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    “My God,” Brandon said, “The zombies are everywhere!”

    “That’s the idea,” Susan said with a smirk. “We were looking for a fresh one to turn into a slave.”

    “We were?” Candice asked in surprise.

    That was news to her; no one had said anything about hunting zombies. She’d been reluctant enough to come with her friends when she thought they were just going to be tourists—safe; looking at the dangerous freaks of nature behind a foot-thick wall of Plexiglas, with reinforced steel doors and an electrical repulsion system to keep the slow moving creatures at bay.

    “Don’t worry,” Derrick said, “They can’t get to us as long as we say inside.”

    “Staying inside won’t let us capture one,” Susan said with a frown.

    “I don’t think we want any of these Zombies,” Brandon said. “The freshest ones here have got to be more than a year old.”

    “And they're all males,” Derrick added, in obvious disapproval. “I was hoping to catch a female one, with nice big breasts we could torture.”

    “They’re fresh enough that they still respond to the smell of salt,” Susan said, ignoring her boyfriend, Derrick’s, comments. “That means they’re still smart enough to use their brains a little. We can use that to draw them in, if we offer up some bait.”

    “Oh?” Brandon asked. “Are you volunteering?”

    “I might have a candidate to suggest,” Susan countered, staring back at Brandon.

    “Hey… don’t look at me,” Brandon said. “I’m with Candice. I think we should call Derrick's brother over at FeZCAy and wait for the men in armored suits to show up with their tranquilizer guns.”

    FeZCAy was the Federal Zombie Control Agency; it had become one of the most powerful branches of government over the past fifteen years or so, ever since Z-virus outbreaks became so common.

    “Not interested,” Susan said, “I’m not getting stuck in quarantine for a month?”

    “A month?” Candice asked. “Does it really take that long for someone who’s infected to turn?”

    “Closer to three weeks,” Derrick said in a reassuring tone—as if that was reassuring.

    “It’s FeZCAy,” Susan said with a scowl. “If they nab us, they could do whatever the fuck they wanted with us, since I'm willing to bet none of you told anyone where we were going. No one would ever know, they'd just say we became infected and they found us too late. And they'd have their own zombie slaves to play with. My friend Bella says things like that happen all the time.”

    “Maybe,” Derrick said with a smile, "but that’s why it pays to have someone you know in the agency.

    “Fuck your brother,” Susan said. “I’ll take my chances on our own. You know what to do if I start acting wonky, right Derrick?”

    “And you can bet your ass I’ll enjoy doing it too,” he said with a smug smile. "I’m a better pain pimp than any of those Fez Cackers, anyway.”

    “How about you, Candi?” Susan said, “Would you rather let Derrick work the Zombie out of you? Or are you a government girl?”

    “I’m not playing your game,” Candice said, “No one told me we were going zombie hunting.”

    “Of course not,” Derrick said, “if you knew, you wouldn’t have come.”

    “Really Candice,” Susan said, “It’s hard to imagine you being so fussy about having someone’s hands pawing your body.”

    “Fuck you, Susan,” Candice said angrily. If FeZCAy even thinks we’re out here hunting zombies, we could all end up in jail; and rightly so! The Z-virus isn’t something to take lightly. I never should have agreed to come; I should have know you guys would be up to something stupid.”

    “It’s not that bad anymore,” Brandon said, trying to take her hand reassuringly.

    “That’s right,” Derrick agreed, “My brother knows THE Eric Bellcamp, so he knows all about the cure: intense pain is a surefire way to force out the zombie”

    “Who’s Eric Bellcamp?” Brandon asked.

    Candice, however, didn’t wait for Derrick to answer. “I don’t have any interest in being stuck in one of their government torture chambers for a few months while they beat the zombie out of me,” she said huffily. “I’ve had enough of this silliness. I’m going into the radio room to see if I can call FeZCAy.”

    “Why?” Derrick asked.

    “To see if they can come rescue us, of course.”

    “Good luck getting through on that radio. My brother says it's in worse shape than the zombies; it's been dead for years.”

