Prepping for the Holidays

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    I put an old Hopi blanket out on the redwood table, knowing she'd have fun rolling back and forth, alternating compressing one bound breast upon it. The musty, itchy hemp material would add interesting effects to her nipples too. The hemp rope ties were just enough to keep her front side down with feet up, the big toes tied to her pigtail braids. Legs apart for things yet to come to mind.

    That had taken most of the morning as I had not anticipated the amount of squirming on that old blanket. So I paused for lunch. Bringing out all the goodies to make carne asada red chile sauce burritos on the platter in front of her.

    Oh, the look on her face of hunger for several things: food, release, a good right haymaker to my jaw probably. Luckily I had remembered to tape her mouth with good old electrical tape wound eleven times under the pigtails and around to cover her mouth and close the jaw. But those eyes, oh, those lovely eyes. Couldn't tell if the tears were from the joy of the old blanket or the aroma of the hot sauce placed right under that upturned nose. Oh, well, other things to worry about. Like the build up of clouds to the west.

    So after lunch I moved to the rocking chair poised to give me alternating views of the vine covered porch roof and then her lovely labia, lulling me to a nice nap.

    She was still enjoying the table top when I brought out the holiday strings of lights. I chose the miniature strands and hooked them up to run between her toes, around each leg, along the outer thighs and once around the arm pits, then crossing each other over her nose to end curled around an ear. I could tell by her expression how much this endeared me to her.

    I plugged in the light and immediately had to correct seventeen miniature lights. As I did so, those clouds were turning dark.

    I tested the entire strand set and she lit up rather nicely. Although the squirming knocked two more lights out of order. With those replaced I felt a rain drop from the overhead vine. Then watched as more began to patter her marvelous behind.

    And then more everywhere. I quickly turned the strand of lights off. Wouldn't do to have them short out in the rain.

    I went inside and sat on the bench sofa in such a way as I could watch the football game and also admire how the rain was splattering off her onto the blanket, table, and porch floor.

    After the first touchdown I went to the kitchen to get the microwave popcorn and a beer. For the game of course. I'd wait until half-time and hope the rain had stopped before bringing in the strands of lights.

    Didn't want to have to replace them now that I knew they would work when I lit her up each night bent over the mail box as our entry in the neighborhood decoration pageant.

    Or maybe riding the mail box, hmm, will have to work on that idea. Either way I'm sure she will enjoy it.