Nipples That Can Cut Glass Part Four

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    Our intrepid thief becomes involved in a nasty dispute.

    The thief knelt in the tub, thighs trembling, neck trembling, belly rocking, as she gritted her teeth to keep from screaming, her orgasm overpowering all the aches and pain she was also suffering.

    At the bathroom doorway, Weasel showed Number Two the drugs he had found. Then sauntered back to the kitchen, neglecting his job of throwing the wife off the balcony.

    The fat man was involved in how Steve McGarrett, the original one, barked orders at his staff and they hopped to in immediately. He wished he had a staff that did that. He looked around. Both were gone, nope, Weasel going to the refrigerator again. And where was the wife that he ordered thrown off the balcony. Had he already done that? "Good work, Weasel."

    "Thanks boss." Weasel answered popping a pill.

    "Where's Number two?"

    "Using the bathroom."

    The fat man returned to watching the tv show. While behind him the wife was crawling across the floor to try and help her husband, who slumped in his chair, believing that his only hope was Number two's denial of finding the downloaded information.

    In the bathroom Number two helped the thief out of the tub, then found small toe nail scissors to cut thru the arm binders. Then heard his boss's cry. He made a quick massage of her breasts, and a kiss to her ungagged but nasty tasting mouth, then ran out.

    The thief wobbled on the tub edge trying to finish the job of getting out of the binder, but to no avail. Her body was calming down and the devices inside her were running at low power. Only now did she consider that the devices were all battery powered. She checked the led lights, barely flickering. Maybe she could make a run for it, but she had to get out of the binder first. She snuck out into the hallway.

    The three intruders were grapling with the man and his wife.

    The thief snuck into the kitchen area and found the drawer with large knives. She set one down on the floor and edged the binder against it, slowly carving it open.

    Meanwhile the wife was slugged into unconsciousness again. The husband given another layer of contusions and bruises. And Weasel pulling away to go to the kitchen sink and throw up.

    He finished and cleaned his face with a paper towel, turned around and saw the naked woman squirming on the floor. She paused and smiled at him, then whispered. "How about taking this panty off and you'll get a real treat."

    Ignoring how she had suddenly appeared he knelt between her athletic legs and began to search for a way to undo the panty. He looked up over the counter a couple of times, his boss and the number two were in a heated debate about how to wake up the unconscious husband. He put his head down closer to her thighs.

    The boss sighed and sat back down to watch the end of the tv show. Number two propped the husband and wife together then from the liquor cabinet he opened a small bottle of selzter body and poured over their faces. Both began to awaken.

    "Way to go McGarrett." The boss pounded one of the remotes.

    The thief immediately discovered there was still enormous power left in the panty, so much that she began rocking and rolling on the floor, the knife under her slicing thru the binder, while her thighs began an involuntary pummeling of Weasel's head. It was all over by time McGarrett called out 'Book 'em Dano."

    Weasel slumped to the floor. The thief was out of the binder and quickly using the knife to cut thru the belt and remove the torture device. She looked around the counter. From this angle she could see that Number Two was downloading and deleting files on the laptop. She snuck up behind him and quickly clobbered him with a sauce pan from the kitchen. The grabbed the thumb drive and started for the elevator door.

    Two bullets whizzed by on either side of her as she reached the door. Thankfully the elevator was there and she managed to hit the first floor button before another bullet ricocheted around in the elevator.

    The boss cursed. He had stopped wearing a gun since Number two had moved up to that job position. So he had to take the woozy Number two's gun. But it was actually the gun the man had had in his desk drawer. The boss headed for the elevator door.

    Number two's head cleared and he took out his own gun from the inside holster. Aimed and shot the gun from his boss's hand. "Kick the gun over here." The boss cursed him but did as he said.

    The man who had captured the thief and set up the robbery of his partners, was not ready to give into a crooked lawman. He had awakened enough to stand up and heave the ruined laptop at Number two. Both guns were on the floor and the wife scrambled to reach at least one if not both.

    The thief ran to the nearest car. Then paused as it was locked. She heard more shots coming from the third floor. She didn't care what had happened up there. She took a deep breath and then carefully pressed her nipples against the driver's side window, cutting thru the glass and reaching in to unlock the door. Luckily it did not have a kill switch, most Honda first generation Civic's didn't have that option. She quickly hot wired it. Then saw a woman's pink panty dangling on the edge of the passenger seat. She smiled. Sure she was naked but she had had enough of panties this day.

    She drove home careful not to draw attention to herself. Managed to get back into her apartment without her keys, she was a cat burglar after all, took a hot bath, and had a proper meal. Whatever was in the thumb drive could wait to be shopped to the highest bidder. She lay down on her bed to sleep to the next day.

    Unaware that down in the basement the old maintenance guy had seen her park the car across the alleyway, and then sneak her gorgeous naked body up to her apartment. He happily jangled his master keys as he collected rope, chains, and tape.

    Will she sleep soundly with dreams of being filled front and back by men instead of devices? Or will

    our valiant thief awake to a new nightmare? And can her nipples cut glass to fit the old guy's glasses?

    Stay tuned to this same nipple channel.

    three hours late 21 march 2018, posted to erolair following day
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    Hahah! Excellent story!
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    Thank you, Kevlar31. Although I had set up a Part Five for our valiant burglar, I haven't go around to writing it, mainly because I though I had worn out the idea. But if you like this series, I'll get to work.
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    Excellent! I haven't forgotten the pics for the story you were going to write for me, either. I should have those ready soon(ish)! ;)