    Candice didn’t care, she left the room anyway.

    “So who is this Eric Bellcamp?” Brandon asked.

    Derrick smiled. “He’s the one who discovered the cure,” he said. “His girl friend became infected, slowly started acting wonky, like they all do. Well, he and his girlfriend had a bit of a sadomasochistic relationship, and they decided to spend her last few weeks experiencing all the really freaky, hardcore pain-shit that they’d never been willing to try before. Only the more they explored their fantasies the more they realized that the torture sessions were keeping the z-virus from becoming fully activate. I mean, his girl was still turning so she was slowly loosing her mind, but it was happening far slower than usual. That’s when Eric got the idea to step-up the torture sessions. I don't know if he really thought they would help her, like he says, or whether he just figured she was so far gone he could start doing anything he wanted to her. I think he'd always wanted to take the game a lot further than his girlfriend had been willingly to go. But once he took it to the extreme... well it was like the virus just couldn’t stand it any more… and miraculously she was cured, just like that.”

    “They say it took him less than a week to beat the virus right out of her,” Susan added.

    “Yea?” Brandon asked, “but I’ve heard that sometimes it doesn’t work.”

    “Depends on how mature the Z-virus is,” Derrick said. “Early onset usually takes about a month, to go from the first signs of infection to being incapable of resisting the urge towards violence. In the old days they’d just keep people humanely tied up, in isolation, until they died, which could take several months, even years. But once they learned the cure, it became rather simple to cure those in the early onset phase. You just have to make sure the torture is severe enough to force the virus out.”

    “And what if it’s not?”

    “Depends. Torture always suppresses progression of the symptoms in all but the oldest zombies. But the stronger the hold of the Z-virus becomes, the more difficult it is to cure one. Eventually, there simply isn’t anything you can do to help them. The biggest problem is that many people simply aren’t cruel enough to inflict the necessary amount of pain… so instead of the zombie being cured in a few weeks, the treatment only slows the virus or sends the infection process into temporary remission. If you ride the edge that way, they say you can keep an infected person in the pre-zombie state for years, but if this goes on for too long, the victim can become permanently stuck in this pre-zombie state, and you can't cure them. The torture may prevents them from breaking down and falling apart—the way old zombies do—it can even induce increasingly infrequent moments of mental clarity, but over time, it becomes harder and harder to keep them on the edge. It's like the z-virus has become immune to the pain, and it takes more to keep them from degenerating further.”

    “I suppose that’s why the Federal government stepped in to create FeZCAy?”

    “Yeah, they say you need trained agents to make sure the newly infected are given a sufficient amount of pain. They've been taught to read the signs, so their agents know just how much pain to dish out.”

    “Do the zombies remember the torture, after they’ve been cured?” Brandon asked with a curious expression on his face—it seemed to be a mixture of fascination and revulsion.

    Derrick smiled. “That’s the beauty of it, buddy,” he said. “Once they’re cured, they don’t remember a damned thing.”

    “It’s better than Rohypnol,” Susan said with a smirk, “because the fun gets to last for weeks or even months instead of just a few hours.”

    “Wow!” Brandon said, his expression shifting slightly towards fascination now.

    “Is Candi still refusing to put out for you?” Susan asked, with a suggestively evil smile.

    “Yeah, but…” Brandon’s eyes widened suddenly. “You’re not suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, are you?”

    “We did come up here to go Zombie hunting,” Derrick said, “and, it's not like we wouldn't bring her back—after we had our fun.”

    “She’d never even know what happened,” Susan added.

    “Oh, she’d know she was a zombie,” Derrick amended, “but we could assure her that we were the one’s who saved her from certain death. That means we’d not only get to have our fun with her, but afterwards I suspect she’d be rather grateful to your heroics, as you risked your life to fight off zombies so they didn't drag her off and eat her. Just imagine what she might do for you, in such a state of gratitude.”

    “Besides, they say that after you’ve been a zombie, you’re always a little hornier than you used to be—it's a residual affect that never really goes away.”

