Episode 3 Larra's Mongolian Adventure - Chapter 11 Rescue

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 3
    Larra’s Mongolian Adventure
    Chapter 11 Rescue

    Strangely, Fujima did not continue his torture of the two women on the following day. Nor did he appear on the next day or the next. Eventually an entire two-week period passed without seeing any Japanese higher than the rank of private. In the meantime, Larra’s child had been returned to her and the two women were brought clothing to replace what had been torn from their bodies. Their food also improved, though to what end they could not imagine. They were even allowed out into the yard to exercise, although this was strictly controlled and they were always accompanied by several armed guards. The two women wondered at this improved treatment, but were unable to fathom Fujima’s or Hondo’s motives. However, unable to escape, they decided to make the best of it. Soon their superficial physical injuries healed. They had suffered no severe wounds at the hands of their ravagers except those to their psyche. At the end of the two-week period they about as fit for action as was possible under the limited freedom they were allowed.

    At the end of the two-week respite several guards showed up outside the cell. Jia Li was ordered out. Under gunpoint she was ordered to strip. Then her ankles were loosely chained, and her arms were securely bound behind her back. Her guards spent a great deal of time with the coarse hemp ropes. Her wrists were tightly bound first. Next her elbows were bound just above the elbow joint. Additional ropes were added between her elbows and her shoulders so that her arms were pulled tightly together all the way down. The effect was to pull her arms so tightly behind her back that her breasts jutted out most invitingly.

    All the while this was going on Jia Li felt a growing despair. This elaborate binding of her arms could not help but have some sinister outcome. She broke out into a cold sweat, as her heart pounded hard against her ribcage. Her guards noticed her discomfiture and jeered at her predicament. “Ready for some more fun? How do the ropes feel? Tight enough we hope. Did you like it when I stuck my dink into your mouth? I would be pleased to do it again. How did my cock feel when it was in your ass? You certainly felt wonderful to me.”

    Jia Li could do nothing but endure their taunts. By now she understood some Japanese. Enough to know when she was being mocked. Eventually the guards finished tying her to their satisfaction and directed her down the corridor toward the interrogation room. As they went one of the guards began to fondle her backside. “Eizo, you fool. We were ordered not to touch her.”

    Reluctantly, Eizo pulled his hand away from Jia Li’s behind. “I thought just a feel would be OK,” he said.

    “Not if you want to keep your balls,” the other guard rejoined. After that there was no more touching.

    To Jia Li’s surprise, they did not stop at the interrogation room. Instead they crossed the room to a staircase that led up to the second floor of the building. Then they marched her down a hallway that led to a large carved wooden door. Halting respectfully before the door, one of the soldiers knocked quietly. The door was opened a crack so that the person within could see who they were and then it was completely opened. They entered into a large elaborately furnished room. Sitting at a desk near a large window was Colonel Hondo. He looked up when they entered. Immediately he rose and came toward them.

    “You may leave,” he said to the guards. The two men saluted and then left, closing the door behind them. Jia Li was suddenly alone with the Japanese commander. Hondo was a heavyset man who had probably been powerfully muscled early in his life. But now he had allowed too much good food to pass between his lips. As a result he was rather corpulent. His soft rounded features sported a hairline mustache that did not improve his appearance. He eyed Jia Li’s bound and naked body with undisguised lust. The helpless woman shuddered under his intent gaze, but tried to hide her fear.

    Hondo circled Jia Li as if he was looking over a new horse. The young woman began to feel like a cheap piece of merchandise. “Yes, you are very beautiful,” he said. “You are like an exquisite flower that has just bloomed. I shall call you Lotus Blossom.”

    Jia Li wondered at the strange quirk that made men like Hondo give their victims pet names. She remembered Ivanov calling her “Tiger Lily.”

    Having finished his inspection Hondo led her to a cot at the side of the room. It was rather more comfortable looking than the standard army issue cot, but Jia Li was not looking forward to spending any time on it with the Japanese commander. Strangely she noticed that there was a rope hanging from a pulley just over the bed. Attached to the hanging rope was a large hook. It looked ominous.

    Hondo marched her to the bottom of the cot and unlocked the chain that connected her ankles. He then refastened the chain to the leg of the bed, pulling her right leg over to the edge of the cot. He next produced a second length of chain and did the same with her left leg. It left her legs spread, making access to her anus and vagina easy. Her heart beating wildly, Jia Li began to tremble uncontrollably.

