Nipples That Can Cut Glass

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This is a four parter. Anyone interested in the rest of the story?

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    This is in response to a comment in one of Kevlar31's Teacher's Pet postings.
    Part One: To Catch a Thief

    She climbed the outside wall of the mansion with expertise and silence. At the third floor she halted outside the window of the lady of the house. With one hand holding onto the upper window sill her other hand carefully folded her black latex back off each breast. Then carefully placing her nipples against the window pane she moved upwards. Slowly the nipples cut into the glass. At the top of her cut lines, she ran one nipple crosswise, then moved back down to the bottom of the cut line, and with the other nipple cut again crosswise. The pane fell towards her and she easily placed it on the lower window sill.

    She again moved up and with a hand on the upper window sill slide her slender body into the open section of the window. Dropping down on the inside of the lady of the house's study she moved quickly to the great oil painting that would fetch at least five figures on the black market, and then to the jewelry case and another five figures when fenced.

    She looked around she had what she wanted. But as she was careful in her manner of thievery, she was also curious of what the lady of the house looked like asleep. She placed her loot bag and the rolled up painting near the window. Then crept around the slightly opened door between study and bedroom.

    The moonlight had not shown on her entrance to the mansion, but it did shine between the curtains upon the bed. She went to it and turned back the coverlet carefully. But no one lay there. Oh, well, she turned to depart when she heard a sound in the wardrobe. She went to it and carefully open.

    The moon reflected off the mirror at the top of the bed into the wardrobe. She stood amazed.

    For there was the lady of the mansion. Bright blue eyes looked back with fear. Her mouth gagged by one of her panties, her long hair done into a braid that was tied to a hook in the wardrobe ceiling, the rest of her chest was criss-crossed and compressed her breasts into differing shaped bulges. She leaned forward as her nipples were clipped to an old style wooden hanger that hung on the inside of the door. If the the thief opened it wider the bound woman would have to step forward, out and down to the floor. Down below she wore a rubber panty with all sorts of compartments along the waist band and tiny LED lights shining different colors. And a noticeable and moving bulge at the bottom of the panty. The thief smiled, it looked like something bat girl wore.

    "I'm not going to hurt you, anymore than you are already indulging in at least." The thief whispered. Then she stood back and only momentarily felt the needle press thru her latex into her shoulder before collapsing to the floor. The lady of the house looked down at the thief lying before the feet of the man of the house.

    When the thief awoke she was in his study, bent over the arm of a grand leather chair, her face against the cushion. She had a headache of course and she realized her arms were turned back into a leather mitten that held both. And she was wearing something else.

    "I did not find a tool on you for cutting the glass." He said lifting her head by her hair. "So it is true, there is indeed a woman whose nipples can cut glass. I never thought that possible, but here you are." And he took a small glass to a breast and pressed it in a circular motion against her nipple. A small layer of the rim of the glass fell off. "Marvelous."

    He pulled the latex off her head, curled his hand into her hair, pulled her up onto her feet, and then shoved her onto the floor. She rolled discovering she was now wearing an extra item. A belt that compressed her waist while also running between her legs, similar to the one the lady of the house wore. He reached down and she rolled away. "Come now, let us play fair. You came to rob me, now you are caught, you must be punished." He put a boot down on her chest digging the heel against one of the nipples. "Do they cut wooden heels? Ah, no, so, is the pain to your liking?" As he ground the heel down harder.

    She finally spoke. "Do your worse."

    "Ah, arrogance." He pressed the toe of the boot down on her neck. She gurgled then gasped. He stepped back and reached down to touch a button on the belt. A light humming noise and she felt the vibrations within. He had cut open over latex over her labia and anus and inserted devices connected to the power source on the belt. "The setting is quite simple. I hate the usual dials for slow, medium, high, wave action, warm, hot, turbo, nuclear bomb,etcetera. So I just made it one: random. That goes for the timer also, so the first setting is always slow, no wave, no revolving, no heat and for about four and a half minutes. Then the fun starts. I think I will have a drink. Anything for you?"

    "Screw you."
    "Oh, please, the dull words you use. Please think these comments out before you blurt out. I know the President does not think before he talks, but then I don't think he thinks anyway. But one so beautiful, and so anatomically unique, it would be a pleasure to converse with you. Why don't you get up and take a seat on the chair."

    She rolled onto her knees very aware of what was rubbing both sides of the membrane between vagina and rectum. Then rocked back onto her ballet slippers and rose up but did not sit back down. She paused for a moment then began to walk around his study admiring items along the way. "The World's Literature in fifty two volumes. And the same in Spanish and German. You speak both?" He answered yes. She nodded. "A Jasper Johns, not one of his best." "True, but I was out bid on a much better one."

    "I think I will have that brandy." She watched as he poured from a Hennessy VSOP. She walked over to him but he moved behind the stand alone bar. "I don't think you will be so good at kick boxing with those things inside but I don't want to know one way or the other." He smiled and put the glass down in front of her. "Do you wish a straw?" She leaned over and bit the edge of the glass, then slowly lifted it and let the liquid flow into her mouth, a few drops spilling over the outside edge and onto her still exposed breasts. She tossed her head back and swallowed hard. She shook her head that sent the glass across the end of the counter to the empty fire place.

    "Well done." He applauded, two fingers tapping lightly on the palm. "Almost time for a change in my toy, so I'm going to go sit down, and do tell me what you feel. My wife is incapable oh expressing herself in words other than coarse single syllables."

