Have Dragon, Will Damsel in Distress

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    story by The Bodyguard with artwork (the damsel) by Kevlar31 (and the dragon by The Bodyguard)


    "That's suppose to be a dragon?" She said rather disdainfully, rattling the chains above her head. "And you're going to save me from it?"

    I admired Georgina's fine figure shivering in the cool morning air with only the light linen gown for cover. "Something like that." Then turned back up to the Inn for breakfast.

    I had hardly sat down in the compartment of the slow train from the west counties when the little man sat down beside me. Across from me was Georgina in her very best proper conservative suit and old school tie, glasses, and hair pulled into a bun, giving her face an austere expression. She had one hand firmly on her bag.

    He was dressed in a bright green suit with one of those Sherwood Forest hats complete with long feather. "Have ye ever seen those paintings of knights saving maidens from dragons?"

    I gave a chuckle, she looked at him in her disdainful manner.

    "Well, have ye ever wondered how a dragon, without a thumb, can chain up a maiden to a rock or a post?"

    She looked out the window. I said no. Then he handed me a stiff brochure card. 'Have Dragon, Will Damsel in Distress' was printed over a picture of a woman tied to a post with a dragon lying on the ground beside her, a look on its face as if just awakening.

    On the back were smaller photos of an Inn, a good looking white stallion, and the dragon snorting flames from its nose.

    And then he whispered in my ear asking if Georgina was my wife or mistress. I shook my head. Neither of those. She was my secretary and I was sure that in her tightly held bag she had the evidence of my corporate embezzling.

    "Ah, then may I suggest my services. Allow me to explain. My family has been mining slate for generations, but the market was destroyed by cheap plastics, so we were left with a valley of slate and no customers. But me Granddad saw one of these knights

    slaying a dragon and he too wondered how the dragon managed to get the maiden all chained up and all.

    Well, to put it short, the dragon had help. Poor souls who did its bidding to keep from being eaten. Finding the maidens, kidnapping them, or setting them up for the dragons to sweep down and carry the poor maiden off in its talons. These helpers also chained the maidens, and did away with the leftovers after the dragon had had a good roasted dinner."

    Georgina gave a disdainful hurumph still staring out the window. The little man moved over to sit beside her, fumbling in his coat pocket.

    "Ah, you scoff. Well, down in our valley is an outcropping of slate that has the look of a dragon, taking a nap. So Granddad put up a sturdy post beside it, put in a small stove on one side of the neck to create flames and smoke coming out of tubes in the nose, and

    bought a good stallion, some old armor, and weapons. And he started our business.

    She was definitely uncomfortable as he kept edging closer to her.

    "I can tell you two are not on the best of terms right now. Why not try out our fine Inn, my missus is a very good cook, that's her tied to the post, darling lass. She came along with her then boyfriend, and I chained her to the post, and set her ready to be rescued by her knight in shining armor. Unfortunately, the boyfriend got too drunk, and fell off our horse. So, I took it upon meself to rescue Doris. We fell in love. And so might you two."

    I sincerely doubted that, but his demeanor kept telling me that he was here to help me.

    And I watched as she began to nod her head then plop it against the window. He held up the syringe he'd been poking thru his coat and her coat and whatever else she was wearing. "Shall we take her off at the next stop?" He smiled with delight.

    I was not at all surprised that at the next stop there was an ambulance waiting to take poor sleeping Georgina off the train. And up a long winding road thru old slate fields to an Inn atop a ridge overlooking two valleys.

    I was savoring a home made brew while watching the little man's stalwart wife undress Georgina, completely. As more natural beauty appeared the little man continued his introductory speech.

    "Now here's the way we go about it. Usually, we just have a couple who want to have a good time. So we supply the post, the dragon, a horse, armor for the man, and thin, rippable gown for the damsel, me wife knits those she does. The rides down the valley, wields a sword, and then saves, her but not before getting in a good hump or two."

    I was definitely glad to see Georgina's hair undone from the bun, falling onto her desirable breasts. And then the small thatch that hardly hid her wonderful entrance. And thru the undressing the groggy Georgina said not a word, not even when she her arms were shackled and hung from a rafter, her toes just touching the old hardwood floor. The wife then made a superb dinner for her man and me, and her nephews who helped out with the ambulance and other duties.

