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    This is part of a series of stories in my DA page, if you want to read more of them go to where you can find the others and the previes for th epics.

    This story is posted her ein Erolair cause ot contains some stuff with underage charcaters that some people might find innapropiate... <_< >_>

    Back at the Republic City Air Temple, a tall bald man with blue arrow tattoos walks in followed by three children: two girls and one boy. One of the girls, the eldest, is reading a book while the other two kids are arguing about who would be a better pro-bending player between the two.

    Girl.- (the middle one age wise, short brown hair fixed in two buns looks cheerful) Of course I’d be a better pro-bender than you, you can’t even pay enough attention to be a player.

    Boy.- (the youngest of the bunch with shaved head and looking hyper) But you’re a girl and everyone knows guys are better players than girls.

    Girl2.- (the oldest of the three, also short dark brown hair; calm looking and focused on her book) Korra is a girl.

    Boy.- That’s not fair! She’s the Avatar.

    Man.- (looking a little exhausted) Pema, we’re back. Where are you?

    Girl.- (a little annoyed) Girls can be better benders than boys.

    At that moment the man sees a piece of paper in the middle of a table with a red rose on top of it. Curious, he grabs it and reads it:

    “Dearest Tenzin,

    I have been thinking this for a while and I think you and I need some romantic time to ourselves, just you and me, like in the old times. So, I decided tonight is our night: leave the children and meet me at the Majestic Sanctum Motel at the farthest side of the city. I’ve already paid for the room so just wait for me there. I shouldn’t take long to arrive, I just went to buy the… appropriate clothes for the evening. Don’t worry, the children have proven they can take care of themselves.

    All my love,


    Boy.- (looking at the man’s face) Why are you blushing?

    Tenzin - (is startled) What…? I… (Hides the note and takes a moment to recover the composure) Children, your mother and I will have to attend to… things tonight so you will be spending the night on your own.

    Boy.- Where is mom?

    Girl.- (cheerful) Are you taking her out on a date?

    Man.- (flustered) I don’t…! That is… I mean…

    Girl 2.- (Grabs the other two kids and pulls them out of the room) Don’t worry we’ll be fine, just be sure to have a bath before you go.

    Man.- (breathing a sigh) Thank you, Jinora.

    In another part of Republic City, Natalia is calmly walking through the dark streets when her glove suddenly glows, causing her to stop and take notice.

    Natalia.- Oh, I didn’t know you did that (Moves her hand around and the glove glows again then she points her arm towards an alley). Interesting.

    Natalia follows the glow until she gets to a dark hidden corner where she finds a modern looking aluminum suitcase.

    Natalia.- I’m going to guess this is not originally from here.

    She opens the suitcase and finds a good variety of supplies, including sleeping drugs, coils of rope, rolls of tape, and a small dart gun with plenty of ammunition. Off to the side of the case was a bottle of cold water with the words “For you” written on it.

    Natalia.- Well, this is a nice surprise, I can always use some more tools (checks the water bottle). And even a little gift for me? This is oddly nice of him (opens the water bottle and drinks some of it). Not bad (Natalia starts packing the supplies in her personal bag and keeps drinking the water till she is almost finished). Some rope and a bit of tape and I’ll do this next one quick: fuck those damn perverts and their stupid polls… (At that instant she stops and feels something weird) what… (She leans on a wall feeling dizzy) what the fuck… the water… oh you fucking (finally falls to the ground unconscious).

    A little later, Natalia recover her consciousness and stands up, still feeling a bit off.

    Natalia.- (speaks to herself) That fucking artist… (immediately notices her voice is higher pitched and more child sounding) the fuck? (looks down and sees her flat short body, quickly runs to a window nearby and sees herself turned child, including different clothes and different hairdo). Ooooooh (smiles evily). I see what you did, you sneaky pervy monkey you (Natalia grabs her bag and begins to walk with an evil smile on her face but suddenly stops) Hang on! How did I get a different hairstyle and clothes from a sleeping magic drink!?


    A bit later, on Air Temple Island, Natalia is already lurking in the surrounding gardens, hiding and looking through a pair of binoculars.

    Natalia.- (unamused) Really? You’re just gonna cut to the next scene? You cheap ass… fine! Whatever (looks through the binoculars and sees Tenzin leaving the temple well groomed and clearly happy). There he goes… so, I will say I paid for the room to buy time, but I assume we are just gonna leave this open for interpretation, in any case (smiles again). Let’s have some fun.

    Natalia walks out of the bushes and is immediately interrupted by the sound of a young boy’s voice.

    Boy.- Who are you?

    Natalia.- (stops and looks behind her, finding the youngest of the siblings standing behind her looking at her suspiciously. She looks at him for a few seconds and then responds very serious) YOU!

