista, as if the Commander was saying "I'm going to fuck you until you break" without saying it.

    Moments later, Ophelia mounted Pyrista, driving her cock balls deep into her womb, reaching a nice depth and making Pyrista's eyes instantly roll back in her head. Light she loved being the fuckable toy she was, having even powerful women like Commander Heart so eager to plow her like a whore. And she welcomed any amount of cock she could get for herself.

    Before she could even grasp how big Ophelia was, the blood elf was thrusting her hips, loud smacks echoing along with Pyrista's loud moans across the cavern, making Rylinne and Maulaina jealous as Ophelia didn't hesitate for a moment before starting to fuck the draenei girl, ramming her cock into her relentlessly. Ophelia didn't stop there however, leaning forward over Pyrista and staring down at her as her hands slid up to the draenei's throat. At first it seemed like strange foreplay, but then her grip tightened more and more, until Pyrista knew without a doubt that the Commander was choking her. She was still able to breath just enough to keep from suffocating, and she knew that Ophelia must be the super dominant and rough type who was into this kind of thing. She didn't quite know if she was or not though.

    Pyrista could feel the Commander's thrusting getting rougher, and her cock throbbing inside her. The more her cock seemed to get closer to release, the more her hands tightened on Pyrista's throat. She clawed at the magical mat she was being fucked on top of, air soon being cut off enough that at first, she started feeling dizzy, and then more and more light headed. She was being fucked so hard she felt her body sliding backwards with each thrust, until her head was hanging off the edge. She could see Rylinne and Maulaina in the distance, not seeming to notice her much as she was being fucked so brutally, her face turning purple from how hard the Commander's hands were choking her. Tears swelled up in her eyes and ran down her face, or perhaps in this case up her face.

    Some part of her wanted to call out for help from the other two, feeling like she was being killed. And yet, it made her feel unimaginable pleasure, the fear of being choked out, the love of the fat dick ramming into her pussy furiously over and over again. Being so completely dominated and used by the Commander as her vision blurred, feeling the growing need for air, overpowered by the growing need for cum.

    Finally, she felt the Commander unload into her, her womb filling with the elven seed but instead of release from it all, the Commander's grip tightened as her whole body tensed from her climax, Pyrista making some quiet choking sounds before everything went dark.

    For Pyrista it was only a moment later that she opened her eyes, blinking at the light reflecting off the icy walls, feeling herself on the slightly familiar surface of the summoned bed. She raised her head, hands coming up to rub her throat gently remembering what had happened. She must have passed out from being choked so hard, and yet... Pyrista remembered her last moments so clearly, and though she hadn't realized it at the time, her passing out wasn't entirely due to being choked, but rather, due in part to having one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced from the Commanders rough, relentless treatment.

    Her cheeks turned purple as she looked down between her legs, seeing the thick elven cum still oozing out of her pussy, which itself had the slightly changed tint showing how abused it had been, her thighs having taken a beating from the Commander's thrusts as well. She coughed a little, reaching up to rub her neck feeling as though it had left a mark on her.

    She dropped back down, lying in such a way she had an upside down view of the room once more. This time she noted a rather large, white cock in her face. She looked up, or down for her, at Rylinne standing over her with an erect, drooling cock in her face.

    "Did you enjoy your time with Commander Heart dear? She did quite a number on you. I've never seen her fuck anyone so furiously. Then again, from what I understand about her she loves to display her dominance over others, especially Alliance. So it's not really surprising she fucked you so hard anyone could mistake it for a brutal rape.

    Pyrista instinctively let her tongue out and licked at what of Rylinne's cock was in range, speaking between licks. "I loved it... do I... get commander Love... now?" She looked up at Rylinne, licking up some of her precum. Something about it calmed her down, readying her for another round.

    Rylinne just laughed and turned away, calling out across the cave to where the Commanders were. "Commander, your aching, needy toy of a draenei is conscious and ready to take your cock."

    Maulaina stood with a grin and walked across the cave, coming up to Pyrista. "Don't worry, I'm not going to choke you out or anything. In fact, I'd like you to take me for a ride." She got up on the bed, pink elven cock standing at the ready as she got down on her back, resting he head on a pillow. "So come take it for a spin."