    "So we used to photograph some of the best moments, then began filming them. A couple years back we had a website."

    I asked if he had tried streaming one of these events. "Don't have the customer base."

    What if you did? And how about saving copies for blackmailing, do you do that?

    "Ah, you're a man after me own heart." He poured me another glass of his brew as I gazed at Georgina slowly turning to show off her superb behind.

    "Would you be interested in something more than a simple rescue and hump?"

    As we smoked cigars before the hearth in nice old chairs, the little man discussed more about his business. How they had tried out modern types of rescues: motorcycles and sci-fi light sabers and how the maidens increasingly came adorned with facial jewelry and tattoos. But there was also drugs, and one guy who broke his leg falling off the old swayback mare now used for the knights. The insurance company paid off but refused to renew the contract. So the business was failing.

    And then we discussed my problem with Georgina. Now that I had the thumb drive that she had managed to download my corporate activities, she was no longer a threat at the corporation, but what to do with her later.

    I retired upstairs to the very comfortable bed and Georgina bent over the footboard, arms and legs out to the posts, well alert but gagged with her panty. There seemed a certain harmony there to her twisting fists and bobbing breasts as I tugged where I should tug and diddled a finger on her bud. But I did not enter. No, that I was saving. I fell asleep with my toes, underneath the coverlet, rubbing at her nose. I could get use to this very much.

    The next morning a fog covered the valley of the dragon. But I did awake in time to see the nephews dragging Georgina out of the bedroom. About a half hour later, the little man appeared at my door and led me down to the stable where I met the old mare. I did not want to ride on her, nor a motorcycle, or even a golf cart that one asshole had demanded. No, I just walked down, without armor, along with the little man to the dragon.

    Georgina looked stunning, arms shackled overhead to the post, the thin gown unable to keep her shivering as the fog lifted. Beside her was a set of slates and rubble that looked rather silly when right up at it. I was shown the stove and how it blew flames and smoke out of the dragon's nostrils. Two light bulbs for the eyes. And painted stones for wings and feet and talons.

    I came over to roam my hands over the gown. Ungagged she glared at me, making comments on the dragon and how she was going to ruin me financially and as a man when she was released. I listened but had other things on my mind.

    The little man proved adept as a camera man and he began filming as I pulled on a heavy glove.

    Her scream was muted somewhat by the last of the fog. No matter, she could scream as loud as a jet engine, no one lived close enough to hear.

    The sharp talons on the glove sliced thru her gown like proverbial butter. The exposed parts of her breasts had thin streaks of blood.

    My backhand tore the gown off a shoulder with strands of hair falling to the ground.

    She begged me to stop. I simply took another swipe. I didn't want to do permanent damage to those breasts so I basically was just cutting the gown off. The farther down I went the more she squirmed to escape, the more she whined about being a good girl and how she regretted her actions in the office.

    I no longer cared about that. I sliced across her mound relieving her of the covering while also cutting thru the thatch. I tried a single talon on her to create a tic-tac-toe type of effect but that really didn't do much. So, with one hand dropping my pants, and the talon gloved one gripping her ass cheeks, I delved into her delightfully warm body. I kissed her lips, and smeared her tears with my nose.
    As far as rescues go, this wasn't one, as I left her on the post to clean myself and go back for a good breakfast, and a good nap.

    Georgina's cuts were administered to by the nephews along with a d-p for their services.

    She was still on the post when the sun finally came out to warm her in the afternoon.

    I came back down to give her the good news. I had just talked the board of directors of the company into buying the little man's operation. The money would come out of a slush fund I had created off the corporate books, for tax reasons you know. We would do a really good website, host corporate parties, and build a proper dragon out of the slate pile.

    But she didn't seem interested.

    Then I told her I had recommended she become our new poster girl. The little man wanted to retire so I needed a manager for this operation.

    She glared at me. Then quietly shook her shackles. Then rose one foot up onto the post to show off her sex.

    "Sir knight, I'm still a damsel in distress."

    Well, what else could I do but come to her rescue. Several times.
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    Well done Sir! Well done!

    I added a pic of Georgina in her suit. The lighting was horrible so I did my best in the short time I have between work and family but I will have to redo it at some time!