    Boy.- (confused) eh?

    Natalia.- (points at him and tries to remember his name form the info she has gathered) Mailo!

    Boy.- Meelo.

    Natalia.- MEELO, I’ve been looking for you.

    Meelo.- (boy) (more surprised) Have you?

    Natalia.- I am the famous Wabaga and I’ve come a long way to challenge you and prove I am the greatest!

    Meelo.- (clearly confused but also intrigued) Challenge me?

    Natalia.- I heard you were the greatest around here and I came to prove I’m greater than you.

    Meelo.- (ignores the fact that he has no idea who this girl is and responds to the challenge) Oh yeah? And what makes you think you can beat the great Meelo?

    Natalia.- (still pointing at him challenging) I… wait (rummages inside her bag). Well I… (takes out a small bottle with dark liquid). I can drink more of this than you!

    Meelo.- (already fully committed to the challenge) NONSENSE! (grabs the bottle from Natalia’s hand, opens it and gulps the content whole giving the bottle back to Natalia). HAH! (immediately falls to his face unconscious).

    Natalia.- Idiot (picks Meelo up and tosses him behind some bushes).

    Natalia sneaks inside the temple and peaks behind a corner where she gets to see the two girls inside a room. Jinora is sitting calmly still reading a book while her sister is poking her, looking extremely bored.

    Jinora.- (moving slightly with every poke getting more and more annoyed) IKKI, can you stop doing that?

    Ikki.- (clearly bored) But I’m booooooooored!

    Jinora.- Then go play with Meelo.

    Ikki.- I don’t know where he is, besides I wanna play with you.

    Jinora.- I’m busy.

    Ikki.- You’re not busy! You’re just reading a dumb book.

    Jinora.- (clearly bothered by her sister’s comment) Please just leave me alone.

    Ikki.- (pouts) Very well (walks out of the room annoyed)

    Ikki goes out of the room and walks through the hallway, still clearly upset.

    Ikki.- Stupid Jinora always acting so smug and superior and...

    When Ikki is walking outside another room, she is pulled inside it and is pressed against a wall with a hand covering her mouth. In front of her is Natalia.

    Natalia.- (smiling evily) Hi.

    Ikki.- (a little confused says hi back) Hnn?

    Natalia.- (surprised of the carefree response of the girl) You don’t seem too worried about me pushing you against a wall and gagging you inside a dark room.

    Ikki.- (looks at her confused for one second) S-shld hn?

    Natalia.- (takes her hand off Ikki’s mouth) I don’t think, you’re not gonna scream are you?

    Ikki.- W-why would I?

    Natalia.- You don’t know me and I just pulled you into a dark room.

    Ikki.- But you’re a kid like me, you can’t be that bad.

    Natalia.- (smirks) Aren’t you adorable?

    Ikki.- By the way, who are you?

    Natalia.- I’m a friend.

    Ikki.- (confused) Are you?

    Natalia.- Of course! I came to learn to be an airbender and I wanna be friends with you and your sister.

    Ikki.- (smiles) Oh that’s great!

    Natalia.- I know! I was just gonna leave you bound, gagged, and stuffed with eggs inside this room but considering your naivety I think you’ll be more useful than I first thought.

    Ikki.- (looks at her very confused) Nai.. vety?

    Natalia.- So, are you up for some games, ‘friend’?

    Ikki.- (clearly excited) Sure! (suddenly pouts) But Jinora’s being a jerk right now...

    Natalia.- Is that so? Well, how about we do something about it? Like make her have some proper fun with us.

    Ikki.- But she’d never agree to…

    Natalia.- (caresses Ikki’s hair softly) Don’t worry, I have my ways to convince her. I’ll tell you what we’ll do… (Gets near Ikki’s ear and whispers to her)

    A little later back at the other room, Jinora keeps reading her book when she turns to her left to see Ikki smiling at her.

    Jinora.- What is it now?

    Ikki.- I’m back to play a game with you.

    Jinora.- I already told you, I’m not playing any games.

    Ikki.- (gives her a huge grin) Well you are playing, like it or not (in a quick move, she takes Jinora’s book of her hands and runs out of the room).

    Jinora.- (angry) Hey! Ikki, come back here! (goes out of the room chasing her sister) I’m warning you!

    Ikki runs out of the temple and into the gardens, followed slightly behind by her sister. Not long after, Ikki stops at a small clear spot on a far, relatively hidden part of the garden and Jinora catches up to her a little out of breath.

    Jinora.- (recovering her breath) Why did you do that? If you’re going to be rude, I’ll want to play with you even less.

    Ikki.- (still smiling) I think you won’t have a say on that in a minute.