    Pyrista blushed again, seeing the Commander order her to do such things. A Commander she had only just recently met and had helped her out of a rather awkward situation. Without taking advantage of her in said situation even! Though, a part of her wished the Commander had taken the opportunity to dump a few loads into her. She got up on all fours and crawled over to Maulaina, climbing on top of her cock, letting the head rest against her abused but still perfectly tight pussy. She lowered herself down onto it, moaning loudly as she pushed herself down, just as she imagined the Commander would want, dropping her own legs out from under herself to force the cock into her womb.

    She bit her lip, her face curling into an expression of pure pleasure as she pushed herself up, starting to bounce on the fat elven dick. In this position, Pyrista felt like some kind of servant, the Commander laying back and relaxing, not exerting any energy, with Pyrista obediently mounting her cock and riding it like a Westfall cowgirl, doing all the work to please the Commander. She felt honored once more, that her body could be used to please the Commander. As she bounced in the Commander's lap, it was a sort of pleasure she wasn't used to, where instead of having the cock relentlessly pounded into her, it was up to her to ride faster, to drop herself down harder to get the cock to go as deep and hard as it could. She did just this, arching her back to bounce herself up in the air, and slamming her perky, round rear down against the night elfs' lap, engulfing the cock with her spread and abused pussy.

    "Mmm come on Commander, give me that hot, sticky Elf cum. My pussy needs it, pleeeease Commander." She let her tongue hang out like a dog in heat, her eyes rolling back as she bounced herself, her pussy aching from so much pleasure as she rode professionally on top of the cock, feeling it pulse more and more with pleasure, being the only satisfaction she got in the form of knowing she was pleasing the Commander, who wouldn't let such a thing show.

    Moments later however her wish was granted, as Maulaina groaned and let out all she had, cum pumping up into Pyrista's womb, filling it to the brim once more and beyond, causing her belly to bulge out slightly, losing herself in the pleasure once more as her back arched, reaching her own climax, her body shaking in a hard orgasm, letting out lewd happy moans like she was entirely lost to the pleasure, almost giggling in the pleasure but unable to as she just twitched on the cock.

    It was a good expedition... and while the message was delivered, Pyrista thought, maybe she might want to deliver some more messages... as long as it was to some draenei hungry, hung studs who would give her a delivery bonus.
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    Chp. 5: Pyrista's Gift to Rylinne

    Quite some time had passed since Rylinne and Pyrista's 'encounter' with the Commanders. Pyrista had successfully delivered the news of the Legion's return and, feeling like the world was coming to an end as they knew it the girls had gotten a little closer. And each day that passed they got closer, and closer, Rylinne constantly taking Pyrista up on her previous offer to have her to herself whenever she wanted, sometimes just spending time with her, other times taking her home for a quick, rough, almost feral fuck. But then feelings were confessed, and with a good bit of time spent having a lot of wild, kinky sex, the two draenei actually settled down, their desires calming and looking more to the future and the Legion, than their next sex filled adventure. With all of this in mind, Rylinne asked Pyrista to be her mate, and Pyrista shyly accepted to be hers and hers alone.

    One night, on the eve of Winter's Veil, Rylinne returned to the home she now shared with Pyrista after a day out doing random tasks around the city. Coming inside she found all the lights turned out, except for a few candles that seemed like a trail leading to the upstairs of the small Stormwind house squeezed into a random corner of the Old Town District. She tossed her things onto a nearby counter top and followed the lights, wearing little more than a typical pair of cloth pants and a matching cloth shirt. The candles lead her up the stairs, around the corner, and into the bedroom where she found Pyrista sitting on the bed.

    Pyrista was quite the site, wearing absolutely nothing, but having her nipples and the slit between her legs covered with a scarlet red ribbon that wrapped around her body in a few places, with a big bow on top and a letter sitting in her mouth.

    Rylinne smiled brightly and came forward, taking the letter from Pyrista's mouth though the smaller draenei didn't speak. Rylinne opened up the letter to read it to herself silently.

    Dear Rylinne,

    I know this isn't exactly something too special or unique I'm gifting you for Winter's Veil, since we have had a lot of sex already, and I am sure we will continue to even after tonight. But more than just random sex I want you to know that I am entirely yours, and that when you're not fucking my brains out, you can make love to me like you can't do with anyone else, and I want us to share something neither of us have ever experienced, seeing the romance between us manifest in an act of love and passion that is about more than mindless sex. That is my gift to you, if you accept.

