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Did you have any major navigation or site use issues when first coming to Erolair?

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  1. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Professional Tea Addict ♥ [__________________________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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  2. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Professional Tea Addict ♥ [__________________________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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    Method 1: Click the "Gallery" tab at the top left of the page.

    This will take you to the mature content warning page, where you can decide to browse through the SFW tagged content or just view everything, including NSFW content.

    Method 2: Hover over the "Gallery" tab and click "Everything". This will bypass the mature content warning plash page and take you straight to all the new content.

    Click the "Submit" Button at the top left of the website.

    This will direct you to a page that begins the submission process. The first step is to decide whether to create a new album in which to upload your image or use an existing one.

    From there, you will be directed to select or create an album respectively as part of the uploading process. When you're ready to select your image(s), choose the "Upload Photos" button.
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    CONVERSATIONS (Inbox/Private Messages)
    You can start a conversation (private message) with anyone on the site.

    From the normal forums page, the envelope icon is where you go to view your inbox. By hovering over it or clicking once, you can select "
    Start a new conversation".
    Clicking the envelope again will bring you to your inbox.

    Conversations are private messages. The inbox display looks similar to the list of threads in a forum, but these are private, between only the people you have added to your conversations.

    Things to note:
    • You can add others to your conversation at any time, either at the beginning, when you create the conversation, by creating a list of members, separated by a comma and a space between each or by adding the "Invite more" button on the left sidebar with a specific conversation page open.

    • When adding participant to a private conversation who was not originally there, all information from the very beginning of the conversation can be seen by the new participant(s).
    Make sure you do not have any sensitive information in the earlier part of the conversation that you do not want new participants to see. It is advised that you simply create a new group conversation for any conversations that may contain sensitive information.
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    TOPICS (Forum Threads/Public Posts)
    [Placeholder for info]

    Adding Images to Threads and Comments in the Forums

    URL: chrome_2018-03-29_11-48-38.png
    • Click the Image button on the text editor, then simply add the image's direct URL (ends in .jpg, .png, .gif, etc.)

    Direct Upload: chrome_2018-03-29_11-48-53.png
    • Click the "Upload a File" button that appears at the bottom of any thread post or reply. Select the desired photo from your local computer.
    • Make sure your cursor is positioned correctly in the text box for where you would like to insert your image, then select either "thumbnail" or "full image", and your image will appear within the text box.
    • There are options to auto insert all images that you've uploaded as either type, or you can elect to insert them separately. Delete buttons are available off to the right to remove the content from your post.
    • After inserting an image into your post, the file will also show up at the bottom of the post for direct download.

    Embed from Gallery: chrome_2018-03-29_11-49-04.png
    • Choose to insert either an album or image (respectively, as included in the small image above), then choose from the slider the content you would like to embed. BBCode will be generated automatically for you.


    Adding Images in Gallery Descriptions and Comments

    (Under Construction)
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