Episode 3 Larra's Mongolian Adventure - Chapter 10 Subjugation

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 3
    Larra’s Mongolian Adventure

    Chapter 10 Subjugation
    Jia Li readied herself for combat. Facing her was a slim young Japanese soldier. He wore ordinary military fatigues, but adopted a karate stance. Apparently Fujima had chosen an opponent with some martial arts skills. Cautiously the two adversaries circled one another. The young man aimed a kick to her groin. Jia Li hardly bothered to block the blow. Her fighting skills were so highly toned that the attempted attack seemed to occur in slow motion. Even with her legs tethered she had enough freedom to sidestep the attack easily. Deflecting his thrusting leg with her right arm, she stepped into her opponent and delivered a half dozen crushing blows to the man’s kidneys. With a low groan the young soldier collapsed in a heap on the floor. That had been almost too easy. The Japanese would have to do better than that.

    Another man stepped forward. Jia Li reminded herself not to become overconfident. Fujima had promised that she would have to fight until she lost. She would have to face a succession of opponents and all of them might not be so cooperative.

    Her opponent this time was a fairly heavyset man, but he moved with the easy grace of a more experienced opponent. Jia Li realized that one advantage her adversaries had was that they would be able to gage her talents as she fought, while she would face a succession of unknown opponents.

    Slowly Jia Li’s new adversary circled her, looking for an opening. She could see from his stance and fighting style that he was far more experienced than her first antagonist. She held back, waiting for the man to make the first move. She had to conserve her strength. There was no telling how many men she would have to face before the Japanese gave up and decided that no one could beat her. The circle of soldiers cheered on her adversary, urging him to take the initiative against her, but he was patient. He would not be hurried into making the same mistake her first opponent had.

    Continuing to slowly circle her, Jia Li’s opponent suddenly lunged forward, hoping that his seemingly endless circling had lulled her into a false sense of security. Had her feet not been connected by a length of chain, Jia Li would have made him pay heavily for his ill-timed attack. She had not been caught off guard. An opponent of the caliber of the man that faced her was simply not good enough or fast enough to catch her unaware. But the handicap of her chained ankles meant she had to fend off his attack with just her arms.

    The man’s assault started with a fake roundhouse kick that he instantly changed into a deadly front kick as Jia Li swerved away from it. She blocked the second attack with a downward sweep of her right arm, knocking him off balance. She immediately launched an attack of her own; aiming for his exposed rib cage, but he blocked her blows in turn, sweeping his right arm down to intercept her blows. Jia Li immediately struck at a different area of the man’s body. These blows too were parried but she kept up her attack, targeting his head. This time one of her blows got through, bloodying the man’s nose.

    Her opponent staggered back, spraying the area around him with blood from his flattened nose. Jia Li pressed home her attack with a flurry of punches to the man’s throat, head, and torso. Despite desperate efforts from her opponent to avoid the attack, many off her punches struck home. With a low groan, the man collapsed, unconscious before he hit the floor.

    Breathing heavily Jia Li fought for control, willing her breathing to slow down and relaxing her body. She had to use the minimum amount of energy in her defence; otherwise she would not last too many more rounds.

    Immediately, another man entered the circle of soldiers. This man was tall, even by European standards. He towered over Jia Li and everyone else in the room. This man would take special skill, as his long arms gave him a definite advantage.

    Once again Jia Li and her opponent circled one another. The tall Japanese faced her in an upright fighting style. She saw that his head would be difficult for her to reach, unless he moved within her range himself. The tall man feigned an attack, using his great reach to strike in her direction. Jia Li easily avoided his blows, but the man was quick enough to cover up. She needed to get inside his guard, but he was being careful to make sure that she could not do that.

    They continued to spar, circling one another constantly, looking for the elusive opening that might decide the combat. Jia Li forced herself to be patient. It was not up to her to carry the attack. She merely had to wait until the man’s patience ran out and then exploit any mistakes he made. The shouting from the circle of soldiers filled the room. This also worked in her favour. Their encouragement was likely to goad her opponent into an unwise move.