    Love, Pyrista

    Rylinne set the card aside on the bedside table, and without a word came forward, pressing her hands into the bed to support herself as she bent over forward, and pressed her lips against Pyrista's in a deep kiss. She closed her eyes, bringing a hand up to cup Pyrista's cheek as their lips smacked together loudly, but slowly and deeply at the same time. It felt like a lifetime that Rylinne just sat there, kissing Pyrista lovingly, each kiss coming slowly as if to savor each moment they spent with their lips together.

    When the kiss finally broke Rylinne scooped Pyrista up into her more powerful arms, showing the strength of such a massive ex vindicator. Pyrista squeaked loudly as she put her arms around Rylinne as best she could, but the ribbon still kept her bound in most places like a present ready to be opened. Rylinne took Pyrista over away from the bed and gently let her back down into the same position she had been in, but now sitting in front of the fireplace. She took a moment to light a fire before she came back, pulling her pants and top off to reveal herself entirely to Pyrista, just as Pyrista was entirely naked behind the Ribbons.

    Rylinne moved one of the ribbons so that it covered Pyrista's mouth, to keep her silent whether she wanted to speak or not. She then gave her a gentle push so that she fell over onto her back, lying there at Rylinne's mercy. The taller draenei moved up Pyrista's body slowly, licking at her thighs but avoiding her covered slit, simply teasing her letting her feel the tongue so close. She then dragged the soaking wet muscle up Pyrista's stomach, until it smacked against the bottom of one of Pyrista's breasts. She moved it up and over the tit-flesh, before using her tongue to hook onto the ribbon and slide it up and away from Pyrista's nipple. She then kissed at the lone nipple, licking it and suckling on it playfully causing the bound Pyrista to moan squeamishly against the ribbon muffling her voice.

    As Rylinne moved to the other breast, lying on top of Pyrista, the heat of the fire started to fill the area around them and get to their skin. Their bodies got more and more moist from sweat that didn't drip or run down their body, but instead gave each of their blue bodies a wonderful glow, making their skin look wet and glossy as they slid against one another, skin rubbing against skin.

    Rylinne flicked the ribbon away with her tongue again, and played with the other nipple, twirling her tongue around it before sucking it into her mouth with her lips, sucking on it like a baby on a pacifier for a few moments before breaking with a gentle *pop*. The larger draenei then decided while it was fairly typical for them to begin their fun with Pyrista dropping to her knees and putting her lips to work on Rylinne, perhaps this time Pyrista deserved to have the favor returned.

    Rylinne slid down Pyrista's body, her large breasts rubbing over her skin slowly, until she was resting between her legs. She took the ribbon covering Pyrista's pussy lips and pushed it aside gently, and without hesitation pressed her lips into Pyrista's most sensitive place, second perhaps only to her other lower entrance. This brought about a loud moan from Pyrista who hadn't expected such treatment, so used to being used by the larger draenei, no matter how lovingly. Now she felt like she was being treated like royalty, having Rylinne go through such efforts to put her pleasure before her own.

    Rylinne's long and thick tongue which was as big as a small cock when curled up pushed through Pyrista's folds and into the tunnel beyond, flicking, twisting, and wriggling inside her like a tentacle. Speaking of, Rylinne's tendrils slipped in to help, tickling at the outer edges of her lips and playing with her clit while Rylinne's tongue did the heavy lifting, spreading her open and 'attacking' the insides.

    Pyrista wasn't able to last long in this kind of situation, so used to being roughly used and fucked that her body didn't seem capable of properly reacting to the gentle and tender treatment that, as gentle as it was, was very precise in every action bringing about the most pleasure. Pyrista was a moaning mess muffled by the ribbon from the very start, and it didn't fade at all as her body wiggled in response to each flick of the tongue inside her, like it was controlling her nervous system, flicking this way and that way, causing her to wiggle her body this way and that way in response.

    Finally it was too much, and her body just let go, tensing up as her juices squirted out in her first climax, brought to ecstasy so easily by nothing more than a skilled tongue. It wasn't something she had experienced before, not that she hadn't been eaten out before, but rather, she hadn't ever had it done so skillfully.