    Jinora.- (clearly annoyed) Just give me my book!

    At that moment Natalia jumps onto Jinora’s back, using her legs to cling herself to her torso and holding one of the young bender’s arms to her side. She places a chloroform-soaked cloth on the girl’s face while using her other hand to control Jinora’s other arm with ease. They both fall to the ground with Jinora clearly alarmed, trying to fight back at first but being held down with extreme ease, completely helpless. She turns Ikki, hoping for her sister to provide some help but Ikki just smiles at her.

    Ikki.- (waving) Nighty night sis.

    Jinora finally loses consciousness after hearing her sister’s words.


    Sometime later, Jinora starts to recover her senses and opens her eyes slowly, looking at the strange girl in front of her next to Ikki.

    Natalia.- Welcome back, you should be very confused right now, but it’s normal. The artist seems to be repetitive in these knock out/ wake up scenes.

    Jinora grunts, immediately noticing a wad of cloth inside her mouth secured firmly by another cloth tied around her head and over her mouth. She also notices that she is sitting on the floor with her legs front and straight, tied by the ankles and her torso tightly bound with purple rope. Jinora also notes that she is secured to a tree with the same color rope.

    Natalia.- (to Ikki) Isn’t she adorable?

    Ikki.- That’s some good work with the rope.

    Natalia.- Yeah, think of me as the rope fairy coming to deal with good girls.

    Ikki.- (to Jinora) Do you wanna play now?

    Jinora.- (clearly angry) LHT MHH GHH NNHH!

    Ikki.- I don’t think she’s having fun.

    Natalia.- You mean, she’s not having fun YET. How about we help her enjoy the game a little more directly? (Grabs Jinora’s feet and takes both her shoes and socks off)

    Ikki.- Ooooh, I like where this is going.

    Natalia.- Well, by all means, I’ll work the upper half.

    Jinora.- (Looks at them with some fear in her eyes) NHHH NHHH HHKKKEE!

    Natalia steps over Jinora and sits on her lap, face to face with her victim while Ikki gets close to the naked soles of her sister. Jinora merely emotes muffled complaints and shakes her head when Natalia puts her hands inside her top and starts tickling her sides. This immediately sends shocks to Jinora while, at the same time, Ikki starts tickling her sister’s soles playfully.

    Ikki.- Don’t worry Jinora, you’ll end up enjoying this.

    Natalia.- (whispers to Jinora’s ear) I can assure you, you’ll enjoy it more than you think.

    Natalia gets closer to Jinora’s body and, while working on tickling her stomach, starts rubbing the young girl’s chest and nipples underneath her clothes. Jinora immediately reacts to this, but her protests are silenced by her gag and lost in what Ikki just assumes are reactions from the tickling. The rubbing continues for a couple of minutes in which Ikki never stopped her own feet work going from rubbing to fast scratching, having a blast herself while Natalia used her dominant position to give Jinora a few kisses on the neck and some playful licks on her ear that by now have turned Jinora’s face into a bright red color.

    Ikki.- Are you feeling better now?

    Jinora.- (just sees her with pleading eyes and shakes her head)

    Natalia.- I think it’s time to go all out.

    Ikki.- (smiling) Got it!

    Ikki goes back to the feet, but this time starts licking Jinora’s fingers and soles slowly while massaging them.

    Natalia.- (To Jinora) I taught her that. Now, I’ll go all out too.

    Natalia lowers her hand, putting it inside Jinora’s pants and starts rubbing her captive’s crotch with her fingers, first from the outside and then playing on the inside as well. The combination of both girls’ actions starts to make Jinora’s head swirl and lose control of her senses, which accompanies consecutively louder pleasure moans along with the spasms of laughter and tears.

    Natalia.- (noticing Jinora is pretty much defeated by now) Time to give the perverts what they wanted.

    Natalia reaches into her belt and pulls out two plastic eggs, then reaching into Jinora’s underwear. Once again, she introduces her fingers into the girl’s pussy and pressing a button in a controller. As the eggs begin vibrating, Natalia gets up, turns around, and picks Ikki up and pulls her tight to her body. She then gives her a deep French kiss that the young girl receives with extremely confusion on her face.

    Ikki.- (stunned) W-what was that for?

    Natalia.- (pulling out something else from her belt before pressing her finger against Ikki’s lips) Shhh, it’s time you have some fun too.

    Ikki.- But I thought we were helping Jinora have fun?

    Natalia.- (pulls out a pair of black panties and stuffs them in Ikki’s mouth) Trust me, she is very well entertained.

