Garden: Prologue, Chapter 2

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    Lilian stared in disbelief at the marvel before her. A map of the city. She had made her way to Garden’s central tram station. A huge affair of 50 or so individual platforms, that spiralled out in all directions to connect the city at all its corners.

    Lilian had wanted to explore, but it dawned on her that she had no idea where to go. In that regard, heading to the city centre seemed most appropriate. But still, the scale astounded her. What's more, the technology of the world she had found herself in boggled her mind.

    In front of her, laid out on the floor was a map of the city of Garden. A hologram, a scale 3D model of the city. Lilian stared and reached out to touch one of the outer spires. The hologram fizzed with electricity at her touch. A beautiful gold arc and sparks surrounded her fingers as they passed through the display. It was painless but altogether incredible. Like a plasma globe, without the glass to separate lightning and skin.

    With a breath, Lilian walked onto the map. She saw people around her, it wasn't unusual. She had watched people pass through the hologram even in the short time she spent observing it in disbelief. Gold arcs of electricity surrounded her lower body, still painless. She felt almost magical in the experience.

    Lilian looked around herself. Various pillars of around waist height, topped with a red orb, were scattered all across the map. She hadn't seen such buildings in the city, so she knew they were not architecture. Lilian made her way over to one of the orbs and ran her hand through it curiously. The orb sparked and altered it's hue to a bright green. The green ball expanded slightly and produced a holographic screen above itself.

    “Entertainment district: tourist information.” The screen read. Lilian realized the pillars were places of interest and began to scroll through the information on the screen. The guide was comprehensive. Popular restaurants, featured shops and venues, even the locations of police offices in the district.

    She reached into her pocket and retrieved her I.D. She had money, and the card in her hand gave her free use of the tram system inside the city. A grin spread across Lilian's lips. She swiped the screen away to enjoy the sparks and golden lightning. Lilian made her way to the platform that would take her to the entertainment district.

    The trams arrival was prompt, and finding a seat was comfortingly easy. Lilian knew the entertainment district was a fair distance from the depot, so she was happy she would not need to stand. She slumped in her seat and pulled out her mobile phone.

    Lilian unfolded the device and stared at her screen, her mind still felt.. Distorted. She knew why, she hadn't actually existed, up until a few hours prior. Her memories of growing up, all the way up to her 19th Firstday. The memories she shared with her mother and father, were false, they didn't happen. And she knew this, everyone did. It was normal, after all.

    Lilian knew how people came to be, her parents had taught her. But still, it made the sensation no less strange to first adjust to. To appear from nothing when the right conditions were met. It was disorienting, but, she thought, everyone goes through this process. mum, dad, even the man at the registry, everyone appears on their 19th firstday. Everyone has memories, DNA that they share with their parents.

    “It's normal,” Lilian whispered to herself, as if attempting to clear the confusion over her sudden state of existence out of her mind. She directed her attention to the phone in her hands and opened up the web browser. Despite everything she knew, all the sterilized theoretical studies in her memories. She knew nothing of the society past all the basic rules of engagement. Garden was new to her, the world was new, she decided to learn.

    “Let's try.. Garden..” Lilian murmured to herself. she tapped away at her phone's screen, and began to scroll through the results. A Padia page, a Padia page on the act of gardening, a Padia page on the history of gardens. The fourth result caught Lilian's eye. “Nation of Pacifica, Naive's resources.” It read. The gentleman at the registry had called her a naive, she didn't think to ask what it meant, but she could make an educated guess.

    Lilian opened the link and was greeted with a well-formatted web page. The information was concise, an introduction, a basic geographical map of the nation, and a look into the laws and customs of Pacifica. Lilian began to scroll down, upon the map, Pacifica was highlighted in blue. A coastal nation, Pacifica took up close to the entire west coastline of the North American continent. A nation bordered to the northeast by the United Democratic American Sovereign. And to its southeast, by the Southern Republic.

    Lilian continued to read. The document explained that garden was, in fact, Pacifica’s capital. An immense city, that reached off from the centre and into the ocean and surrounding lands. An eco-metropolis of greenery and environmentally conscious planning. The city expanded greatly after heavy reforms 130 years prior. She scrolled further. Expression, Identity, Consent, Pleasure, Love. The five words were highlighted. The core of Garden's ideals. A city to exist how you want. Lilian smiled, that did sound awfully nice, she thought.