    She was standing between his desk and the bar. If she could get to the telephone on his desk and somehow dial 911 then she'd be happy to be arrested for attempted burglary rather continue on with this...her whole body shivered. Her knees flexed and she spread her legs to gain some sort of stabilization.

    "Tell me, please." He leaned forward, glass in hand watching her hips twitch. "That must be close to high in every respect?" Her shoulders rolled as she slowly knelt to the floor, biting her lower lip. Then she began to work her mind into accepting and if not overcoming the sensations in her body then at least keeping them in check. "It''s very hot in back and very...eager in front."

    He smiled with great satisfaction. "Extraordinary. I knew you would be good at explaining. Eager...such a word to use. I am quite amazed, in fact I have no idea why you are not rolling on the floor. My wife rarely can take it for more than a quarter hour. Shall we say an hour for you?"

    "Shall we say I'm going to get out of this and put it in you, full blast."

    "Feisty. Oh, yes, maybe more than an hour to cure you of thievery." He sat back to savor the last swallow of his drink. She kept on kneeling, wiggling a leg away or back towards the other trying to adjust to the device. And she continued to glare back at him. And then it changed, to a gentle wave motion in front and a pulse in back, not quite on the same speed so one ran faster than the other.

    "You have marvelous breasts, your hips shake, but the breasts hardly bounce. And those nipples, so raspberry like. I want to run to you and suck on them but I'm afraid they would cut my mouth up. How is it you have such nipples?"

    "Don't know. One day I was playing with my budding chest and I teased my self with a thimble and then I tried a small glass tube. It broke in two, cut straight in half."

    "And so you became a thief."

    "That is fairly recent. I'm good at acrobatics and slender to get thru narrow places."

    "I saw the opening you made in the window. Just amazing." He got up and went to the bar to refill his glass. "I put back the jewelry and will reframe the painting tomorrow. What are your plans for tomorrow?"

    She looked at him feeling another change coming on, a bit more heat to go with the rest. "You mean besides re-stealing what I came for and calling you to the cops for what you have in your wife's wardrobe."

    "Oh, I suggest that if you have that opportunity that you call on Chief H. He's a good friend. He enjoys my wife's rear entrance. A lot." He smiled but obviously in thought of something other than his wife and the Chief of Police. "I wonder" He swirled the cognac several times. Then came over to her and turned the device off. She blinked at him. He tilted the glass to let her have a good swallow. Then he smiled. "Waste not." And leaned over to lick the two dribbles of cognac off her breasts. She remained still as he did so, rather enjoying this action. Then he went to the desk and sat down, taking a notebook out of a desk drawer. "Tomorrow...yes, 2: 30." He said mainly to himself. "You did not give an a very decent answer. What are your plans for tomorrow?"

    "I had planned to meet with two different men, one to fence the jewelry, and another to sell the painting."

    "The painting is a forgery, I sold the real one two years ago to an Arab sheik. The jewelry you can have if you will do a job for me."

    "You want me to rob someone?"

    "Not someone, something. There is to be a board meeting of a certain corporation tomorrow at 2:30. I must attend. I'd like you to steal a document that will be at that meeting."

    "Before or after?"

    "Well, during would certainly be a nice touch but I'm afraid you might not get away with it. No, after. If I have it in my possession I can leverage my control of...certain things."

    "Will you take this thing off me now?"

    "I think you should continue to wear it, get use to it. There is a small catheter attached and an expandable bag on the belt should you need to release. In front that is, the back will be stopped up somewhat. So wear it until morning. I rise at six a.m, thereabouts. Probably later, I'm not usually awake at this hour. I put Helen to bed and gave her a sleeping pill,, she will sleep much later. And you can stay the night in my guest room. Give you a chance to think things over. Bargain?"

    "Do I have a choice?"

    "You've seen what I do with my wife, and that is playtime."

    "I'll think on it. Where's this guest room?" She figured anyway to get out of the bondage was top priority. If going along with him meant have an opportunity then she'd play along.

    He came to her and ran a hand between her breasts up to the latex collar and then along her face to her hair sweeping it back off an ear. Then he grabbed the hair and led her slightly bent over out of the study to the hallway to the stairs. But he paused and pushed a panel in the hallway. A door opened inward upon a dark cubicle. He pushed her inside. Turned her around and hauled down a small mask with a depressor that he pressed over her tongue. "See you at six, or so."

    She stomped a foot hard towards his own. This is the 'guest' room? She would have screamed if the depressor did not cut off speech. And then the door closed and she was left in darkness. Until six. Her own watch was gone. She had entered the mansion a few minutes past three, how long was she out, how long was she in the study, no clocks in the study. Say a half hour at minimum for each it would be four, just an hour. She had trained herself to be in the dark for several hours, but that was trying to make her way around rooms, not just standing with items inside her. At least he had turned that off.

    The door reopened and he held up a small remote. "Oh, I can turn my toy on anytime I want. Try to get some sleep." And he clicked the remote and closed the door. She felt a slow pulsing in her vagina. She hated him. If she agreed to his bargain as he put it, would she be free of him and this device?

    She had already come close to an orgasm, how many would she have before she was released. She closed her eyes, at least staring at the dark room wouldn't help. Then she heard a click. And the device stopped. She sighed. Then rested against a corner of the cubicle as far as the mask allowed. She was getting used to being filled, and whatever she was breathing was making her sleepy. She could have got away, probably setting off some alarm in his study. If only she had not gone inside the bedroom she would not now be caught.

    Part One : To Catch a Thief
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