    She panted heavily, her breath hod against the ribbon with the whole ordeal just making her sweat even more, especially in the heat of the fire, her body now sparkling in the fire light. She watched as Rylinne 'climbed' up her body once more until they were face to face, and she fully expected the large draenei to climb over her until her cock was in her face, preparing for a rough throat fucking. But she didn't go any higher, and instead lowered herself down, resting her weight on top of Pyrista and pulling the ribbon covering her mouth down just enough to give her a deep, loving kiss. As the kiss broke Pyrista's cheeks were a deep purple, a rope of drool attaching her mouth to her lover's as her tongue hung out in heat, if it were any colder her breath would be visible it was so hot from her body heat intensifying.

    Rylinne used her tail to wrap around her cock and aim it, for once not going for Pyrista's ass but instead, pressing the flat equine head firmly against her pussy lips. When she pushed forward it wasn't forceful, but gentle and powerful, the cock spreading Pyrista wide open causing her to moan even louder than before, her mouth soon covered by the ribbon again. Her moans were muffled but loud as the cock sank into her depths, the draenei on top of her so powerful that when the cock met her cervix it didn't even stop or slow down, just pushing through like a piston without needing to ram through or be rough, it was just powerfully and dominantly pushed through.

    Pyrista's eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the massive horse dick invading her womb, the bulge of the large rod clearly visible through her stomach area. This was the part where she expected Rylinne to start thrusting so hard her mind would turn to mush and her body would bounce back and forth with the loud echoing smacks of her being plowed like a whore echoing through the room, something she loved so dearly. But like all else that she had expected thus far, that wasn't the case as Rylinne gently pulled back, her cock nearly leaving her womb, before she pushed back in with the same slow and steady power she entered with the first time.

    Pyrista was caught off guard by how gentle and loving each thrust was, as if it was meant to let them experience every single movement inch by inch of the cock sliding past her insides, spreading her out and the texture of the flesh grinding against her sensitive insides as opposed to the forced pleasure of having it rammed into her over and over again.

    While one might think she should have gotten less pleasure from this, it managed to feel better than anything she had ever experienced, the pure pleasure of the cock pushing in and out of her mixing with actually being able to clearly think about, and comprehend what was going on, feeling every second pass like it was a lifetime and every single movement of the cock inside her, rather than the usual of being lost to the pleasure and not being able to distinguish whether it was being thrust in or pulled out at any moment.

    In one case, she was simply being fucked. In this case, she was able to think about it. To actually think aloud in her mind that 'This is Rylinne's cock penetrating me, pushing deep into my womb, sliding in and out of my body so powerfully and passionately." While normally in sex she didn't get a chance to think at all... now she had nothing but time to think about what was happening, her eyes rolling back in her head still as the simple thought at the forefront of her mind being "Rylinne's big, fat, pulsing cock is buried in my womb" gave her more mental pleasure than a rough fucking ever was able to.

    As Rylinne thrust slowly into her lover, their bodies had become more and more covered in the wetness of heat, their skin looking as if they had just finished bathing, skin gliding over skin like it was well oiled as Rylinne slid up and down Pyrista's body as she pushed herself in and out of her, moaning softly with each moment, wanting this to last forever, and figuring if she didn't just go crazy with it, and she just took it slowly, thrusting in and out casually and lovingly, then maybe she could just keep going as long as she wanted.

    That wasn't true of course, and she knew soon enough that just like Pyrista she was able to think this through when normally she couldn't, and feeling and fully acknowledging the fact that she was sinking her cock into Pyrista's body over and over again, and Pyrista was happily allowing this gave her untold amounts of pride and passion for the woman beneath her. And it was driving her to want to release, to unload everything she had deep into Pyrista's womb. She wanted more than that though... what was it she wanted, here in this moment.

    She hooked a finger into the ribbon on Pyrista's mouth again, finally speaking the first words between them of the night, whispering softly, her voice like a ghost as she spoke so sweetly, as if no matter what her words were for Pyrista, and only Pyrista.

    "I want to give you a gift, as good as the one you are giving me. So let it be a gift we can share. I'll seed your womb, and we can both have something to be proud of for the rest of our lives."

    Pyrista's blush turned so deep one might think she had lost all oxygen in her. Was Rylinne saying she wanted to impregnate her? While normally that was something people had said in the past to Pyrista as a sort of dominance, like they just wanted her to know that she was at their mercy to impregnate if they so wished, this felt more... well, like more. It felt so honest and loving, like Rylinne truly wanted to impregnate her. She didn't know what to say, but nonetheless, the words seemed to flow naturally without thinking, and she was okay with her response.