    “Entertainment district: platform station.” The robotic voice announced over the carriages intercom. Lilian folded her phone away and decided to read the rest of the pages at home as the tram came to a steady halt.

    Lilian stepped out onto the platform. The city was far flatter than in the centre. No immense towers or skyscrapers. Instead, ivy-covered brick, and beautiful glass and tile structures, mixed old and new with the simple wildness of nature. Lilian smiled and began to walk down to the pavement.

    “ARF!” Was the only sound Lilian heard as she was tackled over onto her back with a solid thump. She couldn't help but giggle as a tongue licked at her face with eager friendliness and no sense of personal boundaries.

    Straddling Lilian was a young woman, only a few years older than Lilian herself. Dressed in leather from head to toe, atop the woman's head, two artificial flappy dogs ears sat, and upon the woman's behind wagged a tail. Lilian squirmed a little under the woman and smiled, though admittedly rather perplexed. “Patty! No! Bad girl!” A voice called. The woman atop Lilian yelped and whimpered at the voice, and retreated to the speaker with a hurried urgency.

    “I’m so sorry dear! I think she mistook you for someone else! Are you okay? Not injured are you?” A voice asked. A woman. She quickly approached Lilian, as patty padded on all fours beside her. Lilian smiled and took the women's extended hand to pull herself to her feet. She dusted herself off and smiled awkwardly

    “No harm to me, gotta admit though it's kinda unusual to see well.. I'm not used to it? Sorry.” Lilian tried to explain to the woman. The woman smiled and perked an eyebrow. She reached down to pet the puppy girl beside her. patty nuzzled the woman's hand and barked gently at the affection.

    “Unusual? Dear not in this city.. Oh~ you’re a Naive aren't you?” The woman asked as she locked gazes with Lilian. Lilian smiled and rubbed the back of her head.

    “I suppose I am, it's.. It's my firstday today, so I'm not used to the city yet.~” Lilian admitted. Patty crawled closer to Lilian and nudged her hand with her nose. Lilian looked down in surprise at the puppygirl, unsure how to react to her affections.

    “You can pet her, even if she doesn't deserve it.” The woman said, giving a dominant glance down at the puppygirl. Lilian raised her hand hesitantly and began to stroke patties hair. The puppygirl nuzzled into Lilian's hand, and gladly took the affection Lilian gave her. Lilian smiled and petted with a more definite touch. It was strange, but at the same time, sweet. The feeling she had felt before began to resurface in her mind. Something appealed to her, but she could not place her finger upon it.

    “If you’re a naive, you’ll want to head to the academy.” Pattie’s owner said. Lilian looked up at the woman and tilted her head slightly.

    “Academy?” Lilian asked. She withdrew her hand from patties head and stood up straight. “Like a school, you mean?”

    The woman nodded and placed her hand idly on the puppy’s head. “Exactly, you’d have been told sooner or later, but the academy is the place you want to go if you want to learn. They’ll teach you everything you need to know, and practically anything else on top of that. They hold a naive's day every.. Well, today. So I’d advise heading there when you can.” The woman explained. Lilian nodded and pulled out her phone. The woman peeked over at the screen. “If you catch the 1405 tram you’ll get to the front gates.” The woman mused as if reading Lilian's intentions. Tilian smiled and pocketed her phone, as the question she was about to enter had just been answered,

    “Thank you umm..” Lilian began, she realized she had not asked the woman’s name. The woman smiled and put her hand on her hip.

    “My name is Claudia, it's nice to meet you.” The woman replied. Lilian nodded and thanked Claudia once again for her help. With a spin on her heels, Claudia and her puppy departed into the crowd, and Lilian was once again alone and free to explore.

    Lilian wandered down the stone tiled streets of the entertainment district. She couldn't help but admire the beautiful design all around her. Mosaic decorated the pavement as it stretched out before her. A pattern of flames and chains that curved beautifully across the granite. The setting sun refracted and reflected off countless stained glass windows and steel pillars. Their colours creating warmth wherever they landed.