    “Relax, Lotus Blossom,” soothed Hondo. He stroked her cheek gently. Jia Li cringed away from his touch. Hondo frowned.

    “You seem a little too proud,” said the Japanese commander. “I thought my men had taken that out of you. I guess you need a little more taming.” He took the hook that was dangling above the bed and hooked it through the ropes that bound her wrists. Then he pulled on the other end of the rope, tightening the end that was fastened to her wrists. Slowly as he hauled away, Jia Li’s wrists were pulled out from her back and lifted toward the ceiling. As her wrists rose higher Jia Li was forced to bend at the waist to relieve the pain and tension.

    “Ughnn!” she grunted in pain as she felt her arms being slowly pulled from their sockets. The pain in her arms and shoulders was excruciating. She was now bent over the cot so that that her torso was parallel to the bed, and her beautifully proportioned breasts hung invitingly down toward its surface. Her shapely derriere was pushed out inviting rear entry. Hondo began to undress, revealing his fat stomach, and flabby chest and arms. Jia Li turned her face away. She felt like an ostrich burying her head in the sand, but she could not face her tormentor.

    Hondo climbed onto the cot and stood before her, standing only a foot from Jia Li’s face. It creaked under his bulk, but did not collapse. Reaching down, he seized her silken tresses and jerked her head back. Now it is time for us to have some fun, Lotus blossom” he said. “You can start by lubricating my cock. And no biting. If you do I will remove all of your teeth.” To emphasize his point Hondo jerked hard on her hair bending her neck so far back that her mouth opened involuntarily.

    “That’s it Lotus Blossom, now take it gently.” With that Hondo pushed his not unimpressive penis into Jia Li’s open mouth.

    Jia Li almost gagged, but forced herself to accept the swollen organ. She could not face another beating.

    “First lick it,” Hondo instructed withdrawing from her far enough that his phallus hung right in front of her mouth. Tentatively, Jia Li stuck her tongue out, but she could not bring herself to actually touch Hondo’s swelling rod with her tongue. Brutally, Hondo reached under her hair with both and grabbed her ears. Tugging them harshly, he pushed her head back even farther. “You do not seem to understand Lotus Blossom. You must do as I say.”

    “Aahhh!” Jia Li cried out as Hondo’s hands threatened to tear her ears off her head. She extended her tongue and licked the tip of Hondo’s thick shaft.

    “That’s it. Now lap it like a dog.”

    Tears flowed freely from her eyes as her flexible tongue flicked over Hondo’s glans. An overwhelmingly pungent smell wafted up from the end of his organ as her tonguing began to stimulate him.

    “Oh, that’s fine, Lotus Blossom. Now close your lips around it.” Hondo instructed. Dutifully, Jia Li did as she was told.

    Ahh, that’s good!” Hondo moaned. “Now suck on it.”

    Not daring to disobey, Jia Li sealed her lips around the end of Hondo’s rod and began to suck. “Mmm! That’s good, that’s good,” he groaned. “You have a natural ability. Now lick it as you suck.”

    Almost sobbing in humiliation, Jia Li began to caress the glans of Hondo’s penis with her tongue while continuing her sucking. “Ohh, ohh!” cried Hondo. “That’s so good!” As he spoke, he pulled her head toward him and slowly he began to slide his phallus in and out of Jia Li’s mouth.

    Disgusted by what she was being forced to do, Jia Li could only endure the humiliation of swallowing Hondo’s penis. The smell of Hondo’s seminal fluid stank in her nostrils, almost making her nauseous. For several minutes he continued to excite himself with her mouth, becoming more and more aroused. His breathing became heavier and heavier as his agitation increased. However, Hondo stopped himself just prior to ejaculation. “That was fine, Lotus Blossom, I can see that you will make a fine comfort woman,” said Hondo, using the Japanese euphemism for prostitute.

    He withdrew from her mouth, and climbed off the bed. He moved behind her and there was a delay of a few seconds. Suddenly she felt something cold between the twin moons of her buttocks. For a second she was confused, and then realized that Hondo was lubricating her tight anus. “Ohh noo!” she moaned.

    Hondo laughed and placed his hands on the front of her thighs. Slowly he pulled her backside toward him gradually entering her tight rectum.

    “Aahhh!” Jia Li cried as he penetrated her, grinding his pelvis against her buttocks. She was now sobbing loudly as he worked his way deeper and deeper inside her.

    “Oohh!” Hondo exclaimed. “You are so tight. I would have thought that the fucking you got from my men would have loosened you up a bit more, but you are still like a virgin!”

