Episode 3 Larra's Mongolian Adventure - Chapter 6 Colonel Ivanov's Pleasure

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 3
    Larra’s Mongolian Adventure
    Chapter 6 Colonel Ivanov’s Pleasure

    They remained in the cell all night without food or water. Larra and Tabin cleared out one of the “cleaner” corners of the cell for themselves and tried to get some sleep. They had to sleep in shifts just in case their cellmates got up to something in the night. The only illumination in the cell came from a barred window so that it was dark in the cell as soon as the sun went down. The next morning before dawn several guards showed up. At rifle point Larra and Tabin were ordered from the cell. The guards motioned for them to turn around and kneel on the floor. In that position their hands were handcuffed behind them. Then they were pulled to their feet and marched down the hall into a large room. Larra saw with some sense of trepidation that the room seemed to have been outfitted like a torture chamber.

    The were various instruments of torture laid out on tables at the side of the room, including branding irons, pliers, hammers, bolt cutters, battery cables, whips and other toys. Suspended from the ceiling were long chains that ended in irons that could be clamped to wrists or legs. Larra suppressed a shudder. She glanced at Tabin. His face was showed no emotion.

    Colonel Ivanov stood in the centre of the room next to a large desk. He was holding something in his hands. He motioned Larra to come forward. Propelled by her guard, Larra was pushed toward Ivanov. He laid a number of photographs on the desk. “I thought you mind be interested in these,” he said in his heavily accented English. Larra looked at the photographs. They were the pictures she had snapped inside the tomb of the Great Khan.

    “I am most interested in knowing where you took them.” He looked at Larra expectantly. Larra said nothing. She had no intention of revealing the whereabouts of Genghis Khan’s tomb to any Russian.

    Ivanov spoke to the guards. To her surprise it was Tabin that they brought forward. Forcing him to his knees, they lowered one of the sets of chains from the ceiling and clamped them to his upper arms. Then they raised the chains until the Mongol warrior was pulled off his feet. Tabin’s arms were pulled backward. Although Larra knew that he must be experiencing severe pain, he gave no outward sign of discomfort.

    Ivanov turned back to Larra. “I was almost hoping that you would be uncooperative,” he said. “How about if we leave your friend hanging there for a few hours while we discuss things between us?” Although Ivanov spoke quietly, his tone was distinctly menacing. He motioned to the guards and they marched Larra over to a large table. Before she could react they had pulled her on to it. Holding her legs, the guards fastened manacles to each ankle and locked them to the legs of the table. Larra tried to move, but was unable to shift her body more than a few inches in any direction.

    Ivanov approached her. Standing between her legs he produced a razor edged knife. Pulling Larra to a sitting position, he inserted the knife in the left sleeve of her jacket and the slit the fabric up her arm all the way to her neck, so that the jacket fell away from that side of her body, exposing her magnificent left breast. He then continued down the right side of her jacket, cutting it completely in two. He then removed the tattered garment from her body, leaving her naked to the waist. Ivanov stepped back to admire Larra’s handsome torso.

    His eyes took in her splendid high breasts each with its inviting upturned dark pink nipple. He stepped between her legs and placed his hands on each side of the firm flesh of her firm breasts. Then he ran his hands down her rib cage to her narrow waist and followed it over her flaring hips. Only Larra’s heightened breathing showed her outrage at this violation of her person. Tabin, however, screamed in rage, hurling insults and threats at the huge Russian.

    Ivanov stopped what he was doing. In two strides he reached Tabin and using his forward momentum smashed his ham fist into Tabin’s jaw. The force of the blow actually jerked the huge Mongol upward, but it did not silence him.

    “Russian scum,” He said. “You will pay for your dishonourable act with your life.”

    Ivanov seemed surprised by the fact that Tabin was still conscious, but he recovered from his astonishment and drawing back his fist hit his helpless prisoner again. He followed up this cowardly assault with several more heavy blows, finally beating Tabin into semi-consciousness. “Gag him,” he ordered.

    The two guards stuffed a length of cloth into Tabin’s bleeding mouth and secured it with a short length of rope. Ivanov turned back to Larra. “Now where was I?” he mused.