    Finally, the tall man lost patience. He thought he saw an opening and took it, but Jia Li had simply lured him into a trap. She dodged his awkward attack and she punished him with a succession of blows to his torso. A lesser man would have collapsed under the power of her punches, but the man’s body mass absorbed the attack and he was able to lurch away, fending her off with poorly coordinated sweeps of his arms. But Jia Li was unrelenting. She followed up her attack by ducking beneath his flailing arms and delivering a series of blows to his abdomen. The huge man doubled up in pain, bringing his head within Jia Li’s range. With lightning speed, she smashed his face and head with a succession of brutal blows. Blood streamed from her opponent’s nose, and ears, but he still fought on. Mercilessly, Jia Li continued to pound his almost defenseless body, easily avoiding his frantic and uncoordinated efforts to fight back. Finally, with a groan the huge man toppled forward, like a great tree falling slowly to the ground. Her chest heaving from the exertion, Jia Li moved to the center of the ring, readying herself for the next opponent.

    That bout had taken a lot out of her. She had not received a single blow, but the exertion of dispatching her opponents had drained her energy reserves. She could not afford to exert so much energy for each adversary. But, of course that was Fujima’s strategy, as he had carefully explained. Each defeated enemy would be replaced by a fresh opponent, until eventually she did not have enough strength left to eliminate her next antagonist. Then she would be taken.

    Another combatant had entered the ring. This man was also huge, but in a totally different way from her last opponent. He had height, standing about six feet tall, but he was also immensely fat. Jia Li guessed that he must have weighed at least 300 pounds. The slender girl was facing a veritable mountain of flesh.

    The giant man did not even bother to circle the ring. Instead he assumed the pose of a sumo wrestler, feet spread wide and his arms extended to grapple with her. Jia Li kept her distance. If her legs had been free this would have been the perfect opponent to fight at long range. This man wanted her to close with him so that he could use his immense weight and strength advantage to simply crush her.

    Warily, Jia Li circled her opponent forcing the man to continually turn to face her. She wanted to keep him off balance and create an opportunity for attack. Again, she was cognizant of the fact that she did not have to press the attack. The object of her opponents was to defeat her and that meant that she could wait until they came to her.

    By now Jia Li’s well toned body was covered in sweat. It was late August and the room temperature was quite warm, made even warmer by the concentration of bodies in the interrogation room. The slow circling of her opponent helped her to recover from her previous exertions, but each bout took a little bit out of her. The room temperature was stifling and the humidity was equally high. Since she had been given no food or water that morning, she was both hungry and thirsty. Her thirst was the most important problem. The longer the fights lasted the more dehydrated she would get. That meant she would soon become fatigued and that would leave her vulnerable to defeat. But there was no way out of her predicament except to keep on fighting.

    With a loud cry her heavyweight adversary launched himself at her, hoping to catch her in a moment of carelessness. Jia Li, however, was not careless. She was simply conserving her strength. She slipped beneath his lumbering attack and a struck ferociously at his head as he lurched by. She scored several times. The man’s face was cut and bleeding, but he seemed completely unaffected by such minor injuries. “It’s like hitting a brick wall,” she thought. He was going to be very tough to bring down.

    The giant hurled himself at her again. Once again Jia Li easily sidestepped the assault and struck back at the man-mountain as he thundered by. Once, twice, thrice… a half dozen times she struck him in quick succession. Incredibly, the massive hulk simply turned and rumbled toward her as if nothing had happened. Jia Li dodged out of the way. This time he almost caught her, his fleshy hands passing through her flying hair as she darted to one side.

    Jia Li’s hands stung. She had thrown so many punches against hard bone that her knuckles were getting sore. Now the sumo was coming at her again, arms spread wide to engulf and crush her. This time Jia Li probed for a weak spot. She could not keep on hitting him in the head if the only affect was to damage her hands. The man was so fat that he was almost neckless, but there was a slight gap between his chin and where his neck should have been.