    Lilian's eye was caught by a nearby store. She wandered over to gaze at the stylish latex outfits in the window. Her mind wondered of the sensation of rubber against skin. Alien, cold, but she could not deny it looked divine. Like a second skin of a seamless, polished, almost liquid-looking material. She shook her head and ignored the blush that formed once more in her cheeks.

    Lilian felt a rumble. She looked down, food, her body called out to her. She had to admit she was hungry, she looked about, there were so many establishments, she wasn't sure what to pick. She wanted something fast. They don't call it fast food for nothing right? She thought as she opted for the closest burger restaurant she could see.

    Lilian quickly made her order at the counter. A cheeseburger with fries, and a bottle of water, nothing exotic. She took a seat by the window and stared out as she waited for her food. She smiled, despite all the confusion, all the things that seemed so alien to her, she felt at home, in this strange and beautiful city. She felt.. Happy.

    A server approached with a smile, his uniform a stylized dress with short poofy sleeves, a frilly knee-length skirt, and pure white apron. A ring of gold was locked upon his neck. He placed the tray down gently in front of Lilian, and with a bow, wished her a good meal before leaving. Lilian took in the smell of the meal before her, once again savouring the new smells, sounds and tastes. She picked up the burger and took a bite. Pleasant, succulent juicy beef, combined with delightful cheese and crisp fresh vegetables. She could definitely get used to this eating affair.

    It didn't take long for Lilian to finish her meal. She had a place to reach, and she wanted to do so before the sunset. She wandered back to the tram station. Lilian took a little time to once again admire the beauty of the city and the beauty of the people that surrounded her within it.

    She spotted the tram on the platform, the 1405. She broke into a sprint and hurried up the stairs and through the door, which closed seconds after. She didn't know why she rushed, maybe she was simply excited. She wanted to learn, to explore, to see more of the city, the world as if a thirst for adventure had been unlocked within her. She felt energized and eager, and could not help but giggle to herself and tap her feet against the floor as the tram pulled away from the station. Destined for the academy she hoped to find answers to her many questions at.

    “Fancy meeting you again.~” An unfamiliar voice said to Lilian, distracting her from her eager dance. She looked up at the woman before her and tilted her head.

    “Patty?” She asked, as she looked up at the now de-puppified woman, still, however, wearing her puppy ears. She gave a grin and held out her hand to shake. Lilian took it gently and shook in greeting.

    “Patricia waltz, nice to meet you.~” She said as she sat down beside Lilian and slumped a little in the seat. Lilian felt a little confused, and Patricia could see it on her face she could not hold back the grin. “You thought I was a puppy all the time didn't you?~” She asked the red-headed woman beside her.

    “N-no! I didn't!” Lilian protested and shook her head, flustered and stammering. “I.. I just didn't know.. Umm.. how it worked I guess?” She elaborated on her sense of confusion. Patricia nodded in understanding.

    “It's all a bit confusing on your firstday. Don't worry, you’ll pick it up I'm sure. You’re a smart woman, I can tell.” Patricia encouraged. Lilian smiled gently and twiddled her thumbs at the compliment.

    “Are you also heading to the academy?” Lilian asked. Patricia nodded and grinned.

    “Yup, I'm a teacher after all.” She replied her voice boastful and proud. Lilian snickered at the strange contrast between the loud, independent woman beside her, and the friendly puppy she had met before. Patricia joined the laughter. “It's a bit strange to think about isn't it.~” She admitted. “But hey, just cause I'm a sub doesn't mean I don't do what I wanna do, no one can stop me, right?” She explained, Lilian grinned and looked up at the ceiling.

    “So.. why do you do it? The puppy stuff? Cause you want to?” Lilian asked as the laughter faded to a quiet, thoughtful smile. Patricia grinned.

    “Well, a big part of it, is cause it's a part of who I am, submissive by nature.” She explained.

    “But also.. I do it cause it's fun!”
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    I like a story that seems to start in one direction and takes you somewhere else, not necessarily in place or time, but in activity, emotion, endeavor. This kept me reading, wanting more.