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    Howdy All,

    I have been a DeviantArt member for many years (https://abashful1.deviantart.com/) but recently the attacks on artists pages with mature content for philosophical reasons rather than rule violation is getting out of hand. I am looking for a home for some of my friends and hope to find a place where there is room for mature AND safe for public viewing work. To be quiet frank, I have not been one of the attackees on DA, but I really want to help several friends find a place where they can have the community we enjoy in DA without the drama. Some of the things that are important to my friends are:

    1) Complete control of their original characters. (i.e. OCs only used by with prior expressed permission)
    2) My friends do mostly Superhero/Superheroine art and stories. They want the freedom to use any type
    of mature story peril that does not exceed what you could find on HBO. Examples being physical
    violence, mind control, bondage, transformation, etc.
    3) They would like the freedom for their characters to have sexual adventures as well. This includes
    romantic relations mostly but can also include sex as a consequence for being captured.

    I'm sure they could think of other things. True be told, I haven't discussed my little quest with them yet as I wanted to try the waters in other places first, but I saw your community and I can't tell you how hopeful I am at what I have seen so far!

    I welcome your thoughts on this. Thank you for taking the time to read my long rambling and I hope to make new friends here soon :-D
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    Hello there! It's lovely to have you with us, friend. :meow: I too was very disheartened by deviantart's moderation system. What happened in the case of myself and some friends was you'd get the normal flock of likely young people contacting you privately begging for free art, and no matter how gracefully and politely you tell them that not only would you not have money to bring home food to eat, they get angry. It led, for a lot of us, to being spam reported on content of ours that did not violate DeviantART terms of service, but depending on the staff member that handles your case, you will get a range of actions based on their personal beliefs, rather than the actual rules placed on the site that people are meant to adhere to. It's garbage, frankly, as the whole point of rules existing is for a standard, fair expectation of behavior. While my page is currently still up at last check, I haven't been on the site in months, and though my personal life has played a huge factor in this as well, a strong supplementing reason is my disinterest in dealing with more crappily-behaved staff and community members. I also just didn't like that they have a tiered maturity filter but couldn't possibly add a layer above that to support more adult content, which they are completely aware a massive number of artists do both for hobby and to pay the bills. In fact, if you look back to the original framework on deviantart, to something as simple as its original emoticons list that is still available for use, you'll find ones of humping, probing, and other forms of very outright pervy and sexual themes, which in my book is completely fine, as long as they don't conduct their site these days as though it's some PG place where even if you follow the rules of flagging content as mature, your page may still get temporarily taken down by some staff member with a personal bias against mature content.

    I think that your list of things that are important to you and your friends are quite reasonable, and they're things I also enjoy having freedom for. There is very, very little that we disallow here, and that is limited down to necrophilia and child porn. I think it's fair and reasonable for us not to allow those things because as a site creator, allowing it here to be posted and shared is as good as outright supporting those things, and I can't on good conscience do that. However, aged up characters and simply macabre art, rather than necrophilia depictions and the like, are completely acceptable. I want to be on the right side of the line of allowing for creative freedom while also keeping the community to a healthy standard, if that makes sense. Very little other restrictions will be found here, mostly just things pertaining to copyright law, like not claiming another's work as your own. Posting work you have personally requested or commissioned with a credit to the artist or posting your own work, whether it be of your own original character or a franchise character are completely allowed. You won't see us taking down pictures of popular characters, for example.

    Thank you so much for introducing yourself! I'm really happy to have someone around with some of the same concerns as myself! ♥
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