    She struck him with her fingers extended. Like a knife, her hand plunged into the folds of fat covering the man’s neck. She felt tissue tear under her thrust and heard a distinctly audible crunch. The man almost caught her before she wrenched her hand free, but this time her blow had an effect. Gasping, the massive Japanese clutched at his throat. Blood splattered from his mouth as he attempted to draw air into his shattered windpipe. With a horrible gurgling cry he lurched away from her, pushing through the ring of soldiers and collapsing near the wall of the room.

    One more down, she thought. But now she was almost exhausted. The last bout had taken almost all of her strength. She desperately needed to rest, but there was to be no respite. Another man had already entered the ring. This man was much like her second opponent, heavyset, but a little taller.

    Gulping air in huge gasps, Jia Li moved away from her latest adversary. He moved better than any of her previous attackers. They must have been saving him up for this stage of the fight, she thought.

    The man gave her no time to recover from her previous exertions. He attacked right away with a flurry of kicks and punches. Franticly Jia Li attempted to deflect and block the blows, backing away from the furious assault. Her opponent followed, seeming to sense the young woman’s weakened state. He gave her no time to recover; clearly perceiving that he had her on the run.

    Jia Li backpedaled, trying to give herself time to get her breath back, but the very action of retreating while attempting to defend herself drained more energy from her wearied body. Her opponent was not just persistent; he was also fast. Ordinarily he would not have been a match for her, but as Jia Li’s fatigue slowed her down, he seemed to become faster. Eventually one of his punches caught up with her.

    Jia Li saw the blow coming, but was unable to completely avoid it, having just blocked several other punches and kicks. It caught her temple a glancing blow. Had she not snapped her head back at the last second she probably would have been knocked unconscious. As it was the impact of the punch dropped her to the floor. Instantly her adversary was upon her, leaping on to her before she could regain her feet.

    Using his greater weight and superior strength, her muscular opponent attempted to pin her to the floor. Rolling beneath him, Jia Li tried to squirm out from under him before he was able to turn the contest into a wrestling match. Her amazing reflexes almost enabled her to break free of his grasp, but he managed to catch hold of her right forearm with both of his hands. As she struggled to her feet he twisted her wrist, forcing her to pivot with her back to him to avoid having her wrist snapped.

    Exerting all of her strength Jia Li fought to escape. She was in such good physical condition that she was almost able to stop the slow twisting of her wrist that was forcing her arm toward the middle of her back. Gradually, however, her arm was twisted into the small of her back. Then her opponent shifted his grip slightly so that he could bend her hand up, creating excruciating pain in her bent wrist. The hold enabled him to completely control her. Jia Li had to move where he chose or deal with a broken wrist. Downward pressure on her wrist forced her to her knees, and then right down to the floor.

    Grunting in pain and frustration, Jia Li felt the weight of her opponent settle onto her thighs and backside. Pushing with her free left arm, she attempted to roll over, but the Japanese simply exerted pressure on her wrist, forcing her flat to the floor. Jia Li could feel her antagonist fumbling with something but could not see what he was doing until she felt the touch of a hemp rope on her wrist. He was attempting to bind her and render her completely helpless.

    Fear of being tied up reinvigorated her and she thrashed frenziedly on the floor, trying to wriggle out from under her captor. But even as she tried to ignore the terrible pain in her wrist and redoubled her efforts to escape, she felt the coarse strands of the rope draw tight around her right wrist. She then felt the rope being pushed under her left biceps. Once there, it was slowly pulled tight, pulling her bound right hand over to her left arm. The rope was then tied off and the soldier grasped her left wrist and twisted it behind her back in the same way that he had done with her right arm. Her left wrist was then tied to her right biceps. Her arms were now effectively immobilized, but just to make sure, another length of rope was wound about her forearms, lashing them tightly together, rendering her deadly fighting skills impotent.

    All about her the ring of Japanese soldiers had closed in so that the cheering spectators could better witness the triumph of their comrade. They chanted his name. “Bunzo! Bunzo!” and urged him to complete his task. Although Jia Li spoke little Japanese, she could guess what he was being incited to do. A few seconds later, her worst fears were confirmed as he began to fumble with her belt. Bound and face down on the floor, she was helpless to stop her complete subjugation.

