Episode 5 Larra and the Quest of the Ludendorff Chapter 1 Larra's HJumiliation

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 5
    The Quest of the Ludendorff

    Chapter 1 Larra’s Humiliation
    Kent, England, April, 1938

    “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Larra Court grunted in pain as the heavyset thug thrust into her. She struggled in her bonds in a vain attempt to escape, but she was bound too well.

    “OHH!” she moaned as the rapist hammered even farther into her already overstretched vagina. As seemed to be the norm in these circumstances her assailant’s sex organ was of heroic proportions and in spite of being raped on numerous occasions, Larra somehow managed to remain virgin tight.

    “Ah, you like that do you?’ taunted her assailant. “Well, don’t worry, there’s still plenty more to come.”

    “YAA!” another hard thrust sent spasms of pain through her loins. She was already suffering greatly, and her defiler had not yet fully penetrated her.

    Again, she attempted to break the ropes that held her, but succeeded only in bruising her wrists. She cursed herself for being taken prisoner so easily, but she had been captured in a place where she had least expected an attack; her own home.

    It had been a quiet day at her estate in the Kentish countryside near the cathedral city of Canterbury. She had been recuperating and writing up the record of her latest archeological exploit. She had given most of the servants the day off. Her companions, Katie Redell and Jia Li, had gone shopping in the nearby village, taking Larra’s two children with them. That left her large country house and grounds almost deserted except for the gardener and cook.

    It had been relatively easy for the two intruders to avoid detection when they entered the house through the open doors to the garden. Larra had been upstairs in the bedroom. Earlier, she had been in the dojo, working on her kata. Hot and sweaty after her workout, she had retired to her ensuite bathroom and taken immersed herself in the Japanese style tub for a refreshing soak. It was while she was bathing that the two prowlers had entered her home. Their timing could not have been better. Had they entered earlier or later Larra would probably have detected them, probably sealing their fate. But she had been luxuriating in the hot water, enjoying the sensation as it soaked the aches out of her exquisite body. While she bathed, the interlopers explored her mansion, eventually making their way to her bedroom.

    Dripping wet, and clad only in a towel, she was attacked as she stepped through the bathroom door. A damp cloth was clamped over her mouth. Startled to be assailed in her own home, she had instinctively gasped in a mouthful of air. That was her undoing. The cloth covering her mouth and nose was soaked with a pungent, sweet-smelling liquid.

    Chloroform! she thought, and held her breath. But she was too late; her initial intake of air had sucked enough chloroform into her lungs to make her head spin. Struggling, weakly, she was able to determine that she faced two assailants. One had clamped the chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth and the other had seized hold of her wrists. Under normal circumstances, she would have made short work of the two thugs, but with her senses reeling from the effects of the drug, she was able to offer only feeble resistance. Eventually, she was forced to take another breath. After that, unconsciousness descended rapidly upon her.

    When she awoke, she found that she had been tied to one of the weightlifting benches in her private gymnasium. The bench was a sturdy wooden structure, built to withstand very heavy use. It consisted of a padded wood surface bolted to four heavy wooden legs. Her captors had bound her wrists and ankles beneath the bench. As a result, her already breasts were thrust upward, and her legs were forced apart, exposing sweet pink of her vagina. Her bath towel was, of course, gone, leaving her exposed and vulnerable to her attackers. It did not take long for the two men who had captured her to notice her return to consciousness.

    “Ah, Miss Court! I see you have decided to join us again.”

    The words were spoken by a blond heavyset man of average height. Larra thought she detected a slight German accent.

    A second man moved into sight. He had been standing behind her. Larra saw that he was also light-haired, although not as blond as the first. He was taller, probably standing about six feet. He smiled at her in a most menacing manner. “Yes,” he said, “now ve can get down to business.”

    The second man’s words confirmed Larra’s suspicions. This man’s English was not as good. He was unmistakably German.

    “How dare you break into my home?” Larra raged. “Release me at once.”

    Naked and helpless, Larra still managed to summon a certain air of authority into her words. However, her captors were not impressed.

    “Do you tink Claus and I vent to all dis trouble just to let you go? Ve are just getting started.”

