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    I'm on my way across town so i can take you there if you want. Good, get in, if you aren't in a hurry I'll make a short jog in the best route. Ah, here we are the old Peavey Grain Elevator, at one time we had seven elevators here now just the two, and this one is empty. Cross the spur line here, ah there it is, our town's famous wig-wag signal. want to get out and take a look?

    i was sure you would be interested. this signal dates back to the 1920's one of the oldest still working in the whole state. yes, sir, functional, those cross arms spread out and the upper arms light up and wig wag back and forth as the barrier pole comes down. not too many trains come thru here anymore but there 's still a need for it. use to have a hundred trains come thru each day right up to the late 80's, but then the trains got fewer but longer. the one on the otherside was taken down by the railroad but the town council save this one, moved it four feet onto city property.

    anyway, this here is Shelley. hey shelley, ain't you suppose to be here on thursdays.

    yes sir, but amy and me swapped this week so she could take her college entrance exams.

    well that's mighty nice of you. i'm sure she will pass with ease. when you going to take yours?

    oh, probably not until next spring, buck hurt his back in the big game last weekend and is coming

    home to recuperate.

    I hadn't heard of that, please give my best to him will you.

    I sure will. who's your friend?

    this here is Simon, come down here to work at the mill. starts next week, thought I'd show him around a bit. go on Simon, say hello.

    uh, hello, shelley

    that all you got to say, go on, give her a good introduction.

    uh, well, uh, it's sure nice to meet you and you're real pretty. does that thing hurt?

    this old wig wag? of course not, girls been up on this thing every day and night, three shifts, for a real
    long time. best job in town, doing a good service and say, you got a girl friend?

    uh, no, did have one, but not now, why you ask?

    well, hell guy, you're kind of cute yourself. you like red heads?

    I sure do.

    you like my red hair down around my pussy?

    yes, ma'am, i sure do, real nice.

    well, pet my pussy why don't you.

    i can do that?

    show him, sir. he seems awful shy about what girls have to offer.

    you just walk straight forward and put your hand right here, take a finger in run it around the lips and then inside, feel her, take the finger out and...oh, you are always so sweet tasting Shelley.

    thank you sir, your turn Simon, I ain't going to squeeze your finger off. that's right, there's my nubbin,
    what really gets me excited, you being new to town you can give it a good lick if you want. oh, Simon,
    that's real nice, oh yes, keep at it, a bit harder, well you'll do better next time i'm sure, thank you.
    I'm up here every Tuesday night. Chloe's here on Friday nights and the boys are lined up all the way
    around the elevator. ain't that right sir.

    it sure is Shelley. say hey to amy for me.

    yes sir, i know she's your favorite, oh, sir, ain't you going to pluck nothing?

    i almost forgot. its nearing that time again. during this time of year it's customary to pluck a hair from each girl's mound. this year is what?

    the school mascot.

    a bull's head?

    no sir, the horns of a bull.

    ah, yes. pluck a hair every time you visit the wig-wag girl, until her mound hair forms a shape, this year it's horns of a bull. ah, there's a nice one.

    oh, thank you sir, put it in your pocket and don't lose it. you too simon, go on pluck a hair and maybe i'll
    be your dance partner at the county fair. ummm, yes, now put it in a safe place.

    i will Shelley, you do taste real sweet, and i like your boobs too.

    oh, ain't you the gentleman. oh, got a train coming, stick around and watch me spread real wide.

    ain't nothing better than coming out here right at sunset, a train coming, and a pretty girl bound to the wig wag, spreading her legs for all to see up her womanly virtues. oh, looking so good Shelley, i said YOU'RE LOOKING REAL GOOD. GOING TO TAKE SIMON, I said I'm going to take Simon over for supper at the barbecue house. let's see, it's Marie tonight?

    she sure is. good food there too.

    well, what say, in the mood for barbecue? marie will stir your appetite for sure. got her on this revolving spit rack at the end of the buffet line. i'll ask if you can have an honorary pour of the barbecue sauce over her tits.

    i think i'm going to like living here.

    well, it's cold in the winter and hot in the summer and the drive in movie theatre is gone but we got us a bowling alley. you'll like watching the girls setting up the pins and bringing back your bowling ball. and then there's the town's football teams. all girls of course, no pads. lots of touchdowns. the mill has brought back work here, ratio of women to men is a whopping seven to one, that's why we set up these jobs for the girls, something for them to do and it helps keep crime down too. who's going to bother robbing you when there is a naked girl every fifty yards or so, doing something vital for the town.

    oh here we are, speaking of which. Debbie! come on over here. Simon, this here is my youngest, just graduated from high school, you taking that college exam that Amy is doing?

    sure am, dad. what's the matter Simon, never seen a tattoo or naked girl before, or both?

    no, ma'm, or yes, ma'm, I mean I haven't see one with a tattoo like that.

    you mean the bull horns curving up around my 36 d's?

    here, sit on the car hood, its nice and warm for you, we're going in for dinner. your Mom finished her shift on the spit rack? good, come on Simon, quit staring at my daughter's tits, damn, what do they teach you boys upstate?