    Her belt unbuckled, Jia Li felt her pants slowly being pulled down, exposing her sweet derriere to the hooting, cheering mass of onlookers. Soon she was naked from the waist down, her anus and sex organs exposed to attack from the rear. But her assailant was patient. He rolled her over and began to unhurriedly unbutton her tunic. As each button was undone, her breasts were gradually revealed. Finally, the last button was released and her tunic was pulled open revealing her exquisite twin hemispheres, her sweet, pointed nipples accentuating the wondrous perfection of her grapefruit-sized breasts.

    Hurriedly, Jia Li’s vanquisher pulled off his own clothes. Within a minute he was as naked as she was and had settled himself between her legs. She had tried to prevent this, but he easily parted her thighs, using his weight and strength to advantage. Then he began a leisurely exploration of her gorgeous body.

    Jia Li writhed under his degrading touch. He started with her breasts, kneading and squeezing the firm, ripe flesh. Within a minute, Jia Li was grunting in pain as he increased the intensity of his pressure on her breasts. He was not just kneading her soft globes, but mauling them mercilessly. It was all she could do to stop herself from screaming. Even so, it was evident from her contorted features and continued grunts that she was suffering greatly. The noise from the crowd of Japanese soldiers was almost deafening as they hurled suggestions for further torture at her brutal captor.

    He did not need much encouragement. He shifted his attention to her vaginal region, thrusting two fingers past her labia. At the same time he took her areola in his mouth and bit down hard.

    “Aaaahhhh!!” This time Jia Li let loose a scream of anguish. It felt as if he was trying to bite off the tip of her breast. Pulling back with his teeth, Bunzo stretched her tortured nipple away from her breast. “Aaaagggghh!” she cried again. The pain was terrible, but it was about to get worse.

    Bunzo had two fingers inside her, probing her vaginal canal, now he released her bleeding breast and inserted two more from his other hand. Then he pulled his fingers in opposite directions, as if he was trying to tear her open. The pain was frightening. All the more so as it was so unexpected. Jia Li shrieked in agony.

    Satisfied with his initial humiliation of his victim, Bunzo mounted her. He thrust his rigid penis deep into her vagina. He was not especially large, so the pain of his entry was not as great as that of her previous rape, but it was still a degrading and painful experience.

    “Uuuhhnnn!” She suppressed a scream, but was not able to hold back a grunt, as Bunzo pumped into her unlubricated vagina. He continued his rape of the helpless gasping female for about five minutes before ejaculating. He then heaved his sweating body from the humbled woman. Immediately another man took his place. This seemed to serve as an excuse for a general assault by the surrounding soldiers. They swarmed over her body, groping, squeezing, pinching, and biting any part of her body they could reach. At the same time the man between her legs raped her relentlessly. Jia Li began to scream uncontrollably.

    One after the other each soldier took his place between her legs and had his turn in her once tight vagina. After the sixth rape, Jia Li was too exhausted to respond. The seventh man turned her over, and began to penetrate her anus. This seemed to temporarily revive her, and she began to scream hoarsely. The penetration of her anus proceeded inexorably. Deeper and deeper her assailant thrust into her, forcing the tight aperture apart. Jia Li’s screams mounted in intensity, and then suddenly subsided into muffled grunts, as one of the other soldiers pulled her head back and shoved his penis into her mouth. In a few minutes both of her new assailants ejaculated into her and two more took their place. The double rape soon turned into a triple rape, as a third man got beneath her and entered her vagina again. Unable to scream or even protest Jia Li’s cries deteriorated into stifled moans.

    Thirty feet away, chained to the wall, a horrified Larra watched Jia Li’s degradation. She wept to see her friend so abused, but was helpless to aid her. Holding her child, she stood silently while her friend and companion was horribly brutalized. And in the forefront of her mind was the realization that once the mob of soldiers was finished with Jia Li, it would be her turn.