    “What do you want of me?” Larra asked, trying a different tack. She had dealt with Germans before, much to her sorrow, and had usually found that attempting to intimidate them just did not work. But perhaps, if she could engage them in conversation long enough her companions would return home and save her.

    “Nothing right now,” said Claus, “but we will have some questions later. In the meantime, we would like to get to know you better.”

    Larra swallowed hard. Claus was stripping off his shirt, revealing a powerfully built torso. Larra thought quickly. Events were moving too fast. She had to find a way to slow things down.

    “You can’t have broken into my home just to see me naked,” she said, “there must be more to your being here than that.”

    “Actually,” said Claus, “finding you naked was an added bonus. We do have other business with you, but it can wait. Karl and I have been watching your house for over a month. We know that the other members of your household will not return for at least four hours. That gives us time for some recreational activity and we will still be able to attend to our business later.”

    Larra wondered what other business the two Germans could have. Her apprehension was growing as Karl began to strip off his clothes as well. She had to find a way to keep the two men talking for as long as possible. So far she had not delayed them a second. Claus had continued to undress as he conversed and was now taking off his socks.

    “I have many items of value here,” said Larra. “Is that what you want? It will take a while for you to remove them.”

    “Yes,” replied Claus as her unzipped his pants, “you have furnished your home beautifully, but the only thing of value that we want is you.”

    By now Claus was down to his shorts. He moved directly in front of Larra before removing them, so that he was straddling the bench between her legs. Then with almost a flourish, he jerked them down revealing an immense and fully erect penis. If he intended to frighten Larra, he did not succeed. She had seen many men with phalluses that were equally large, however, she now knew that her fate was sealed. It was apparent that Claus would not be stalled any longer.

    “Wait,” Larra appealed, trying one last time. “I have money in the house. In the safe, I can tell you the combination.”

    “So kind of you to offer without being asked,” replied Claus, “but we expect to get that information out of you anyway. “Now, it is time to give you a good screwing.”

    Larra’s hopes fell. It was apparent that she could not deter Claus from taking her.

    Claus settled between her thighs, his penis only a few centimeters from her vulva. Karl handed him a small bottle. Larra recognized it as a bottle of bath oil she kept in her ensuite. He opened the bottle and poured a liberal amount into the palm of his hands. Then he proceeded to smear the slippery fluid over his engorged organ. Satisfied that he was properly lubricated, he inserted two fingers into Larra’s tight vagina and proceeded to grease up her love canal.

    “No, “Larra protested. “Don’t do this. You won’t get away with it. You’ll be tracked down.”

    Claus laughed. “That is a risk I am more than willing to take, Miss Court. Do you have any idea how much trouble you have caused the Third Reich? Raping you is almost an obligation for any German that has the good fortune to take you prisoner. And so far as getting caught. When we are finished with you, you will not be in any condition to track us down.”

    “No! Larra cried as Claus thrust into her. “No!”

    That is how her rape began. Claus banged her steadily for fifteen minutes, while Karl played with her breasts. Slowly the steady pounding pushed her down the bench, until her head was hanging off the end. All the while she grunted as Claus slowly forced the hot walls of her vaginal canal apart.

    “Ahhh!” Karl had bit down hard on the nipple of her left breast. Although not unexpected, the pain in her forced a cry out of her.

    “AAAAHHH!!” Karl worried her breast like a dog, clamping his teeth over her areola and shaking his head back and forth. At the same time, Claus hammered into her, thrusting in another two inches. The combined attack left her screaming for mercy.

    “Stop, stop! Take what you want, but just please stop!”

    “You haven’t been listening Miss Court,” said Karl. “Ve vant you.”

    Karl had stopped molesting her breasts. He moved around to her head, which hung unsupported over the edge of the bench and grabbing hold of her jaw with both hands, forced her mouth open. Larra knew what was coming, but was powerless to prevent it.

    “OOOMMMPPP!” she cried as Karl pushed his impressive organ into her mouth. As he forced himself deeper past her soft lips, Larra’s cries became more and more muffled. Eventually all she could do was murmur in protest.