    Jia Li did not reply. All she knew was that she was suffering greatly both from the violation of her anus and the terrible pain in her arms and shoulders. She did not think that she could stand much more.

    But Hondo was far from finished with her. He continued to drive ever deeper, penetrating deep into her and ripping aside the soft tissue of her colon. “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Hondo grunted as he used all his strength to penetrate the last few inches.

    “Aaagghhh!!” Jia Li screamed. She was in terrible agony. But Hondo never let up. Deeper and deeper he drove until his shaft was buried as deep within her as it could go. Once again, Hondo approached orgasm. But he was a master at extending the sex act. As he felt himself peaking, he withdrew. Moving over to a small table he filled a porcelain bowl with water from a pitcher and washed off his genitals. His erection temporarily gone, he returned to his sobbing, gasping victim.

    “You are so beautiful, Lotus Blossom. It will be so much more enjoyable when you are broken and I do not have to tie you up like this. Of course if you do not break then I will just have to continue to take you the way you are. You have much spirit. You are almost like a Japanese.”

    As he spoke, Hondo began to run his hands over her body. Slowly he explored almost every inch of her gorgeous anatomy, touching squeezing, pinching, and caressing her exquisite body. Jia Li was repulsed by his touch, but could do no more than moan as he pinched or squeezed an especially sensitive area. All the while, the agony in her arms and shoulders mounted. She began to moan and whimper as her suffering reached levels beyond her endurance. And then Hondo took her level of pain one step higher.

    His erection had returned. Positioning himself behind her again, he plunged into her vagina. Jia Li screamed horribly. The suddenness of this assault had caught her off guard. Unprepared, her shriek of complete agony rent the air. She screamed until she was hoarse, shrieking almost in time to Hondo’s thrusts. Hondo penetrated her deeply and this time did not stop as he approached orgasm. Again and again he thrust into her, finally ejaculating deep into her womb. Having satisfied his lust he withdrew from the sobbing woman and left her hanging there. Lurching over to the cot, he threw himself upon it and lay there panting. In a few minutes, he was asleep, snoring loudly, despite Jia Li’s continued wailing.

    Helplessly Larra watched her friend being tied up and then led away. It did not take a great deal of imagination to guess what was going to happen to her. At the same time, she felt a sense of relief that she had not been taken away as well. Guilt welled up in her as she realized that her own security was being bought at the price of Jia Li’s torment. Her guilt was short lived, however. Ten minutes after Jia Li’s disappearance the guards came for her as well.

    Larra was not bound or shackled. There was no need for special precautions with her when she held Lin Yao in her arms. She was led into the interrogation room. This time it was not crowded with Japanese troops as on the last occasion. Only Fujima and a half dozen soldiers were waiting for her, along with the Manchu woman who had cared for Lin Yao before. With a spasm of fear, Larra realized that her little vacation was over.

    The Manchu nurse took Lin Yao from her and Fujima came toward her. “It is time for you to answer a few questions, Miss Court. I have spent a few hours going through your possessions, and I am rather curious about these.” Fujima held up Larra’s notebooks, and a thick sheaf of photographs. All of Larra’s notes on her exploration of Genghis Khan’s tomb were in those tattered notebooks. The photographs confused her for a few seconds until she realized that the photographs she had taken in the tomb, but not been able to develop were now in front of her. Naturally, Fujima had ordered her film developed as a matter of course. Fujima dropped the photographs on the table next to Larra and she leafed through them. She saw to her satisfaction that almost every shot she had taken had turned out. Unfortunately, the photos also gave Fujima an excuse to question her further, and she had no doubt that his methods would be most brutal.

    The Japanese officer stood directly in front of her. He was at least a head shorter than she was, but strongly built. Despite being over forty, he had not let himself go and was in excellent physical shape. His stocky body was well muscled. He would have been considered quite handsome by Japanese standards, if not by European. But now he simply appeared menacing. “Well, Miss Court? I’m waiting for an answer. What is there to these photographs and notes?”

    Not wanting to answer, but fearful of defying him, Larra did not answer, but looked away. Fujima stepped away from her. Crossing over to the nurse, he removed Lin Yao from her arms. “Take off your clothes, Miss Court.”

    Larra gasped. The threat of harm to Lin Yao was clear. Fumbling with her buttons, she slowly stripped off her garments. First she discarded her shirt, leaving only her makeshift halter-top covering her upper body. She blushed as she slowly revealed herself to the leering Japanese soldiers. Next she shed her pants. She had not been given any boots, or underpants, so she was almost completely naked. “The halter top, Miss Court,” Fujima prompted. Reluctantly Larra removed her last piece of clothing. “Tie her to the table,” Fujima ordered.