    The rape lasted several hours. Eventually, the last man satisfied his lust and Jia Li’s spent body was hauled away. Fujima turned to Larra. It was time to humble the arrogant British bitch. A soldier chained Larra’s ankles in the same way that Jia Li had been handicapped. There would be no way that she could defend herself adequately from the multiple assaults that would come her way. Her baby was taken from her arms and turned over to the same Manchu woman who had brought the child to Larra. Then, Larra was led into the ring of soldiers, which had reformed in the center of the room.

    Larra knew that she was going to face the same fate as Jia Li. The only question was whether or not she would last as long as the feisty Chinese girl. Her fight would be hopeless, but she would not simply give up. Her pride demanded that she fight for as long as she was able before giving in.

    Her ordeal began the same way as Jia Li’s had. She faced a single rather inexperienced Japanese soldier. Larra did not even bother to adopt a defensive stance. She simple stood in the center of the circle of soldiers and waited for the man to make his move. The attack came more swiftly than she had expected. The man was not entirely unskilled, but Larra still easily sidestepped his rush. As he passed her she struck hard to the back of his neck, paralyzing his muscles and dropping him senseless to the floor. The fight had lasted all of five seconds.

    The crowd around Larra fell temporarily silent. The Japanese soldiers had expected her to be easier than Jia Li, probably on account of her European origins. They did not expect her to possess a very high level of martial arts skills. They now realized that they did not face a frightened white woman, but a formidable opponent whose skill outmatched any of them.

    Larra’s next candidate appeared far more impressive. It was Bunzo, the same man that had finally defeated Jia Li. Apparently, they thought him of suitable caliber to handle Larra as well. Larra was a bit more careful this time. She faced her adversary with her hands at her sides. She looked unprepared, but she was ready to move quickly in any direction when the attack came.

    Bunzo attacked with lightning speed, but he was not facing an exhausted opponent this time. Larra turned his blows aside and her counterattack smashed his nose into his skull. Blood pouring from his shattered beak, Bunzo staggered away from the charging female. But he was not fast enough. Larra caught up to him and evading his flailing arms, stepped inside his guard and drove her knee into his crotch. The force of the blow lifted Bunzo right off the floor. His testicles crushed, the screaming Japanese fell to the floor. But even as he collapsed, Larra delivered a series of brutal blows to his head and back. She wanted to exact a little revenge against this animal for what he had done to Jia Li. The fight was over in just seconds. Larra had demonstrated her superiority with frightening ease. Even as a nursing mother she was more than a match for any of the opponents Fujima could select for her.

    Larra glanced over at Fujima. His face was a mask of rage. Then she turned her attention to her next opponent. After what she had just done to her first two opponents, this man was hesitant to face her. Larra was not even breathing hard from her exertions, but she had dispatched two trained Japanese soldiers with ease. Circling cautiously, the soldier looked for an opening. Larra turned to face him, waiting patiently.

    Fujima was furious. He had waited calmly for his men to finish off the Chinese slut, even though she had lasted far longer than he had imagined she could, but this was getting to be too much. This European bitch was making his best men look foolish and was beating them up badly to boot. With a nod he signaled to one of the soldiers who formed part of the circle around Larra and her opponent.

    Intent on dealing with her latest adversary, Larra did not see Fujima’s signal. She did not see or hear the man who stealthily stepped from the circle of soldiers and sneaked up behind her. Her first intimation of his presence came when he brought his clenched fists down on the back of her neck. The force of the blow drove her to her knees. She never recovered from the sneak attack. Immediately she was seized by her second attacker. Reaching around in front of her breasts he grabbed the front of her tunic and tore it open with such force that buttons snapped off and flew for several feet all directions. Then he tore what was left of the garment from her torso and tossed it aside. The action left most of Larra’s upper body naked, her heavy breasts covered only by a flimsy halter top that Larra had sewn together to provide support for her milk-heavy breasts.

    The respite provided by the removal of her shirt, although brief, gave Larra a chance to recover. She attempted to rise to her feet. Quickly the man who had torn off her shirt attempted to immobilize her arms by gripping them in a full nelson. The pressure of the hold forced her head down and pulled her arms uselessly out to the side. Then her first opponent laid into her with a series of blows to her midsection. Helpless to avoid any of the blows, Larra tensed her stomach muscles and tried to weather the attack.