    “Mmpphh! Mmpphh! Mmpphh! Mmpphh! Mmpphh! Both men quickened their actions as they approached climax. With her back arched, and covered in sweat, Larra could do nothing by wait until her ravagers had finished with her. The end finally came as both men ejaculated almost simultaneously. Sperm dripped from both ends of Larra’s body as the two thugs withdrew from her. She was completely spent, able to do no more than gasp in relief at the temporary end of her ordeal.

    Temporary? Larra knew better than to expect relief from the two Nazis. They obviously intended to do more than just rape her once and then leave. It did not take long before her expectations were proved correct.

    Claus had pulled his clothes back on, but Karl had disappeared. He returned shortly, carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. Larra recognized the bottle as some of her best champagne.

    “I think,” said Claus, as Karl dressed, “that we should drink a toast to our gracious hostess, a women who has given me one of the best fucks of my life. I would like Karl to have a turn, but I took longer than I expected, and we still have a little business to attend to.”

    Mockingly, the two Nazis raised their glasses and drank. When they finished, Karl poured the remainder of the bottle over Larra’s body.

    “Now,” said Claus, “we get down to the real reason for our visit. Information. We do not want anything in your household, Miss Court, we want what is in your head.”

    Larra waited for the question, her breasts still heaving from the strain of the rape. What could these men possible want?

    “You have foiled two of our attempts to obtain artifacts that might be of use to the Reich. We have read your accounts of your explorations, but have found that much of the story is missing. In particular, your description of your expedition to Central Africa, which resulted in the deaths of some of our best men and the defection of one of our most loyal soldiers (see Larra and the Lost World) leaves much to be desired. I must insist that you supply us with the necessary details, in particular the location of the Lost World and what you found there.”

    “I can’t tell you that,” said Larra. “You would destroy everything that is there. Hundreds of innocent people would be killed.”

    “I didn’t think you would cooperate,” said Claus, with a cruel smile. “So much the better. I’ve always wanted to do this to a woman.”

    “OH GOD! OH NO! PLEASE!” Larra protested. Claus had placed the empty wine bottle against her still dripping vulva.

    “Just tell me what I want to know, Miss Court, and we won’t have to go through with this.”

    Larra did not reply. Claus pushed the tip of the bottle past her labia and several inches into her vagina.

    “Please, no!” Larra begged. Already the pressure of the wine bottle was beginning to hurt, and Claus had barely inserted it.

    “AAAAAHHHHAA!!” Larra’s intense scream of agony told clearly that Claus had pushed the bottle deep within her, expanding her vagina to widths normally achieved only in childbirth.

    Claus grunted as he shoved the bottle even deeper. It was a very tight fit and he needed almost all of his strength to push it home.

    “AAAGGGGHHHH! AAAGGGGHHHH” Larra screamed again and again. She was reliving the terrible pain she had endured when she gave birth to each of her children.

    Claus let her scream, holding the bottle firmly in place. Larra’s shrieks filled the house, and would have alerted someone if the two Germans had not bound and gagged her two remaining servants before capturing her. As a result, there was no one to come to her aid, and Claus simply waited until she had screamed herself out.

    Eventually Larra’s shrieks died down, to be replaced by loud moans as the helpless woman struggled to control herself despite the terrible torture.

    “Now,” said Claus, after Larra had quieted down, “tell us what we want to know.”

    “MMMMMM!” Larra moaned. “I can’t. I can’t”

    Tears flowed freely down her gorgeous pain-wracked face, as her body arched.

    Claus pushed on the bottom of the bottle. It was two-thirds of the way into her, but the added pressure sent waves of pain through Larra’s tortured body. Then the German relaxed his grip on the bottle, allowing Larra’s vagina to push it out. When no more than the neck remained within her, he grasped the bottle again and brutally reinserted it.

    “AAHHHNNN!” The terrible pain was almost driving her mad, but she would not relent.

    “All right, Miss Court. We will try something else.” Claus bent and untied Larra’s ankles. She immediately spread her legs a far apart as possible to relieve the pressure, but Claus had other ideas. Cruelly, he grabbed Larra’s splayed legs just behind the knees and pushed them together.

    “EEEEEAAAAHHHH!” If Larra had thought she was in pain before, it was nothing compared to the exquisite agony generated by having her thighs forced together with the wine bottle still within her.