    "Please... please do. I am your lover, your mate. Yours to mate with and breed as you see fit. So please, impregnate me."

    With the permission Rylinne gently picked up the pace, but at the height of her thrusting speed she was still rather calm about it, pressing her lips to Pyrista's in the most passionate kiss they had ever shared, until finally, without the tensing of their bodies and without the feeling of them having had to push for it as quickly as they could, the cum started to flow, thick potent ropes of cum squirting out and coating Pyrista's womb as she raised a leg and wrapped it around Rylinne to hold her in as Rylinne let it out, enough to fill her womb but, unlike her usual more feral releases, didn't just absolutely unload into her bloating her stomach. She just left her with the perfect amount to fill her womb to the brim, leaving her cock in as a plug as if to force the potent seed to do its job.

    As this happened, the two held each other close in front of the fireplace, hearing the faint sound of snowflakes hitting the roof of their home as they rested there, next to the fireplace, embracing each other lovingly and staring into one another's eyes, each speaking soft words to each other as they kissed gently at one another, like all energy had been expended in such a simple and gentle encounter, one at a time, one speaking to the other. "I love you."
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    Chp. 6: Love is in the Air

    Love was in the air for the oddly named yearly festival... Love is in the Air. Remembering the events of Winter's Veil, Rylinne had decided to be the one to do something special for her beloved Pyrista. The first step, was convincing Pyrista to go shopping as Rylinne told her she wanted to make a special dinner for her, purposely giving her the idea that this was the best she could do as far as 'special events' went. Pyrista just went along with it of course, smiling as she left to head to the trade district and pick up all the excessively vague items on Rylinne's list. It was a risky plan though, as Rylinne knew all the places Pyrista had to go to get the things on the list would be closed, so she had to rely on Pyrista's desire to find the items to keep her searching, though Rylinne knew they wouldn't be available anywhere else. She was also counting on Pyrista returning home disappointed that she couldn't find what Rylinne had asked for.

    As soon as Pyrista was out the door Rylinne set to work on preparing for their night. She worked hard and fast, pushing herself to get everything ready quickly enough that she would have time to rest and get cleaned up so she wouldn't be a sweaty, exhausted mess when Pyrista got home. All went as smoothly as she was hoping, and the sun had gone down by time Rylinne finally heard the door open. It was exactly as long as she had expected Pyrista would be gone. Rylinne had figured up about how long she would have if she sent Pyrista to certain shops, knowing exactly which shops she would go to after finding out they were closed, and figuring about how long it would take Pyrista to give up.

    When Pyrista entered the home she and Rylinne shared, all the lights had been turned out and there was only a dim light emanating from the living room. Pyrista went in curiously after removing her jacket and setting aside her shopping basket, carefully leaning around the corner as she spoke loudly enough to be heard whether Rylinne was in the living room or elsewhere in the house. At least if she was elsewhere, she would hear that Pyrista was home.

    "All the shops were closed tonight...I couldn't get a single thing..." Her eyes rolled around the room looking at all the different things that had been set out. A mixture of pink and red flower petals were spread all over the floor, and the room was lit by flickering red candles that smelled heavily of apple cinnamon making the entire room scented. And everything was so incredibly warm, while she had to wear a thick jacket just to go outside.

    Rylinne sat in the middle of the room on a mattress just big enough for two if they were lying down. The whole mattress was made in the shape of a heard and had velvety red sheets covering it. The larger draenei smiled brightly, legs cross and tucked away to the side as she leaned over, propped up on a single hand. She had a long silk dress on that was for the most part see through, showing off that she wore nothing underneath, her large breasts sitting snugly under the seemingly white silk, as well as her flaccid equine cock resting just in front of her legs.

    "I know darling, I just needed you out of the house for an hour or so so I could set everything up." She raised her hand to motion for Pyrista to come in.

    Pyrista smiled shyly with a blush on her cheeks. "What... is all this?" She looked at all the candles, the mattress, the petals all over the floor as well as some random items near Rylinne. "You know, a dinner would have been just fine."

    As she came closer Rylinne pointed over to a door where a dress was hanging up. "That wouldn't have been nearly as much fun, or as special. Go put that on okay?"

