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    The younger man was a bit preoccupied with watching the cute butt wiggle as the almost naked cute girl walked across the ornate palazzo.

    The older man stopped, causing the cute girl to stop, causing the younger man to stop. "Well?"

    The younger man looked up at his supervisor. "Sorry." Then whirled on one foot and swung his heavy bat.

    A gasp snorted thru her nose, her mouth currently sucking on her left sock. She moved forward of the older man. A two inch wide, long swath of delightful rosy pink, with inlaid ornate crest, rose on her cute butt.

    The older man extended his left arm directly in front of her most outstanding aspects to move her back behind him. "These elegant hand placed stones were laid down in 1582 by Leonardo Salami."

    She peered over her outstandings to the immaculate artistry her bare foot and still socked foot wobbled on.

    The older man started forward towards an ornate wrought iron gate. She followed. The younger man followed admiring his own artistic effort.

    The left side of the gate was a depiction of a woman spreadeagled, with chains wrapping and dripping off her on to the surrounding border.

    "That's a representation of the outcome of Leonardo Salami's affair with Florinda Medici." The older man said rather dryly as he moved to open the right gate.

    "And this is Emiliana." His hand went up and began to push upon the living breast of last night's outcome of a staff affair. A groan covered the creak of the gate.

    The cute girl paused to admire how well the woman was so very very chained. "Pummelbutt!" And the cute girl scooted across the slick tile of the Publica's entrance. Another well laid swath.

    The three walked up the marble steps into the foyer. And paused. To look up at the ornate staircase rising up three floors. At the woman hanging by her ankles from the ceiling, hair swaying on the floor over the ornate seal of the family firm.

    The cute girl paused to look at the little fishes that swam around in the transparent balloon that encased the woman from under her nose upward to knees.

    "That's Carolina, this weeks most valuable employee." The older man said starting for the nearest staircase. The cute girl realized almost in time, and started forward, but still caught the next pummel on just one cute butt cheek.

    The younger man was disappointed, his own artistry was now not so artistic. But he sought rectification at the first opportunity as the cute butt stepped up all three flights of stairs without pause.

    At the top of the stairs the older man paused to open what he hoped was the correct room. It was not. He turned and yanked the grade 3 pass that hung from the topmost hairs of the narrow strip she kept just for her boyfriend.

    She snorted thru her sock again. As the younger man achieved perfect symmetry of rosy pinkness upon her cute butt.

    The three went across the hall to another room and went in. A large staff huddled behind high cubicle walls working diligently at trying to do their jobs well enough to be considered for most valuable employee of the week.

    "Melissa Pummelbutt!" The older man yelled out. A face rose above a far cubicle.

    "That's my wife." The younger man whispered with pride to the cute girl. His wife hobbled and swayed her own outstandings down the aisle to them.

    The cute girl put down the items she had been carrying in two large bags.

    "Seven plain pizzas, two with everything, four all meat, two vegetarian, and one Hawaiian." The older man announced.

    The younger man's wife handed over the exact price of the order plus a gold coin from the era of one of the Medicis.

    And then the three departed back down the stairs, passing Carolina and Emiliana, out to the street where the cute girl was allowed to get dressed.

    As a thank you she gave the two men the free order of chicken wings. Then sat her cute, but sore, butt on the scooter seat and drove off.

    "Well, Pummelbutt, I think she made a good enough impression to get a job here." The older man said dipping a wing into the buffalo sauce.

    The younger man sighed. "Well, I did my best to leave a good impression of the family firm on her firmness."