    Jinora can only powerlessly watch as Natalia pulls her sister to the ground and starts kissing her neck, all while having a hard time keeping her mind focused due to the intense stimulation in her most sensitive areas. Natalia rubs herself on top of Ikki, who doesn’t put up much resistance, but is still extremely confused about the whole situation. Natalia then starts undressing the young bender bare, which Jinora at first seems to protest although it doesn’t seem to be an issue for Ikki. With Ikki finally fully naked and at her mercy, Natalia starts rubbing her nipples while going down and using her tongue on the girl’s crotch. Ikki closes her eyes tightly and lets out a few muffled moans, keeping her hands tight to her sides but doing nothing to stop Natalia or even pull the improvised gag out of her mouth. After a couple of minutes, Natalia starts undressing as well becoming completely naked while only keeping her plot glove on.

    Natalia.- (pulls the panties out of Ikki’s mouth and giving her another kiss before telling her in a soft voice) What do you say we join your sister to our fun?

    Ikki says nothing, only nods with her face bright red and her breath accelerated, that way the two naked girls get near Jinora who is watching with a completely defeated look in her face.

    Natalia.- hey Jinora, do you want to join us now? (Jinora just looks away) you know it is better if you just cooperate right? (Jinora looks at her with pleading eyes and just nods)

    Natalia then proceeds to undo the ropes around Jinora’s feet and around the tree, making a sign to Ikki, who then pulls Jinora’s pants and underwear down while Natalia undoes the top rope off of Jinora. The eldest airbender was, by this point, not even able to resist or fight back. Natalia takes off the top of the girl’s clothes and re-ties her arms behind her back and around her torso, more for fun than restraint at this point. Natalia then finally takes off the gag and gives Jinora an even deeper and more passionate kiss than the ones she gave Ikki. She then immediately gives another kiss one to Ikki and then pulls both girls’ faces together, making them kiss each other. The two siblings keep going while Natalia hugs Jinora from behind her back and uses one of her hands to keep stimulating the girl’s crotch. It had, by now, become a gooey mess and, with her other hand, Natalia softly rubs Jinora’s nipple. It was by this point that the two airbending sisters are lost in a passionate kiss.

    Natalia.- This has been fun, but it’s getting too long. Let’s wrap it up.

    Natalia grabs Jinora’s chest with her gloved hand and the glove begins shinning, quickly absorbing the girl’s energy which makes her feel even more vulnerable than she did before as Ikki keeps kissing her all over the lips and neck. Jinora finally finishes with a quiet yet firm set of moans, quickly filling Natalia’s glove quota and falling on her side barely conscious.

    Ikki.- (Surprised and a little worried) Jinora?

    Natalia.- (walks to her clothes and pulls something out of them) Don’t worry, she’s fine. All she did was just came and lose a lot of energy, but she’s not hurt.

    Ikki.- (Blushing intensely and looking embarrassed) W-was what we did really right?

    Natalia.- (Walks towards Ikki) Oh no, it was an incredibly dirty and inappropriate thing to do (Ikki looks worried and a bit sad). It was all to please a pervert and a bunch of his dirty followers (kneels down in front of Ikki and sticks a needle in her neck, causing the girl to panic for a moment before falling unconscious) but don’t worry you won’t remember anything.

    At that point Jinora could only weakly observe now as Natalia walks toward her.

    Natalia.- (showing another needle in her hand) You know, the adult me would have never done something like this, but I don’t give a fuck. Still I’m not a monster and I made sure none of you got hurt. One last thing, don’t be such a bitch with your sister; she obviously loves you a lot.

    Natalia sticks the needle in Jinora’s neck and she falls unconscious.


    The next morning, Jinora wakes up and finds herself in her own bed, wearing her normal sleeping clothes, with her book next to her bed. She does not remember anything that happened last night.

    Jinora.- I feel… weird. I feel like I’m forgetting something.

    Jinora walks out of her room and sees Ikki playing outside. Ikki sees her for a second and then turns away looking upset.

    Jinora.- (remembers being rough with Ikki last night) Good morning, Ikki.

    Ikki.- (without looking to see her and in a curt way) Morning.

    Jinora.- (gets near to her sister and puts her hand on Ikki’s head) Ikki, what do you say after breakfast, we spend the day playing in the gardens, just you and me?

    Ikki.- (looks at her and smiles tenderly) I’d like that.

    Somewhere far from the Temple and in the city, the young Natalia walks carefree.

    Natalia.- (sarcastically) Oh sure that ending will compensate for underage incest. I hope you’re happy, you jerkass monkey! The older me is gonna beat your ass for that. (in that moment the glove starts glowing when she walks past an alley) and speaking of which I’m assuming it is time for me to leave, well it makes sense after all next target is an adult, oh well it was fun, be sure to let me out whenever you need me to deal with another youngster.

    Natalia enters the alley, disappearing into the shadows.
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