    Pyrista bit her lip as she walked up to the dress, seeing it was basically the same thing Rylinne was wearing. "Okay then..." she took it off the door and headed off into another room, and before long returned wearing the dress. She had chosen to do as Rylinne had, and wear nothing underneath it to show off her body. It wasn't as if Rylinne hadn't already seen her naked body time, and time, and time, and time, and time again... countless times in fact. The special feeling of revealing themselves to each other was long gone. It was the contact and what they did with their bodies that mattered, not revealing their bodies.

    Rylinne motioned her over and pulled her down onto the mattress, both draenei sitting up on their knees as Rylinne put her arms around Pyrista, having to look down at the smaller draenei to kiss her. Pyrista let out a short squeak as she was taken into her arms, closing her arms as her hands cupped over her chest, Rylinne being the only person who could make her feel like a shy schoolgirl, and to feel so loved in her arms. At first Rylinne made her feel like a piece of meat. A sleeve to warm her cock and to get off with as she would pummel her body so roughly. And Pyrista loved it, she still loved such rough treatment. But there was something about the way Rylinne treated her with such care and love that she had never experienced before, and it made her feel so warm inside. It was a million times better than taking it up the ass from every stranger who gave her googly eyes. Even when she spent time with the Commanders, having sex with such prestigious individuals, even being choked out by Commander Heart which was an entirely new experience. The best part of it was having Rylinne there with her, having put her in that position for her pleasure and to make her happy. And ever since then, she only wanted Rylinne because nobody could make her feel so loved. Even the people who obsessed over her body did nothing to make her feel so good compared to just being loved like this. It was bliss, and she needed nothing more.

    When she finished the kiss, Rylinne leaned over and grabbed something, setting it between herself and Pyrista. "Carefully, don't spill it." was all she said as a bowl sat there between them with an arcane fire underneath it so that it heated the bowl but wouldn't burn anything such as the mattress it sat on. She pulled a plate over and Pyrista saw a mound of strawberries on it, and she immediately realized what was in the bowl.

    Pyrista giggled, blushing an even deeper blue as she watched Rylinne take a strawberry, and dip it in a bowl of melted chocolate, pulling it up for her. As it was offered to her, Pyrista leaned forward, opening her mouth and took a bite, chewing down the chocolate covered treat and licking her lips clean of the remains from her lips. She then reached down and took her own strawberry, dipping it in the chocolate and bringing it up to feed it to Rylinne, the two tossing the leaves aside for now.

    Rylinne took the third strawberry, and after dipping it into the chocolate she giggled as Pyrista leaned forward to take a bite, but she popped it into her own mouth instead. As Pyrista started to say "Heeey!" Rylinne quickly leaned forward and pressed her lips against hers, letting the not yet chewed strawberry and chocolate slip into her mouth. Pyrista moaned into the kiss, letting the whole strawberry pass back and forth between their mouths, the chocolate mixing their saliva, something that while once may have seemed gross to trade so much of, now seemed very normal as Rylinne pulled out of the kiss with a quick bite, leaving half the strawberry in Pyrista's mouth and taking the other half for herself.

    Both girls chewed up and swallowed their treats before sharing another quick normal kiss, and then the games truly began.

    Rylinne guided Pyrista down onto her back, kissing her forehead and whispering softly to her "Brace yourself..." as she gently slid her silk dress open. She then dipped a strawberry in the chocolate and didn't bother dabbing off the extra, raising it up over Pyrista's body so that the hot, molten chocolate dripped down, the hot drops landing on the smaller draenei's breasts with little pitter pattering sounds, burning her ever so slightly, just enough for her to feel the initial burn, and then it changed to a tingling feeling making her moan at each drop that touched her body. Rylinne dipped it in chocolate each time what was on the strawberry cooled and hardened, making sure plenty of the hot runny 'candy' dripped right onto Pyrista's nipples which got an extra loud squeak and moan from her. Soon enough she had hardened chocolate bits all over her chest, two specific mounts covering her nipples entirely like some kind of stripper's nipple covers.

    Rylinne giggled as she leaned down and started to lick up the bits of chocolate off of her lover's body, leaving the larger bits covering her nipples for last, peeling them off causing it to stretch her nipples, pulling even more moans from the smaller woman. When her body was finally cleaned off, albeit now covered in Rylinne's saliva with the slight breeze from the gnomish ceiling fan above giving her the chills on those wet parts of her skin, she watched Rylinne try something else.