    He picked up the knife again and inserting its edge under the waistband of her pants, sliced through the quilted material to the cuffs. He then repeated the action on the other side and then removed her pants. He completed Larra’s denudation by removing her boots.

    It was hard for Larra to hide her fear. She had been through all of this before and dreaded what was coming, but would not give in to the Russian. “Feeling more talkative, my beauty?” Ivanov jeered.

    “Your actions are a violation of the Geneva Convention, not to mention the friendship that exists between your country and mine,” Larra said. “I am a British subject. You have no right to treat me or my husband this way.”

    “Husband?” asked Ivanov, his face showing his surprise once again. A British lady marrying a Mongol. That is most strange. I am beginning to believe that you are not what you say you are. It is something a slut might do, but certainly not a lady.”

    Larra was stung by Ivanov’s crude insults. She had never been one to consider race when it came to choosing her friends or companions. Moreover, she was quite chagrined at having revealed her close connection with Tabin. She was sure that Ivanov would use it as a weapon against her.

    “Spare yourself some pain, Miss Court,” Ivanov said, looking suggestively at her heavy breasts. “You are going to tell me what I want to know anyway.”

    “And you are going to torture us, anyway. I will not cooperate with you in any way. Sooner or later word of this atrocity will get out and then you will have to answer fro your actions.”

    Ivanov shook his head. “You are a stupid and stubborn woman. But have it your way.” He placed his hand on her left breast and gave it a slight squeeze. He grinned. “You are right. I enjoy these interrogations too much to give them up. But let’s see if I can get you to cooperate anyway.”

    Ivanov said something to the guards in Russian. One of them went over to one of the side tables. He returned carrying a set of light cables and a large telephone battery. “It would be a shame to mar such a flawless body,” gloated Ivanov, “So I will not use a car battery. But this should cause quite enough pain.”

    Each of the cables ended in an alligator clamp. “Last chance to cooperate,” Ivanov said, touching one of the clamps to her right nipple. Larra looked him in the eye with an unwavering glance. “You have spirit.” He said. “I like that. Let’s see if we can break it.” Squeezing her breast, he attached the alligator clamp to her nipple. Larra forced herself to remain expressionless. Already, she was attempting to put her body into a Zen-like trance that would make her oblivious to what was going on.

    Ivanov attached the next clamp to her left nipple. Then he noticed that Larra’s body seemed to be relaxing. “How was this possible?” he thought. She should be experiencing great pain. Quickly he raised one of her eyelids. She seemed to be going into some sort of trance. Ivanov smiled. He could stop that.

    Leaning over her Ivanov pinched her nose and placed his hand over her mouth. Larra’s breathing stopped and then her chest heaved spectacularly as she tired unsuccessfully to breath. Within seconds her eyes popped open and she attempted to twist her face away from Ivanov’s hands. Increasing the pressure, Ivanov held her in place.

    “MMMPPPHH!” Muffled sounds came from Larra’s mouth as she desperately tried to draw in air. She was fully awake. Her attempt to escape the pain had been thwarted.

    Ivanov released her mouth and nostrils. “Now let’s get on with things shall we?” He tweaked the clamps on her nipples. This time Larra winced slightly. It was only a flicker of pain, but it was most gratifying to Ivanov. He would see how much she could stand.

    Picking up the other ends of the cables, Ivanov attacked them to a switch and then ran a set of cables to the telephone battery. Now all he had to do to complete the circuit was close the switch. “Are you ready?” he taunted. Then he closed the switch.

    Larra’s face contorted in pain. She did not cry out, but her body arched as the electric current ran through her incredibly sensitive nipples. Ivanov opened the switch and waited for Larra to relax. As her tiny derriere settled back down on the table he closed it again. He repeated this several times, until it seemed to lose some of its effect.

    Ivanov removed the alligator clamps from her nipples. Larra was breathing heavily, her firm breasts swaying slightly from side to side. Her splendid body had broken out into a sweat and rivulets of moisture were running down her naked torso.

    Ivanov now turned his attention to Larra’s vulnerable vulva. He folded back her labia and attached a clamp to each side of the soft tissue around her vagina. Again Larra did not cry out, but she feared what was to come next. Ivanov closed the switch. Larra’s body bucked and she gave a muffled cry of pain. Ivanov let the current flow. Tiny whimpering noises began to escape from Larra’s mouth.