    Larra did not resist. Two of the soldiers came forward and tied her ankles to the table leg. Then they bent her backward onto the table so that her body lay on the table with about half of her delectable derriere hanging off the end. Ropes were attached to each of her wrists and these were lashed beneath the table so that her arms were pulled out to the side. Larra broke out into a cold sweat. It was obvious that Fujima intended to question her in a manner similar to her previous ordeal.

    Fujima gazed down on her. “You certainly are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he said. “How unfortunate that we could not have been on the same side.”

    Larra did not reply. She knew that Fujima had just told a hideous lie. He was Japanese. Larra considered herself Japanese. How could they not be on the same side? She loved Japan and was saddened by the direction that it had taken in foreign affairs, but she would never voluntarily choose to harm the Japanese people. Hondo and Fujima had decided that she was an enemy, but Larra had never considered herself an enemy of her mother’s country. It was, however useless to point that out to Fujima, who simply considered anyone who was not of pure Japanese ancestry to be an enemy of his country. He was patriotism carried to a ridiculous extreme.

    Fujima began to run his hands over Larra’s satin skin. She was a gorgeous creature. He had never felt skin like hers before. And beneath it were the muscles of a tigress. She was an exquisitely beautiful but deadly fighting machine. But now she was his. He had her at his mercy and could treat her any way that he saw fit. The very thought caused his penis to stiffen. Quickly he removed his shoes, dropped his pants and stripped off his shorts. Without waiting for any further foreplay, he thrust into her open vagina, penetrating her deeply in just a few lunges.

    “Ughh! Ugghh!” Larra’s suppressed grunts told him that he was inflicting a certain degree of pain in his attack. However, Fujima’s sex organ was simply not massive enough to cause her really serious discomfort, not after what she had been through at the hands of his men only two weeks ago. So he finished his rape of the unresisting woman, frustrated at her deliberate lack of response. He had hoped to get a stronger reaction from her. However, he had a back-up plan.

    Larra breathed a sigh of relief as Fujima withdrew from her. She knew that this would be but a temporary respite, but at least he had not made her howl on the first try.

    “It appears that you have entertained so many men that I cannot impress you,” said Fujima venomously, “but I think I have a friend here who can.”

    After pulling his clothes back on, Fujima crossed to a bench by the wall. Above it was a small wooden shelf in which were placed a number of metal devices. He picked up one of these and held in front of Larra’s face. “Are you familiar with this Miss Court?” he asked.

    Larra’s eyes widened. Although she had never actually seen such a device before, she recognized it from its description in historical texts she had read. She kept her face blank, but her heart skipped a beat, and her vagina and anus clenched.

    “I think you do,” sneered Fujima. “I believe that in your culture it is called the pear. It is most interesting in its effect on those who use it.”

    Larra’s already sweaty body became even sweatier. Her breathing became a little more labored. The pear was a fiendish device. It was indeed a pear-shaped object, designed specifically for torture. It was about eight inches long and consisted of four pieces of metal connected by an interior screw. When the screw was tightened it pulled the four pieces of metal together in a true pear shape. When the screw was loosened it pushed the four separate sections apart, causing the pear to expand. In its compact form, the pear would just fit into a woman’s vagina. It would be a tight fit, but it would make it.

    Fujima seemed calm, but inwardly he was seething. He had raped Larra in front of his men and she had given almost no reaction to the violation of her body. That had shamed him. Now he would take his revenge. Pouring a little oil over the pear, he pushed it into Larra’s vagina.

    “Ugh!” Larra grunted. The pear was in its compact state, but it was still larger that the diameter of the average male penis. Slowly, Fujima worked the pear deep into her vagina. Larra willed herself to remain still, attempting to give Fujima as little satisfaction as possible. She was not to remain still or calm for very long.

    Fujima began to turn the screw, causing its sections to expand. Slowly the pear began to enlarge inside her vagina, exerting steadily increasing pressure on its walls. For the first few turns of the screw, Larra held herself still, but as her vagina was slowly pushed apart she began to squirm slightly, attempting to find a more comfortable position. But there was no escaping the pear. Its diameter increased from two inches to three, and then to three and a half, and then to four.