    “And all this without her ever being the wiser.”

    “And what do you two get out of this?” Brandon asked.

    “Well,” Susan said with a grin as she reached down and cupped the crotch of his pants, “We get to torture sweet little candi, of course.”

    His rock hard cock throbbed. “So,” he said softly, “What did you have in mind?”


    … “So… What did you have in mind,” Brandon’s voice crackled softly over the intercom.

    In the radio room, just down the hall from the others, Candice sat in her chair, unable to believe what her friends were so calmly discussing. She wished she could see their faces, to know whether or not they were teasing (as she hoped) or whether they were really serious. It was possible they knew there was a working system of monitors and intercoms in this old, abandoned complex—but maybe they didn’t. She’d only discovered it by accident when she flipped a breaker, trying to figure out a way to get the radio to work. Something on the control console had beeped as a light blinked. So she’d begun to try various buttons and knobs. Soon she had a whole array of working monitors in front of her, and her friends voices were crackling over the speakers.

    “We’ll have to make it look like an accident,” Susan’s was saying. “I’ll ask your little Candi Cane to come with me to get some food out of storage bay 5, here.”

    She paused, as if pointing out the position on one of those little wall maps that were prominently posted in every room. Candice went to the wall and found her own map, locating storage bay 5.

    “She doesn’t know the layout of the compound, so Brandon can lead her down the north hall towards the Exit where the zombies are congregating around the salt-licks. I’ll go open the doors, and let a few zombies into the outer safe-lock. When you open the door, just push her in and close it for a few minutes—just long enough for them to get a few bites. They always start nibbling on the arms and legs, so it’s not likely she’ll suffer any permanent damage to her face.”

    “Or those fine breasts.”

    “Then we’ll come in with guns blazing, just in time to save her from gross disfiguration, but not in time to keep her from being infected. That way, even if she does happen to remember, she won’t know that we did it on purpose.”

    “Alright, I’m in,” Brandon said.

    “Good,” Susan purred, “I’ll just go and open the outer locks to let a few zombies in. You go sweet talk your girlfriend into coming back to the party… you’ve missed her, and you want her to stop being anti-social. Then I’ll talk her into walking with me to get the supplies. ”

    Candice could almost hear Brandon nodding. In a panic she went to the door and locked it. Let him wonder what to make of that while she tried to figure out what to do.

    Returning to the control console, she tried to think of a plan; but what? If she let them know that she knew what they were planning, they might just throw her in with the zombies anyway. She couldn’t simply leave. She was a hundred miles out in the zombie wastelands—she wouldn’t survive the walk back. And if they thought she knew, they might track her down to keep her from talking. Besides, there were likely to be free-range zombies between here and the city. She couldn’t take the car and leave them, a court would consider that the same as pre-meditated murder, if anything happened to them.

    Looking at the wall map, Candice tried to think of anything that might undermine what her friends had planned. This old building had been a research facility—and it was still owned by a government agency: probably FeZCAy. According to Derrick, whose brother worked for them, it had been used to house zombies back when they were still experimenting on them; trying to develop a cure. Instead, the cure had been discovered by a couple of punk kids doing something not that different from what her friends had come up to do.

    The important thing, however, was that this console room seemed to be the building’s headquarters: a place from where all the safety doors could be activated and controlled. Certain doors could also be opened and closed using a control panel beside various doors—but it stood to reason that the control panel in this room would override those controls—giving a few people, stationed in this room, the ability to control the whole facility from a single, secure location. So all Candice had to do was figure out which buttons controlled which doors and then think up a plan to use that knowledge in the next few minutes.

    She watched Susan walking down the halls and tried to follow her movement on the wall map. She studied the buttons on the console. One whole block of buttons was labeled door-locks and each individual button was labeled with a number that corresponded to the numbers on the wall map. Suddenly Candice was beginning to think she could do this. As long as the old control buttons still worked, that is. They were covered by an awful lot of dust. Still, it was her best (and probably only) chance.

