Nipples That Can Cut Glass Part Two

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    In the last episode a female cat burglar with a unique talent had entered a mysterious mansion owned by a mysterious man. Caught while admiring the man's wife, the thief is punished with interesting body wear.
    Part Two

    The thief awoke with a start, the mild anesthesia had finally worn off. Yet it took some moments before she regain knowledge of where she was. A dark closet in a mansion she had come to rob.

    Still wearing her latex body suit save the head mask, she had been captured by the man of the house who had forced her to wear additional items.

    Her body ached at standing, her face hurt from the mask for the knockout gas, her arms ached from the arm binder, and the damn double dildo panty also hurt. Its belt quiet though, no vibrations, no heat, and no timer. She had no idea of how long she had been here. She tried banging her hobbled feet against the door, or whichever wall the door was. Banging her knees, shoulders, head, and even breasts did not seem to do anything.

    And then the door opened, on her left side. It was not the face of the man she hated, but his wife.

    "Hi. Bet you need to go to the bathroom."

    The light, curly haired woman looked different from the scared creature in the wardrobe. She wore a light pink slip that hugged small breasts with large nipples, too short to hide the blonde hair shaped into her husband's initials. A dog collar at the neck. And pink fussy house slippers.

    The wife removed the mask and casually helped the thief out into the hallway, eyes adjusting to the light. Then across to the bathroom, where the thief was allowed to sit and release a bag of liquid.

    "You're very pretty," the wife said, arranging the thief's hair into a short ponytail high on the crown.

    "You must have really strong arms and legs. I don't. I'm just a decoration. Hubby really likes you. He wants you to be our slave. Wouldn't that be nice?"

    "I just came to steal your jewels and a painting. As soon as I get out of these things I'm going to leave you a widow." The thief said finding voice. Calm.

    But she realized that this wife, if not in on the abuse to her, probably didn't have the means to release the panty and arm binder.

    "Does that cathether hurt? It did me when he was experimenting with that device. But it looks so good on you. I'm really envious."

    "You like what he does to you?"

    "What woman wouldn't? He reminds that I am a woman. Hear me roar." She said this with pride.

    The thief stared at her. Yep, no help from her, except to stand up and be led to the kitchen.

    '"Hubby is in his study, said for you to have some juice and something to eat if you want. I cook eggs pretty well. And there's oatmeal and prunes and cottage cheese." She said as if these were the great delights of the epicurian world.

    The kitchen was small and not well laid out, in fact it had been moved from its first floor location up to the third floor, as the wife explained pouring a mixture of citrus and banana from the blender.

    "Hubby has converted the first floor into a warehouse and the second floor is his la-bor-a-tory." She giggled. As she held the glass with straw up to the thief's mouth she was also looking at the breast bulges in the latex. With the drink finished, the wife opened the latex to let the breasts fall out.

    "Hubby says you have very unique nipples." And she gently touched each one with a single finger, as if expecting a shock. "They're so firm. You must be so proud." She raised her slip up to show off her own nipples, elongated by long periods of clamping, swollen large from studs. "You like mine?"

    The thief leaned over and gently kissed each one. Hoping that one nice gesture would lead to at least getting the arm binder loosened. But to no avail. The wife grabbed the thief's nipples and tugged on them. "Giddy up horsey!" The thief grimaced but did not scream.

    "Whoa!" The man cried out. The kitchen had been stuffed into a corner of his large study. He sat at his desk in front of a balcony doorway. Over his shoulder, the sun peaking thru early morning haze.

    "I got her ready for you, honey." The wife said, dropping her slip but running a teasing hand into her shaped bush to touch her clit hood.

    "So I see, you can go do the laundry now." He said, and the wife scampered proudly off to an elevator door to attend to her chores.

    "Have you thought over my deal?" He asked.

    "Quite frankly, no I haven't."

    He picked up the small remote on his desk. And turned it on. She felt the small vibration in her front and back. He came over to her, to run his hands over her breasts, avoiding the nipples.

    "Generally speaking I can't control my urges whenever my wife likes to show off. Tying her up and putting her in one of the closets is the only way I get any work done at home. But seeing you standing next to her, well, I just might have to stuff you the way I did last night before I stuffed you with my toys."

    She spit in his face. He slapped her face, then each breast several times. Grabbing her ponytail he led her to the elevator and down to his laboratory.

    Electronic equipment everywhere. "I'm a tinkerer actually. Taking simple items and seeing what their potential is. Like that revolving dildo you're going to be enjoying quite soon. With its warming features, and little knobs that roll along the walls of your vagina, and the slight curve to caress your g-spot. I could make a good living selling these things.

