Nipples That Can Cut Glass Part Three

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    In the last episode the female cat burglar has pulled off a heist of an item from a secured glass room using her very unique assets. Only to be denied her pay off.

    The thief awoke to find herself naked, save the arm binder, the choker collar, and ankle hobble. The horrible panty around her knees minus the front dildo. Oh, and also seated on a barber shop type chair.

    The wife sat on a lounge chair eating a sandwich reading a fashion magazine. She wore a blue teddy with cut outs for her nipples and also too short too hide her mound hair shaped in her husband's initials. A large window behind her looked out on the backyard. And out there was the husband talking to two of the men from the conference. Those two were not happy and soon disappeared.

    A few moments later the husband came into his second floor la-bor-a-tory as his wife called it.

    "She's awake." The wife informed.

    "So I see. Wow, can't get over how good your pussy looks."

    "Thanks." The wife said.

    But he looked over at her with a glare that made her hide behind the magazine. He came over to the thief and ran a hand along the exposed labia. "Still dripping your pleasure. That's nice."

    She made no effort to move against his probing fingers. What was the point. With the collar he could literally choke her with out touching her. So as long as his fingers were worrying her she felt safe. Even shifting her hips to let him glide in better. He nodded at this, wiping one hand on a breast, and then the other on her nose.

    "My business partners were just here. Seems they've been robbed of a certain very valuable item.

    Which I found between your breasts. Nice touch that." He paused to touch between her breasts. "Yes, very nice touch." His fingers moved back down to caress each labia.

    "Oh, uh, their clerk had some strange story about a woman who blinded him with her nipples. Isn't that a funny idea. Well, he was searched and is floating under a boat in the river now. You want to know something any funnier? They want me to head up the investigation of the theft. That's right.

    Now, should I turn you over to them and choke you before you can tell the truth, or shall we reconsider our mutual business interests. Someone like you on my payroll would be very good."

    "I suppose it would. I do all the work, and you just torture me to do it, during it, and afterward."

    "Ah, yes, the perks of management. Well, to give you an incentive as to an answer to my question, I will finish with the panty you enjoy so much." He went behind her for a moment and returned with a dildo for the front, larger than the original. "I'm sure you will be glad that I have reset the controls. It will still be somewhat random, but a touch of any button on the remote will change the settings. Waiting around to see how you squirm next was getting a bit boring. Plus if you seem to be really enjoying one particular effect I can increase that."

    "I'm sure I will be filled with all your expectations." She sighed as he began to place the dildo into the panty slot and engaging all the pertinent led lights on the panty belt. She gave no resistance as he pulled the panty back up and moved the dual dildo's into their assigned locations. She groaned and grimaced as he tightened the belt around her, then turned on the remote.

    He leaned over and gave her a long tonguing before turning the panty itself on. If biting his tongue would help her situation she would have done it. At least it was not his cock. But then she thought too soon on that one. He turned the chair down into the wash hair slant and held her face as he slid into her mouth.

    She milked his thrusts as quickly as possible, then felt the choke collar begin to squeeze. She gasped around his cock then blacked out.

    She awoke once more in the dark closet. Still dressed as before in the laboratory but also wearing the mask. She wasn't aware that she had been shoved in here so quickly that the mask hadn't been put on tight. She quickly pressed it against the wall to shove it off. With her ear to the wall she could hear men shouting at each other in the study.

    "Did you have to do that?" The husband said pointing at his wife slumped behind the open elevator door. She had, during the thief's sleep, put on the latex suit to see if her more slender and shorter figure could fit in and was showing it off to him when three men had burst in, one waving a fake warrant. All three wearing city badges, but only two carrying city guns.

    "We saw her on our cameras, in the hallway, and the garage. Wondered what she was doing for you. Then we heard that your good old buddies were missing something important. We've come to get it." The fat leader said talking a look around the studio.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." The man said rather too calmly. The second man stepped over to him and gave him a belly ache followed by a sore jaw.

    "You've got a nice place, too nice to burn down, so I think I'll move in." The fat man said strolling around the study to the balcony, taking in the view. As the man on the floor felt a shoe tip in his gut at the same moment a shoe collided with the small of his back. He groaned in pain.

    "Weasel, find something for me to drink." The fat man said without looking back.

    The third man, living up to his name by looks and attitude stepped over the unconscious wife and found the refrigertor. "He's got loads of juices and smoothies, boss."

    "No beer?" The fat man said lighting a cigar. "No wine? No liquor? That's not a nice way to treat guests."