    Rylinne took the bowl of chocolate and poured it into what looked like a coffee pot. She then pulled her dress open, rubbing that giant cock enough to get it nice and hard. Lifting the pot, she tipped it over carefully, making sure Pyrista was watching intently with wide eyes. The chocolate streamed out of the end of the long 'drain' in the pot, and fell down right onto her cock. Rylinne moaned loudly, biting her lip and her eyes immediately rolled back in her head, taking immense amounts of pleasure from the burning sensation on her cock as she ran it back and forth, making sure her cock had a nice thin layer from top to bottom.

    By time she was finished and set the pot aside she was panting, not too shy about how much she loved the burning she just experienced. She left the rest up to Pyrista, standing on her knees, her cock coated in chocolate like a giant long doughnut.

    Pyrista got on her own knees, her rear sitting on her legs as she was face to face with the cock, reaching up and cupping her hands underneath where the chocolate wasn't. she licked at the head first, cleaning it off of the still liquid chocolate, giving the rest time to cool down and harden. When the head was clean and practically dripping with her saliva she moved on, wiggling forward so she could sit with her face to the side of the cock, with the cock sticking straight forward. She licked side to side all the way, dragging her tongue across the chocolate shell, and yet it was thin enough that she could still feel the texture of the cock underneath, and it was even just barely gooey enough that she could feel the throbbing veins that ran up along the shaft, and the twitching of the powerful muscle.

    After she has dissolved quite a bit of the chocolate, taking it into her mouth and gulping all she could down, Rylinne stood up, now turning to face Pyrista. With the cock in her face Pyrista simply opened her mouth shyly, and leaned forward with her hands planted in the mattress for support. She closed her eyes as she felt the chocolate flavored cock slid past her lips, inch by inch, pushing down her throat until she could practically feel it in her stomach, the heavy balls squished against her chin.

    It felt so strange. Of course the cock being coated in a layer of chocolate on the top side made it feel strange in her throat, but the whole thing felt odd in her mind and made her emotions run wild. She was deep-throating Rylinne. That wasn't particularly new. Hell it was something she did on occasion just because Rylinne was bored and asked her to. But in this moment everything felt so different. It was so lewd, so perverted... a rather normal deepthroat by all accounts. Except for the circumstances. All that Rylinne had gone through for her, all she had set up for this night together. Never before had having a cock lodged in her throat feel so... romantic. In the past it was just having her face fucked. But this felt like more. Even though every movement as Rylinne's hips started to sway back and forth, every feeling as the cock rubbed against her throat. It was all the same, but it was with Rylinne, on a holiday night all about love, and Rylinne had gone through so much to make this night special... to say it was paying off was an understatement.

    She moaned around the cock as Rylinne started to pump it back and forth, slowly and affectionately at first, but as usual her dominant, feral side started to take over, and the slimy, wet sounds of the cock moving in and out, from time to time gushing saliva out was replaced by the light slapping of Rylinne's giant sack against Pyrista's chin, echoing all around the room as she took hold of Pyrista's horn and used it as leverage to thrust harder and pull her in.

    She could feel a difference in Rylinne's behavior beyond her typical feral instinct to thrust as hard as she could as fast as she could. Rylinne's long tail slithered in and wrapped around Pyrista's neck, giving it a gently squeeze but otherwise just sitting there like a necklace, wrapped around a few times. And with every thrust forward Pyrista could feel Rylinne's body mashing against her face, like she was aching to reach deeper, to push her cock further than it could go. This behavior made each thrust so much more powerful as her body squished into the smaller girl's face over and over again, making the large white draenei moan louder and louder.

    It wasn't long, from the extreme pleasure she had already gotten from pouring the chocolate on herself, before Rylinne pulled Pyrista in, making her let out a muffled scream as her cheeks puffed out, and the initial blast of cum was so big and powerful that it almost immediately squirted out past her lips and splattered onto Rylinne's groin as she unloaded into her, letting out long stressed groans, the smaller draenei's eyes watering as her cheeks were stretched to their limit from the cum building up in her mouth as it tried to squirt out more past her lips, or flood down her throat, which it succeeded in doing both until Pyrista's stomach felt like she had just had a full course meal.

    After Rylinne pulled her cock free from Pyrista's throat, not letting any more escape and leaving Pyrista in a dazed state for a moment, she reached over and took a rag, helping clean up Pyrista's face around her lips from the escaped cum. As Pyrista recovered she leaned forward against Rylinne who had dropped back down to her knees, resting her head on her chest.