    "What is it you want from me?" She said already feeling the first change in the random effects. But not in front, in back, ballooning and giving her the involuntary desire for removal, but without recourse.

    "I want you to steal something. At this meeting I mentioned earlier, is an item, a thumb drive, that I want. What is on it is of no value to you. You get it for me and I will release you from the pent up frustrations your lower body will be displeasing you. And as I said you can have the jewels. I prefer she wears other items to those baubles anyway. And they're insured."

    "Why me?"

    "Because you broke into my home. And, quite frankly, your very adequate abilities." He stopped her in front of a machine. An electric motor with alligator clip leads. She tried to shift away but he pushed her to her knees, her breasts resting on the table in front of the motor. With one hand twisting her hair to keep her as motionless as possible the other hand compressed a clip onto a nipple.

    She squirmed and screamed "I'll do as you say" as the motor increased in speed sending shocks into the clips.

    He turned the motor off but left the clip on. "Well, that was enjoyable. I was hoping, though, to clip both nipples and watch you struggling to get them off. But I don't want to harm these precious things any more than I have to. Eh?" He gave the clip a wiggle before taking it off. She felt onto her side on the floor, aching from the shocks and feeling another change in the panty.

    He sat down on a nearby stool and just watched her as she rocked on the floor until a calm period started. He gave her nearest knee a shove to get her to roll on her back.

    As she had the first orgasm she realized that he was probably impotent, a voyeur, and or just sick.

    He leaned over. "Can you read blueprints upside down?"

    She nodded, trying not to moan the pleasure of another rising orgasm.

    He drew down a rope and tied it to the ankle hobble and then turned on another motor. Yes, she could read a blueprint upside down, but not necessarily while she spun around in one direction and then back the other way. And certainly not when her lower body suddenly jerked with a new change in the panty. It would be awhile before she learned how she could pull off the next robbery.

    Just after noon he parked in the lowest basement garage of a downtown building. Looked around and let the thief out from the trunk. He had taken off the arm binder and ankle hobble but added a small collar. "This will assure me of two things. If you try to get out of this building or should you get caught by my opposition, the cops, of Feds, then I'll send a signal to the collar to start constricting. In short strangling you within a few seconds. Now then, you have two hours to get to the conference room. The meeting is at 2:30. When it ends I will turn the panty on and you will have to act fast to get the item and back here.

    As he took the main elevator to the conference floor, she ambled up the service elevator shaft, and then thru a ventilation shaft to a grill that overlooked the conference room. The man she hated sat in a chair where he could see the grill. Wearing all black she would not be seen exept for her yes. She winked at him. He held up the remote. She sighed. Then waited.

    The meeting was boring over an hour. But it revealed the man's concern. The room was one of two glass cubicles. A lone man sat in one recording the meeting and playing with a computer laptop. The thumb drive was on it. He was obviously just a clerk, for all the discussion and arguments and agreements went on in the other room. She would have to wait for that meeting to end, then use your special ability to get into the otherwise seemingly sealed room, steal the thumb drive and escape.

    Finally the meeting ended and all departed. She felt the vibration in the panty. Four and a half minutes of just gentleness before the first change. She had a device to unscrew the grill cover and climbed out into the first room. But the clerk was still in the second room. Although with his back to her. She quickly did her nipple cutting glass routine and laid the glass pane to one side, then slid through the opening to come up behind the clerk.

    He suddenly turned, not having heard her but getting ready to depart. His face met her breasts, his eyes met her nipples. His head bounced on the top of the swivel chair.

    She grabbed the thumb drive and went back thru the opening in the glass but this time she checked the hallway, no one there, and took the elevator to the garage floor, luckily without stopping. It had taken all of thirteen minutes. And one near orgasm in the elevator.

    At the car she handed over the thumb drive. "Okay, release me now."

    She felt the sting of the needle thru her latex suit once more.

    "I think you should stay hidden at my place until things calm down. I've got some more toys I want to try out on you. I'm sure you'll have a lot of discomfort with them." He laughed as he drove out of the garage to his mansion.

    Passing a van in the nearby alley that had recorded all the activity in the garage.

    What devilish new devices does the man have awaiting the thief''s body? Will she escape or be driven mad with excessive orgasms? Stay tuned for Part Three: Too Many Thieves in the Kitchen
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    I didn't think that he would let her go! She's going to have to be very inventive to get away I think! Great story!