    Hanging in the center of the room, Tabin began to scream at Ivanov in uncontrolled rage. He was in great pain himself, but he could not bear to see his beautiful lover brutally tortured. Gagged, however, he could only vent his rage in muffled shouts.

    By this time tears were streaming down Larra’s face. She was in the most terrible pain, but she would not cry out. Ivanov was getting bored. Larra’s agony was most pleasing, but he wanted a stronger reaction. In addition, the contortions of Larra’s body had completely aroused him. It was time for a different sort of torture.

    He removed the clamps from her labia and unbuttoned his trousers. In a few seconds his massive and fully erect penis stood revealed. Climbing onto the table, Ivanov straddled the helpless adventuress. He then moved his huge member between her breasts and squeezed them together on either side of it. Slowly, he began to slide his thick rod back and forth between her compressed tits. Ivanov groaned in satisfaction. The sensation of his penis sliding over Larra’s silky sweat-dampened skin was incredibly arousing. His already rigid member became even larger and harder as he squeezed her firm but pliant breasts around it. Slowly he stimulated himself into a heightened state of arousal.

    For Larra the switch to sexual this humiliation at the hands of the huge Russian did not come as a relief. The pain of the electrical torture had been terrible, but it was only pain. Rape was even worse.

    Ivanov’s breath came in short gasps. He was close to climaxing. Seminal fluid leaked from his penis as the pressure built up in his testicles. This was a little too soon. He released Larra’s now slippery breasts and shifted his weight back so that his erect penis lay on her stomach. Taking a breast in each hand he squeezed the soft flesh so hard that the malleable tissue bulged through his fingers. Larra flinched in anguish, but did not cry out. The diversion caused Ivanov’s erection to shrink. He was not worried. He knew it would return when he wanted it to. He continued to molest Larra’s breasts, pinching, squashing, and twisting them in an attempt to cause the maximum pain.

    Despite the extended molestation of her breasts, Larra held on. She was in considerable agony, as Ivanov stretched and mauled her bruised flesh, but she gritted her teeth and steeled herself against the abuse. One of the few signs she gave of her discomfort was her heavy breathing and occasional fleeting grimace.

    Ivanov was impressed. This woman was tough! But he knew he would break her. He had broken everyone who had come into this room. It was just a matter of time and patience. He would soon have this haughty beauty begging for mercy.

    Ivanov taunted Larra as he worked on her. “You are resisting. I like that. Keep it up. It will be so much better when I break you. Oh, you flinched! Did that hurt? Let’s try it again. Yes, I think that does hurt. I must try to remember that spot.”

    On and on it went. By now Larra’s proud breasts felt like they had been put through the wringer of a washing machine. They were sore and bruised everywhere. Ivanov’s mangling hands never let up. Her heavy breathing changed to gasps as she suppressed her cries, and then to grunts, as she began to break down under the incessant mauling.

    Ivanov decided it was time for the piece de resistance. He slid off Larra’s body and stationed himself between her legs. Her ankles were fastened to the table legs in such a way that her petite rear hung just over the edge of the table. This left her vagina wide open to any attack. “Let’s see how tough you are, bitch,” Ivanov jeered. Without any further preparation he thrust the tip of his engorged penis past the lips of her vulnerable vulva. He was erect once again and becoming bigger and harder every second.

    For the few seconds that Ivanov had left her battered breasts alone Larra had felt an enormous sense of relief. He had stopped just as she was on the verge of breaking. But her relief was sort lived when she felt the tip of his massive phallus push past the open lips of her vagina.

    “UNNHH!” Larra grunted. She arched her back in involuntary reaction to Ivanov’s forced entry. His monster phallus was almost as large as Tabin’s with the major difference that she was completely unlubricated. Any intercourse would be accompanied by extreme pain. Ivanov gripped Larra’s writhing body about her tiny waist and pulled her into him, slamming his phallus forward with brutal strength.

    “OOHH,” Larra moaned as he pushed past her body’s defenses, forcing his huge shaft into her tight vagina.

    “Now we will see just how tough you are,” Ivanov gloated. “Let’s hear you scream.” He thrust into her a good three inches.