    “Ugghhnn!” Larra moaned. The pear was slowly duplicating the pain she had felt in childbirth. She strained at her bonds, attempting to break free. She desperately wanted to pull the pear from her vagina before it ripped her apart. But of course, the bonds did not break. She was held fast. By now she was panting like a dog, her breath coming in quick hard gasps as she fought for control. As the pain in her loins increased she arched her back and shifted as far as she could from side to side, causing her large milk-filled breasts to sway back and forth.

    “Does that satisfy you, Miss Court, you European whore?” jeered Fujima. Larra did not reply, she was too busy fighting back a scream. Fujima left off opening the pear. “Suck her!” he gesturing to two of his men. Moving to either side of her. Each of the soldiers seized one of Larra’s tits in his hand and then placed his lips over its swollen nipple. Almost greedily each soldier began to suckle at her milk filled breasts. Larra was filled with disgust and mortification, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it. In the meantime, the pain in her vagina was keeping her attention centered on the area between her legs.

    Fujima had returned to expanding the pear. A few more turns of the screw expanded it to five inches. Now it had forced her vagina farther apart than it had been when she gave birth. Larra began to moan and whimper with the pain that was being generated. She felt a scream beginning to rise in her throat. She tried to suppress it, but Fujima gave the screw in the pear two more twists, expanding it to six inches. That was a wide as it would go, but it was more than enough for Larra.

    “Aahhhgg!” “Aahhhgg!” “Aahhhgg!” Scream after scream issued from her mouth. It was pain such as she had never experienced before. “Please stop!” she begged. “Please stop!”

    Fujima leaned over her and grinned sadistically. “Not so high and mighty now are we Miss Court? Care to tell me about these photos now?’

    “YES!! YES!!” screamed Larra. “I’LL TELL, ONLY PLEASE STOP!” She resumed screaming overwhelmed by the agonizing pain.

    Fujima let her scream. He even walked away from the shrieking, pleading woman and left the room for a few minutes. Let the pear do its work. He would break her or kill her trying. When he returned Larra was no longer screaming. She had fainted. With an oath Fujima returned to her prone form. He removed the pear and moved to the side of the table near her head. Seizing her hair, he lifted her head and slapped her awake.

    Moaning, Larra slowly opened her eyes. “All right,” said Fujima, “Tell me about these photographs.”

    Larra groaned. She was still in agony from her ordeal. “Shall I reinsert the pear?” asked Fujima.

    “No!” Larra replied vehemently. “I will tell you.”

    Suddenly a disturbance at the doorway of the room caused all heads to turn in that direction. From her prone position Larra could see that another Japanese officer had entered the room. At first she could not make out what he was saying. Then she realized that he was shouting orders at Fujima.

    “Major Fujima, release that woman!”

    Fujima looked both shocked and fearful. Bowing deeply he quickly turned to his soldiers. “Untie her – do it quickly,” he ordered.

    “General Uesigi, I am honored by your visit. I was just questioning the prisoner.”

    General Uesigi looked at the exhausted woman sprawled on the tabletop, and at the rivulet of blood dripping from her ravaged vagina. An expression of disgust and outrage flickered across his face. “Major, Fujima, you are under arrest. Surrender your sword and sidearm to Lieutenant Matsuma.” Turning to one of the solders standing by Larra he ordered: “Get the camp doctor.”

    “Hai!” replied the soldier, taking off at a run.

    A second disturbance near the door distracted all of them. Two young women burst into the room. “Larra!” they shouted almost in unison. Within a few seconds they were at her side.

    So dazed was Larra from her ordeal that at first she did not comprehend who they were, then a flicker of recognition crossed her face. “Katie! Amy!” she whispered. Then she fainted again.

    Larra awoke. She was lying on a comfortable cot and covered with a blanket. Standing over her was the beautiful blonde, Katy Reddel and next to her stood the gorgeous redhead, Amy Price. Confused Larra opened her mouth to speak. Katie placed her hand over Larra’s lips. “Don’t try to talk, you have been through quite an ordeal. We’ll do the talking.”

    “You are wondering what we are doing here. Well, did you think that you could simply disappear into China without us coming after you? You were supposed to be on a three-month expedition. You have been gone almost a year. When you did not return as planned, we waited for three months and then came after you. Lord Takeda gave us a letter of introduction that we used to recruit help from the Japanese military.”

    Amy took over the story. “It took us quite awhile to find you. It was almost as if you had dropped off the face of the earth. But we were able to determine that your disappearance had to do with your misadventure in Guyang.”