    “Hunghn!” Larra grunted as the first punch slammed into her midriff. It was followed quickly by a second fist into the same region. “Ughhnn!” Then deliberately, and with as much power as he could muster, her assailant struck a third time, a fourth time, a fifth time. “Hunhggn!” Each time Larra’s grunted expulsion of breath allowed her to stand up to the beating, but even her finely toned muscles had their limit.

    “Oooofff!” The seventh blow knocked the breath from her. Gasping, she was unable to stand up to the eighth, ninth, and tenth, blows. They took all of the fight out of her. She simply became a punching bag for her brutal opponent. He rained punch after punch into her torso, covering her body with bruises. Then opening his hand he smacked her head back and forth with a series of vicious slaps that closed her left eye and left her beautiful high-cheekboned face bruised and battered. The beating stopped only when Larra’s head lolled loosely on her shoulders as she passed into unconsciousness. Thus it was that she was unaware of the first two men that took her.

    When she awoke she found that her arms were still pinioned by one man and that she was being vigorously raped by a second.

    “Ooohhhh!!” Her cry of anguish and humiliation alerted her abusers to the fact that she was once again conscious. That acted as a signal for two more Japanese to get in on the action. While she had been unconscious the chains around her ankles had been removed. Now her legs were forced wide apart and she was shifted into a woman above position, so that she was riding on top of the penis of the man under her. Dazedly, she struggled to extricate herself from the man below her, but he had placed his hands in the small of her beautifully arched back and was holding her firmly in place. In addition, her arms were pulled out to the side by two more willing Japanese soldiers who were waiting their turn.

    From behind she felt a second man mounting her, spreading apart the cheeks of her derriere. “Noo!” she screamed, but within seconds the man behind her had gripped her breasts and was pushing his erect phallus into her anus. As his hands dug into her quivering breasts, milk squirted from the swollen glands, spraying a good ten feet across the room. Then his swollen sex organ penetrated her anus, forcing the soft tissues of her shapely backside apart.

    “Aagghh! Aaoommmhp!” Larra’s scream of pain and rage was cut short as a third man plunged his stiff rod into her mouth, pushing it quickly to the back of her throat. She was being sexually assaulted simultaneously by three different men. Refusing to give in, Larra bit down on the penis that was inserted in her mouth. With a howl of rage, the man ripped his injured phallus from her lips. Viciously he punished her for her brashness, slapping her face open handed and closing her other eye. Dazed and almost blind Larra felt the man seize her hair and wrench her head back. Immediately, he again inserted his penis into her open mouth. This time she did not have the strength to defy him and he continued his forced felatio to his satisfaction.

    After what seemed like an age to their victim, the three men finished with her. They were quickly replaced by three more and Larra was subjected to another session of multiple rape. And so it continued until every Japanese soldier in the room had been satisfied. The ordeal lasted for hours, and only ended when the first of Larra’s defiler’s were ready to begin again. Fujima decided that she had had enough for one day. Tomorrow he would continue his “questioning”.

    Larra was dragged back to her cell. Jia Li was already there, lying in a sort of stupor. She was in too much pain to sleep, but too badly battered and humiliated to remain fully awake. Larra’s arrival stirred her out of her trance. Despite the agonizing pain, she dragged herself over to her fallen comrade. Larra had fainted during that last part of her ordeal and her violated body lay crumpled on the floor. Jia Li cradled the once beautiful woman in her arms and gently rocked her back and forth. Larra stirred. She tried to open her swollen eyes but failed. “Jia Li,” she whispered between he bruised lips. Jia Li wept, her tears falling on Larra’s naked body. As gently as she could, she eased her fallen companion to one of the cots in the cell. Exhausted from the strain she had placed on her own bruised and beaten body she held her battered companion. Tomorrow she was sure the Japanese would come for her and Larra again. She doubted that either of them would long survive such continued torment.
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