    "I know what will come next, since you did an amazing job at cleaning all the chocolate up." She giggled as Pyrista looked down, only just now realizing that every last bit of chocolate had been cleaned off in her throat. She looked up to Rylinne curiously, who moved all the chocolate and strawberries out of the way and got down, lying on her back with her head on a pillow.

    She motioned Pyrista over and then with her hands, guided her into just the right position. Pyrista sat atop Rylinne, leaning forward as she straddled her lap and got face to face with her. Rylinne aimed her cock up just right, and Pyrista could feel the flat equine head rest firmly against her rear entrance before with a single powerful pump of her hips, Rylinne rammed the cock in. Pyrista squealed instantly and went cross eyed, drool pooling in her mouth and running down out of the corner of her lips. Rylinne knew exactly what got her going above everything else.

    Rylinne pushed in quickly, and by this time it was feeling like Winter's Veil again as their bodies were glistening with sweat in the candlelight, and even as Rylinne immediately started thrusting upward with loud claps each time their bodies smacked together, bouncing Pyrista up and down, Pyrista still felt so special, so warm and fuzzy inside from all this. She had ridden a cock like this a million times before it felt like, but never had it felt so unique, so special.

    Pyrista leaned forward, resting her body on top of Rylinne, their breasts squishing together as she bounced up and down, sliding back and forth on top of the larger draenei as she cock spread her rear so wide open that nothing else in the world seemed capable of matching it in sexual prowess. And the depths it reached were amazing. But again, this was nothing new, only in this event did it suddenly feel so fresh, so new and wonderful, even beyond the first time they had met and the first time they had done something so lewd together.

    Pyrista let her tongue hang out and panted heavily as she felt Rylinne using the springs of the mattress to push herself up harder, smacking loudly against her body and sending ripples through the cheeks of her perky backside. her squeals were loud and excited, with almost a giggle to them as she so happily bounced herself against Rylinne's thrusts, taking so much pleasure in every little movement.

    This time it was Pyrista who was quickly pushed over the edge, wrapping her arms around Rylinne as she felt her insides tighten and quiver, before her juices squirted from her lips all over Rylinne's lower stomach and her entire body tensed in immense pleasure as she felt her climax wash over her body, so easily breaking her control over her own body so quickly. She twitched on top of Rylinne for a moment, before her body finally calmed down. The two rested there in silence, one on top of the other, for an hour it felt like.

    Finally, Rylinne pulled herself upright with Pyrista resting against her chest. "Come on, there's something I want to show you." She helped Pyrista get up onto her shaking legs, and guided her upstairs, and then up into the attic of their home where Pyrista had never been. There wasn't much special up there.

    "I have known about this place ever since I moved in here. I was thinking, when we have a child this could be their room because it's a perfectly normal room, it's just not a place I ever had a reason to come into. But... the thing I am talking about that I have known about, well... I have spent every night of this holiday, every year, alone. But now you are with me, I'm not alone anymore, so I finally have someone to share this with.

    Rylinne went up to to a window that faced off towards the center of the city and opened it up. It was pretty large and she even opened it and held Pyrista's hand firmly in her own as the two stared out the window at the night sky together, the moon shining brightly in the sky. That seemed to be it, a beautiful sight of its own, until right on time there was a loud screeching, and a loud burst as fireworks were set off in the middle of the city, firing up into the air and spreading into all kinds of romantic shapes, mostly hearts of all colors, as well as things like the word 'Love' making the term 'Love is in the air' a little too literal.

    Pyrista's eyes went wide as she watched the fireworks display with Rylinne, seeing that their home had what may as well have been a front row seat to the show through this random window. She leaned over and rested her head on Rylinne's shoulder, and felt Rylinne's head rest on her own head as they watched the dazzling display.

    Pyrista had never felt so blissfully happy, so at peace and so loved by someone that she loved in return so strongly.

    "Do you still want to have a child together?"

    Rylinne closed her eyes as if thinking, but immediately responded. "Of course I do. It's not a random desire I made up on the spot."

    Pyrista giggled at that. "Good, because there's no going back now."

    Rylinne raised her brow and lifted her head, looking down at the smaller draenei. "No going back? What do you mean?"

    Pyrista looked up at Rylinne and just laughed at her expression, not saying a word.

    In return, Rylinne just stared confused, until suddenly her eyes went wide.