    Claus sat on top of Larra’s legs, preventing her from spreading them again. Then he took the length of rope that had bound her ankles and tied her legs together by passing the rope under the bench and over her thighs. He repeated this several times, securing the shrieking woman to the bench.

    Larra’s screams were almost deafening, but the two Nazis watched her torment with obvious enjoyment. Both men sat down and took out cigarettes. In a leisurely manner they lit up and sat back to watch the helpless adventuress.

    Larra lasted another hour. But eventually the Germans’ patience was rewarded. Sobbing with pain, she broke down. “All right,” she screamed, “I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Just take it out!”

    “Not just yet, Miss Court. First the details I asked for and then I’ll get rid of your little glass friend.”

    And so Larra talked. It took her half and hour or so to gasp out the details that the Germans wanted. Wracked with pain, she could barely concentrate on their questions.

    Finally, Claus nodded, he had what he wanted. “Thank you, Miss Court. For awhile there I thought we might have to take you with us. You held out much longer than expected.”

    “Please,” Larra whimpered, “take it out. It hurts so much!”

    Both Claus and Karl laughed uproariously. “Silly bitch,” said Claus. “You didn’t really think we would keep our word did you?”

    “Oh God, you scum,” Larra cried. “You can’t leave me like this!”

    “Oh yes I can,” said Claus. “As a matter of fact I intend to leave you even worse off.”

    “EEEEEAAAAGGGHHH!!” Even in childbirth, Larra had never known such agony. In terrible torment she writhed on the bench, twisting her bound body in a desperate attempt to relieve the pain.


    The two Germans ignored her. Instead they busied themselves around her, moving two other benches into position and loading up a barbell with weights.

    Larra screamed herself into a state of exhaustion. Her throat hoarse from shrieking, she lay on the bench, bathed in sweat, pain shooting through her loins like the jabs of a knife.

    Concentrating her mind, Larra used her Zen Buddhist training to will the pain away. It was an almost impossible task considering the situation she was in, but she managed to focus strongly enough to take some notice of what was going on around her.

    Through a haze of pain she noticed that Claus and Karl had set up a bench on either side of her. On top of each bench they had placed two very large candles, each one about six inches across and eight inches high. Larra recognized them as candles taken from the main hall of her mansion. On top of the candles they had placed a bar loaded with weights. The bar extended across the two benches so that it was suspended just above her throat. With a gleeful smile Karl lit both of the candles.

    “There, Miss Court. We would like to stay to see the results of our handiwork, but we have a report to make. I think our superiors will find the information you gave us to be very useful.” With that parting retort, both men turned and left the room. Larra was alone, trying to control her pain.

    A quick assessment of her situation revealed that she was not only in terrible pain, she was in terrible danger. The Germans had loaded the bar suspended over her throat with about 300 pounds of weights. All that was preventing it from crushing her throat were the two candles that were slowly softening as they burned. Already the heavy bar was beginning to sink into the melting wax. In a very short time the bar would lower itself onto her neck, ending her life. There was no chance that the bar could fall off to on side as it had been placed in between two steel uprights that kept it in place. Larra estimated that she had less than an hour to save herself.

    She tested her bonds again, straining her already bloody wrists in an attempt to escape, but the knots were too well tied. Instead of loosening them, they seemed to become tighter. Whoever had tied her would have been a real challenge even to Houdini. Her efforts to escape were made that much more difficult due to the terrible pain in her tightly stretched vagina. Controlling her pain and at the same time freeing her mind so that she could focus on her escape were in exact opposition to one another. Brutally handicapped in her efforts to escape, Larra wasted considerable time and effort fighting off waves of pain from her ravaged loins. The minutes went by and she was no closer to escaping than she had been before.

    The bar was now pressing against her throat. Already its weight was cutting into her windpipe making it difficult to draw a breath. She redoubled her efforts, staining every muscle in her anguished body, but everything she tried failed. Slowly, inexorably, the bar sank lower. Breathing was now very difficult as the heavy weight slowly crushed the life out of her. She could not last more than another minute or so at best.

    “NO,” Larra screamed. “I can’t die like this!” Then the bar dropped another fraction of an inch, and she could not draw breath. Her chest heaved and her exhausted body quivered as the bar cut off all access to oxygen. Blackness swept over her.

    So this, she thought, is what it is like to die.