    She watched until Susan went to the outer door and opened it to let the zombies in.

    The zombies were very slow moving, and unlike the zombies in old Hollywood movies, they didn’t crave human brains or anything. In fact, much of the time, they were content to ignore other living things, including humans, unless they were right next to them. Perhaps they knew they couldn't move fast enough to catch anything, since even the newest zombies moved very sluggishly--but she suspected it had more to do with the fact that their brain simply didn't work any more. They literally weren't smart enough to hunt for food, unless they saw it moving. In fact, the only thing that really got them worked up was a little salt and pepper. For some reason, when they got hold of these seasonings (especially the salt) it was a bit like throwing blood into the water around a bunch of sharks.

    In the absence of salt, Susan had plenty of time to move back towards the inner door after she opened the hatch. She didn’t even rush; she just leisurely walked back, taunting them into interring the room. Once she was satisfied with the number who'd followed her, she closed the outer door. As soon as she did, Candice reached for the emergency over-ride button to close the inner door, trapping her former friend inside the room with the zombies.

    Brandon was beating on the door where Candice was, but she wasn’t in any mood to talk with him just yet, so she exited from the room using another door while leaving the one where Brandon was locked. Following the path on the wall map (which she was now carrying) she walked to the door where Susan was now locked and looked through the food service opening to see what was happening. To her surprise, the zombies still hadn’t caught Susan yet. They were definitely approaching her a little slower than she’d hoped, so Candice reached into her purse and began unwrapping one of the plastic salt and pepper sets that she'd brought with her. There were two main dangers with Zombies: being surrounded by large numbers and having one find you while you were sleeping. Her mother had always told her that it was wise to carry hermetically sealed salt, because given the choice between salt or a human body, the Zombies always moved towards the salt. This only gave you a little time, however, because once they had the salt they became a little more animated—faster and more aggressive.

    “What are you doing?” Susan asked when she saw Candice pushing the shakers though the food slot.

    “I think you’re going to need a little salt to make you taste good,” Candice said.

    “You bitch!” Susan screamed.

    “Oh? Like you weren’t planning to do the same thing to me?”

    “Uhnnhhh!” The zombies rumbled as they seemed to catch a whiff of the salt.

    Both Candice and Susan watched (one in fascination and one in horror) as the Zombies began to fight over the salt. They seemed to be waking up, their eyes becoming more alert as they looked over at Susan with what seemed to be anticipated pleasure. Now they were working together, approaching her from different sides, until they cornered Susan enough to grab her. She screamed in terror as they caught her and began to pull her close. A moment later the terror turned to pain as salt sprinkles fell into her eyes.

    “What’s going on here?” Derrick asked as he ran up to the locked door.

    “It seems that Susan accidentally walked out into a room full of zombies,” Candice said in mock horror.

    Derrick’s eyes grew wide with realization.

    “I hope you brought your guns,” she said, “the last I saw of poor Susan, the zombies were using the salt and pepper liberally.”

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    @Trystl I love your take on zombies, on how the infection causes them to behave, and I really appreciate the detail incorporated into various aspects, like how salt affects them. Also, what a creative way to introduce torture into a story, and even a plot twist as well! What more could I have possibly asked for? :meowlove:
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    Also, I can always appreciate a good title pun. :XD:
  4. Trystl Bondage Heroine [__________] The Bondage Heroine

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    :) Glad you liked it.

    Most of the details about Zombies came from discussions between a friend and I, years ago. But the bit about salt came as a consequence of trying to explain the strange pix, by ConceptsByMiller, which the specific plot of the story was based on. I really liked the image, but I had to stretch my limits to accept the notion that the zombies would add salt to their dinner. lol. It was the one elements I wasn't entirely sure would work. So I'm particularly pleased that you mentioned it in particular.
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    I have to admit Zombies are not a genre that I'm interested in. So I skipped thru most of the explanations to get to the 'meat' of the story. I think it is perfectly suitable for Zombies to season their dinner, in fact it was the accompanying pic that got me interested. And I love twist endings. Good work.
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