    “UGHH!” Larra grunted. She was being torn open by Ivanov’s brutal violation of her vagina, but she still managed to maintain some control.

    “Come on, scream!” He pushed in another two inches, then withdrew and slammed back in a full seven inches. “Scream, you bitch!”

    “AAHH!! AAAHHHH!!” Larra could not help crying out. Her tight, dry vagina was being mercilessly violated. Adding to the pain of the humiliation was the knowledge that Tabin was being forced to watch her complete subjugation. A sound very much like a sob burst from her lips.

    Ivanov decided to play with her. “Want me to stop? Just say the word, bitch.” Ivanov pulled out almost five inches.

    “OOHHH!” Larra gasped in relief. Then “AAAAHHHH!” as he plunged back in.

    “I didn’t hear the word,” Ivanov jeered. “How about a little more?” He pulled hard on her arched back, penetrating another inch. He was now into her about eight full inches. Larra could stand no more. She would do almost anything to end this torment.

    “AAAAHHHAAHH!!” Larra screamed. “Alright, stop! STOP!”

    “I didn’t hear you say please.” He pushed in another inch. He was in almost as far as he could go. Blood dripped from Larra’s ravaged vagina, pooling on the floor beneath the table.

    “PLEASE!” Larra sobbed. “PLEASE!”

    “Ha! I was just joking,” laughed Ivanov. “I’m, just getting started.”

    “NO! PLEASE! NO!” Larra shrieked. She knew that he was playing with her, but his brutality had broken down her self-control. She was being raped raw and the pain and humiliation was unbelievable. A few feet away her lover hung, suspended helplessly while she was sexually brutalized. For his sake as much as hers she had tried to hold out, but Ivanov’s methodical sexual torture had crushed her resolve. Now she just wanted release from the terrible pain and degradation to which she was being subjected

    But Ivanov did not stop. He continued to pound into her helpless body, ignoring her tortured cries and her pleas for mercy.

    Ivanov was not even interested in getting Larra to talk. He knew that once he had truly broken her he could get the information any time. He was much more interested now in prolonging her agony. A genuine sadist, he was sexually stimulated by pain in others. The more Larra cried and begged for mercy, the more sexually aroused he became. He would not stop until he had achieved orgasm and he was a master at delaying his ejaculation for as long as possible. And so he continued to rape the wailing woman, delighting in the sounds of her torment.

    To Larra each minute of the rape seemed like an hour. It seemed to go on and on forever, growing in intensity. She found words coming from her mouth that she was ashamed of as she begged him to stop. “Please,” she sobbed, “I will tell you everything. Please s…stt…stop!” Her pleas were broken by her sobs so that she was barely coherent.

    Quite suddenly the terrible pain stopped. Ivanov had withdrawn from her. Larra heard angry shouting in Chinese. She recognized the voice. It was Jia Li.

    “What are you doing! This is not the way to treat prisoners. I brought these two here under my protection. You have no right to treat them like this.”

    Ivanov seemed stunned. “Who let you in here! This room is off limits to you and your men.” Hastily he buttoned up his pants as his erection wilted. He was looking down the muzzle of Jia Li’s rifle.

    “I let myself in,” Jia Li replied. “Release these two.”

    Ivanov hesitated, then thought better of it. The look on the young Chinese girl’s face plus the fact that she was backed up by five of her men decided things in her favor.

    Larra felt the manacles on her ankles being removed. Willing hands helped to her feet, but her arms were still handcuffed behind her.

    “The keys,” Jia Li said. Ivanov reached into his pocket and tossed them to her. In a few seconds Larra’s hands were free. Too exhausted from her ordeal to stand, she collapsed onto the table where she had been raped.

    Tabin also had been freed. He too had suffered greatly. In his rage to get free he had dislocated his left shoulder and torn the muscles in his right arm. Had he not been injured he would have ripped Ivanov apart with his bare hands. As it was, he also was too exhausted to stand.