    "He's got a whiskey glass on his desk." The second man said giving the man on the floor another boot to the gut. Then stepping over him to a small cabinet. "Good stuff, boss." And began to pour a glass.

    The fat man came over and rubbed a shoe heel on the face of the man on the floor. "Just tell us will you."

    The man on the floor was curling into a fetal position, tears, and whining voice. "Don't kill me, please. We were role playing that's all. I don't know what you want."

    "Liar." The fat man took the offered glass from his number two and went to the recliner. He picked up one of the remotes on the chair arm. It started the stereo system, quickly turned off. The fat man tried another one for the big plasma tv screen. But it did not come on.

    The thief suddenly felt the panty turn on. Then off. Then back on, and then change without going thru the four and a half minute warm up. The rear dildo began to rumble. She grimaced, knocking her shoulder on the wall.

    "What was that?" The fat man said, turning the remote off again. All the men looked over at the wife who had stirred enough to fall on her side, still out. But the fat man wasn't satisfied. "Go check the rooms."

    The second man started down the hall to the bedrooms. As the fat man tried a third remote and got the screen to come on to the scrolling 700 hundred channels. "Tell you what. You've got until I find a good cop show to watch, then you better have told me what you stole, where it is, and how it's useful to you. Understand?" There was a groan from the man on the floor.

    The weasel was taste testing all the drinks in the refrigerator while the number two man went thru all the rooms and closets. He even checked behind the curtain in the bathroom, then started back along the hallway.

    The fat man had clicked thru forty some channels to find a terrible seventies detective show. He put the remote down to watch, then shouted. "Unbelievable, I watched this crap last week." He picked a remote up again and clicked it hard.

    The thief grimaced again as both dildos began alternating throbs.

    The number two man paused in the hallway. Then put his ear to the wall.

    She winced at the light from the hallway and the rather handsome stud standing in the doorway.

    He looked at her naked beauty and the pulsing bulge in the panty. He made a gesture to her to be quiet.

    She showed her arm bindings and pleaded as well as she could, finally saying in a whisper. "Help me."

    He took a napkin from his pocket, left there a day or so earlier from a barbecue drive-in. He stuffed it into her mouth. Then stroked her breasts, and was about to caress her nipples when the fat man called out to him.

    "Find anything?"

    "Uh, no boss." And he closed the door. Looked around the corner. Weaset was spitting out something green. The fat man had found the tv remote again and was trolling again. The wife must have come to then passed out again, a thumb in her mouth. And the man on the floor was crawling towards a desk drawer.

    He acted quickly taking the gun out of the drawer and putting it in his coat pocket. "Say boss, maybe it's something he's already downloaded on his computer."

    "Smart. That's what I like about you. Loyal and smart. Check it out. Ah, ha,. Hawaii Five-O, the original." The fat man reclined and sipped the whiskey.

    The number two found the downloaded material. Realized its importance. Then turned to the Fat Man. "Nothing here boss."

    The man on the floor looked up only to find the number two's shoe pressing against his mouth to keep him quiet. The fat man looked around. "Finish the babe off."

    "Can I do that?" Weasel said from the kitchen, having found a vegetable drink he liked.

    "Sure, just do it quietly." His finger tapping on one of the remotes when not holding the cigar.

    The thief was on her knees, rocking from delightful pleasure to damnable pain every few seconds. The fat man had not turned off the remote. She also wanted to vomit from whatever the napkin had cleaned off of the prior day's lunch menu. She rested her head against the door and it swung open. She fell into the hallway. None of the men could see her. So she crawled to the bathroom hoping to find something to cut the arm binds.

    The Weasel finished his drink, started for the wife, then felt the urge to purge something he had already drank. He ran towards the bathroom and found the toilet just in time. Behind the tub curtain, the thief tried very hard not to make a sound while her hips gyrated to a random increase in one setting of throbs, revolving nubs, and heat. Tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to cross her legs to halt the flood of her own liquids into the bag on the panty.

    The number two man helped the man on the floor up onto his desk chair, with a whisper. "Tell him you already sold it." The man spat blood out then told the fat man the same thing.

    "Really? And they let you live? I doubt that. Weasel, throw the babe over the balcony. Where the hell is he?" Pounding on all three remotes, turning two off and getting a blast of opera from the stereo.

    Number two went down the hall just as Weasel came out of the bathroom with an annoucement.

    "Look what I found?"

    Is this the last of the thief? Will Number Two betray his boss and save her? And will the wife wake up to inherit her husband's estate? Stayed tune for these and other answers in Part Four: The last Thief.
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    Another great installment!