    “Yes,” injected Katie, “we found out what happened to you at Guyang. Fujima’s soldiers would not tell us anything, but his Chinese servants did. Fortunately, we took the precaution of travelling with another Japanese officer otherwise we might have become “guests” of Major Fujima.”

    “After that we lost track of you,” continued Amy. “You had disappeared somewhere into Mongolia, so we could not trace you. So we left a contact with Fujima. Someone to keep us informed of his activities just in case you turned up again. Then, we just kept on looking. We saw a lot of northern China, but could find no trace of your whereabouts.”

    “Then,” said Amy, taking over the story again, “we got word from our contact in Fujima’s camp that two women had been taken prisoner by Colonel Hondo. One of them sounded like you, so we contacted General Uesigi and came here as fast as we could. Unfortunately, we were a little to late to spare you some pain.”

    “The good news is that the camp doctor says that you have suffered no permanent damage. You will be quite sore for awhile, but you will heal.”

    At this point Larra forced herself to talk. “My baby, Lin Yao, where is she?”

    “Ah!” exclaimed Katie, “We forgot.” She dashed from the room. A minute later, she returned carrying Lin Yao. She placed the child in Larra’s arms.

    “She’s a good baby,” said Amy. “She has only cried once while you were sleeping. But she must be hungry.”

    “Yes,” said Larra, pressing Lin Yao to her breast. Greedily, the infant began to feed.

    “You will have to tell us about her,” said Katie. “She is a surprise. “But she explains a little bit of what you were doing while you were away so long.”

    “We found a Chinese girl in one of the cells,” said Amy. “She was moaning your name. It appears that she has been pretty badly used, but seems to be all right.”

    “Jia Li,” whispered Larra. “She is my friend.”

    Amy shushed her. “We guessed as much. We have her resting quietly. She will be all right in a day or two.”

    Larra relaxed and closed her eyes. For the first time in several weeks she slept peacefully.

    Colonel Hondo and Major Fujima stood stiffly to attention before General Uesigi and the assembled members of the garrison. “You have disgraced your command and yourselves as warriors and members of the Japanese army,” said General Uesigi. “As a result of your cowardly actions I remove the symbols of authority and your place in the Japanese military.” As he spoke Uesigi ripped off Hondo’s and Fujima’s symbols of their rank. “Now strip!” he ordered.

    Burning with humiliation. Hondo and Fujima stripped off their clothes. They had been denied the right to commit seppuku and instead had been told that they would face the ultimate humiliation for their sins. Uesigi nodded to Lieutenant Matsuma. He in turn, barked out an order to four soldiers who were standing at the ready. The soldiers marched forward and took the arms of the two naked men. They then marched them toward a hitching post that was directly in front of the military compound. Hondo’s and Fujima’s wrists were tightly bound to the horizontal bar of the hitching post so that they were forced to bend at the waist. Matsuma barked out another order and a powerfully built soldier came forward. He was holding a five-foot length of bamboo. Both Hondo and Fujima squirmed uncomfortably, the whites of their eyes showing as they stared back over their shoulders as the man approached.

    As befitting his rank, Hondo was the first to receive the length of bamboo. It was delivered with incredible force. Matsuma had chosen a practitioner of kendo as the one to wield the bamboo. His concentration of force was tremendous.

    Hondo did not even last a single stroke. As it made contact with his fleshy backside he let out a howl that could be heard throughout the entire base. He continued to howl as four more strokes were delivered. Then it was Fujima’s turn. He lasted a little longer, giving no indication of pain until the fourth stroke, and then he too let out a shout. Each blow was delivered deliberately with a several second interval between strokes, so as not to tire the soldier administering the punishment too quickly. After delivering the fifth blow to Fujima’s backside the soldier returned to Hondo. He gave him five more strokes. This time Hondo shrieked horribly after each blow, his fat buttocks jiggling as he attempted desperately to avoid the punishment. After that Fujima received his next five causing him to scream for mercy. The punishment alternated between each man until they had received a full 25 strokes each. By the end of the punishment both men had been reduced to shrieking, shaking, puppets, dancing to the beat of the bamboo staff. Blood flew from their lacerated buttocks during the final ten blows. By the end of the beating each man had to be supported to receive their last few strokes. They had been crushed physically and spiritually.

    Larra and her friends rode out of the Japanese military compound. As they passed the bloodied forms of Hondo and Fujima as quick smile flickered across her lips. It was quickly replaced by a look of contempt, but she said nothing. Her only physical reaction was to kick her heels into the side of her horse, quickening its pace. She was heading home.
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