    Larra recovered first. Her bruised breasts pained her considerably and her torn vagina felt so raw that she could hardly move, but she steeled herself to ignore the pain. Rape might be emotionally terrible, but it was not totally debilitating. In a few minutes she was able to stand. She immediately limped to Tabin, who was in anguish from his dislocated shoulder. “Hold still, my love,” she said, and then placing her foot on Tabin’s chest, she grabbed his arm and pulled hard. With an audible “pop” his shoulder snapped back into its socket. Tabin endured the procedure without any show of emotion. Rising to his feet, he embraced Larra as best he could.

    Larra turned to Jia Li. “Thank you for what you have done, but unless you help us escape, the Russians will torture us again as soon as you leave.”

    “I have considered that,” Jia Li replied. “We will leave this place together.”

    Relieved, Larra walked over to Ivanov and removed his sidearm from its holster. She pointed it directly between his eyes. The Russian commander went white. “You can’t shoot,” he said, “the rest of my men will hear.”

    “Maybe so, but you will be dead. Now, I want you to do exactly as I say. Do you understand?”

    Ivanov nodded. “Take off your clothes and order your men to do the same.”

    Ivanov opened his mouth to protest. With a loud click Larra pulled the hammer on the revolver back to full cock. Hastily Ivanov began to strip off his clothes. He muttered an order to his two henchmen and they did the same.

    ‘Now we can get some clothes that fit,” said Larra. She tossed Ivanov’s clothes to Tabin, who began to put them on. Larra picked up the uniform of the Russian soldier that was closest to her size and dressed herself in it.

    Jia Li watched all of these proceedings quietly. She had rescued Larra and Tabin, but she could not let them kill her allies no matter how despicable they might be.

    Larra turned to Jia Li. “I know that you have taken a great risk to help me. I will not compound your difficulty by taking revenge on these men. But we have to find a way to keep them out of circulation for awhile.”

    “What do you suggest?” asked Jia Li.

    “I have an idea,” said Larra, “if your men will help me.” Jia Li nodded her assent. She gave a few quick orders to her men and they looked at Larra expectantly. She was free to order them as she saw fit. Larra took two of the men aside and spoke to them quietly. After she was finished the two men sprang into action. First they fastened the wrists of Ivanov and his henchmen behind them, using their own handcuffs. Next each man was securely gagged so that they could not do more than utter muffled sounds. And finally hoods were placed over their heads so that they could not be readily identified. Larra then had the three bound and almost naked Russians herded out of the room and back to the stinking holding cell where she and Tabin had been imprisoned. Ordering the men inside to stand away from the door, they forced the three hooded men into the cell and slammed the door shut. “Now,” murmured Larra, “We’ll see how much they enjoy their own hospitality.”

    Jia Li laughed. This mysterious white woman had a sense of humor.

    “Now we have to find a way out of here” said Larra. “How many Russians are in this camp and how do we get by them?”

    “There are about 250 men I think,” answered Jia Li, “But they will not be expecting anyone to escape from this building. Security here is rather slack. I don’t think anyone saw me come in. There wasn’t even a guard at the door.”

    Larra thought for a second. There was something about the Russian character that might help. “Is the vodka stored in this building?”

    “I suppose,” said Jia Li. “Maybe in one of the other rooms.”

    “Where is the commandant’s office? We should try there.”

    “It is on the floor above us, but there may be a guard there.”

    “You seem to have a pretty free run of the base,” said Larra. “Do you suppose you could check out the office and the other rooms that are nearby?”

    “I could try,” the Chinese girl said with enthusiasm. “Wait a minute and I will see what I can find.”

    Jia Li returned in about two minutes. “I found the vodka supply. There was a guard, but he is sleeping right now.” She smiled mischievously.

    Larra gave her a questioning look, but didn’t ask the obvious. “Now all we have to do is get word that the vodka supply is unguarded and see what happens.”

    “I think I know how to do that,” Said Jia Li. Taking two of her men aside she spoke to them. They left laughing. “We’ll see if this works,” she said.

    About five minutes later came the sound of very drunken singing - In Mongol. The sound came from the floor above and then slowly worked its way down the stairs and then outside. Within minutes there was the sound of many heavy feet stampeding up the stairway.

    “Now, we just wait,” said Jia Li.

    Larra smiled and sat down beside Tabin. She put her arms around him and rested her head on his chest, her unbound hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back. She was exhausted both physically and emotionally and needed to rest up for the escape. Tabin folded his arms about her and held her tight.
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